TSP Super Spinpips 21

by TSP

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Rated 4.0/5

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TSP Super Spinpips 21 is for both power and control. A very soft and flexible rubber with great rotation.

Super Spinpips is the new re-designed Spinpips. Super Spinpips retrains all of the playing characteristics of the orginal Spinpips. Super Spinpips has excellent speed and a deceptive knuckle-effect. This is the combination of effects for which Spinpips has become so well known at International events since 1988. Super spinpips 21 sponge has a unique top-sheet and the elastic 21-sponge. This combination produces more powerful top-spin shots than the original spin-pips and md spinpips.

TSP Super Spinpips 21 has the same unique top sheet as the Super Spinpips, but is combined with the more elastic TSP-21 offensive sponge.

Speed: 87.5
Spin: 82.5
Hardness: Soft 35 degrees

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Reviews of TSP Super Spinpips 21 (5)

 External Review for TSP Super Spinpips 21 on July 10, 2019
TSP's upgrade of their famous Spinpips rubber, which was banned by ITTF in 2000 for being too spinny. This new version, Super Spinpips (with 21 sponge), is still one of the spinniest pips-out rubbers available. I used it for about a month on my Yinhe 987, a stiff 5-ply penhold racket. It has lots of gears for a short pip, and I was able to play pretty much any shot I could think of. Although it is very spinny, it can still produce a decent knuckle ball when blocking, probably because the sponge is quite hard. In fact, the hardness of the sponge surprised me... I felt like the combination of topsheet and sponge was much harder than it needed to be, maybe because it was designed for use with speed glue. As is, it has plenty of control, and not too much speed.
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 External Review for TSP Super Spinpips 21 on November 26, 2017
lots of control, this pips can play as typical short pips and also similar to pips in , depending the angle
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 External Review for TSP Super Spinpips 21 on January 2, 2016
A powerful weapon in the right hand(s) of a short pips player. While a tad slower than less spinny pips, I feel it gives me a wide variety of shots and speeds not possible with a classic, less spinny short pip. By varying the amount of spin, speed and stroke it gives an edge against your opponent. Knowing I can keep pace on rallies using an inverted-style stroke, but suddenly change pace and switch to a short pips drive or smash, can catch opponents off guard. Fun to play with!
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 External Review for TSP Super Spinpips 21 on April 22, 2014
awesome pips in returning serves, flicks, push and blocks are awesome.
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 External Review for TSP Super Spinpips 21 on March 28, 2014
If you always have a problem with returning serve of your opponents, than you have to try TSP Super Spinpips 21. Super spinpips work also very well if you don't have a killer backhand spin. What you have to do, is just hit the ball and don't spin it at all. Super spinpips have a unique effect if you just hitting the ball. After 3 months practicing you will realize that super spinpips can do a lot of unique effect, the key is "make your opponent always moving".
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