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TSP Spectol Red

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TSP Spectol has been a top-seller for decades and one of the best-known short pips-out rubbers worldwide. Numerous major championships were won by players using Spectol, and even today many top table tennis stars rely on the special features of this legendary pips-out rubber.

Spectol Red is the softer and faster version featuring integrated Dynamic Tension technology. The very light Japanese offensive sponge provides for unique catapult effect and tons of speed. The proven Spectol pips design provides for highly dangerous pips-out effects dreaded by so many table tennis players.

The red high-performance sponge of Spectol Red is softer and faster than the sponge of Spectol Blue. Made in Japan.

Speed: 140
Spin: 65
Hardness: Medium 45 degrees

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Reviews of TSP Spectol Red (4)

This is the fastest pips-out rubber I have used since the glue ban. I used it in 2.0 thickness for about 8 hours of practice and found it to be a little bit one dimensional. It's lethal when hitting from mid distance, but I found it difficult to block, push, and to execute almost any other non-aggressive shot. As previous reviewers mentioned, you need to be very careful when pushing and returning serves. Very small adjustments in pace and bat angle make the difference between a deadly low return and a high floating ball that your opponent can easily attack. If you are coming from the old Spectol, or some other "classic" (i.e., non-spinny) short pips, then this would be a reasonable upgrade. If you're more used to spinny pips like 802-40, Waran, or Spinpips, then I don't recommend this rubber because it will give you more trouble than it gives your opponent.
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I am not agree this is the fastest SP like listed in the list.. Spectol Blue is faster & Red is fastest Surface of pimple look quite similar compare to any Spectol series. The big different is located at their sponge. Here is the info for all Spectol series: Spectol speed 97 353(jap. sponge hardness) Spectol Speed speed 102 453(jap. sponge hardness) Spectol 21 speed 98 303(jap. sponge hardness) Spectol Red speed 107 403(jap. sponge hardness) Spectol Blue speed 104 433(jap. sponge hardness). If push lover player, it need to focus more on push height.. because lack of spin but soft sponge, push cannot generate a lot of spin. Never think you can kill the point by push, just place low and good location at the table. If push height and long, opponent love to attack (smash, fast drive or loop). If push very low with less spin, you will get the potential opponent return high ball, and can fast attack (this rubber less sensitive with backspin, you can smash the loop ball or backspin/long height push/long chop) very easy. This rubber is fastest rubber in Spectol family. It shining for smash the backspin ball or counterloop, and block.. worth to try 1.8mm because max or 2.1mm is too fast.. if you can handle the fast, no problem..
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Hmmm... well I agree this is very fast pips out. I think it has more spin than previous reviewer mentioned. Ive playef with many softer pips that had more spin but the spin is a little less for this, probably about 6.5. That said this is definitely an offensive rubber and Ive played well with it. Ive played a couple of choppers rated 2000 - 2200 and was able to loop their chops ok with it. Blocking is ok but smashing and quick attacks are where this shines. If you want a spinnier pips then go with SpinPips Red, but this pips gets an 8 overall from me.
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I think this is a good SP rubber for someone use to classic, non-spiny pips. It just wasn't for me.

This rubber is consistent and easily the fastest short pip I've never played with. The new sponge comes tuned. It's got all the speed you need for the 40+ era.

That being said, I think it'd really take a skilled short pip player to tame this beast. I was coming from previously 802-40 which is a spinnier pip on a soft 35 deg non-tuned sponge. I had it on a Clipper Classic. I believe Spectol red had printed 44 BZ on the back. I'm not sure what the BZ stands for but I'm assuming it's 44 degrees. And this is the softer version. Spectol Blue is suppose to be a couple of degrees even harder and thus faster.

One of the first things I noticed when I opened the package was how much smaller the pips were in size compared to my 802-40. Even standard 802 had larger pips. This was my first indication that this pips would be more of a classic pips.

Sure enough it hits & attacks straight as an arrow. Opponents use to the ark of an inverted ball coming in will certainly have to adjust. At the same time, this rubber is unbelievably fast and low spin. There's little to no break in ark so your margin for error is extremely small.

I would say if you are already use to classic pips? Go for this & enjoy. If you are use to a spiny pip and/or playing pips on a softer sponge, you should go into this knowing there will be a solid adaptation period for you to manage.
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