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This is the OX version which does not have sponge.

This is the revised version of TSP Curl P1R which was once banned by ITTF. P1R has the longest and softest pips among the TSP Curl rubbers produces very deceptive spins and actions after bouncing. The best long pips rubbers to generate maximum underspin while cutting a top spin ball. The TSP Curl P1R is for active modern defenders and choppers.

It is not a forgiving rubber for a beginner. Start your chopping game with TSP Curl P3 before migrating to TSP Curl P1R.

TSP Curl P-1R, a long pimple out rubber with profiled pimple surface. The thin pimples made out of soft rubber, support the possibility to produce dangerous defensive shots. It is possible to bring in your own chopping variation, which almost all professional players prefer.

TSP Curl Series:

Four types of TSP long pips rubbers have been approved by ITTF. The redesigned Curl rubber sheets P1R, and P3 Alpha R Curl rubbers have been produced to have the optimum level of playing characteristics of the original designs of the P1 and P3 Alpha Curl rubbers. The latest assortment of ITTF approved TSP Curl products are follows:

• P1R has the longest and softest pips among the TSP Curl rubbers produces very deceptive spins and actions after bouncing.
• P2 has the same design as before. This Curl produces deceiving spins while allowing you exceptional control.
• P3 has the same design as before. This Curl is great for a combination of defensive and offensive play.
• P3 Alpha R is very pliable and has soft long pips produces more deceptive shots than P3and P2. It will also absorb the fastest of drives and spins.

The OX version comes with a glue sheet. You don't need glue sheet to affix the TSP Curl P1R OX version onto a blade.

Speed: 30
Spin: 100

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Reviews of TSP Curl P1R OX (46)

Good quality rubber I have the red max, I'm loving it so far.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

If Your game is basing on deception don't buy this pips. It's working perfect while chopping. I'm wondering why players rate controll only as 7.5. It's really controlable pips (using 1mm)
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Just started playing with p1r. Ahhh what a great classic style pip. It is very consistent. What I really like is you can alternate easily between hits, rolls and of course chop, chopping being it's key strength. What a great rubber to twiddle as well. Play clever, use your reverse rubber to switch sides and play the modern defensive game. The set up I've currently got is a very light set up. Hurricane 2 (hard sponge) p1r .5. the point .5 is quite clonkey, almost hardbat like. Good spin manipulation. Like most pips requires concentration and tactics, so a learner would find hard or impossible I'd say. Once mastered it's a joy to play with. Still learning after playing anti which although steady can be bit one paced.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Hard to use. I switched to other long pips and feels better.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Almost the same character with Yinhe Neptune, but with extra backspin on chopping and blocking. I saw many World Class player use it but for me personally, there are several characteristics of this pips which make this pips is not for everyone:
1. High throw angle, especially for long distance chopping (I use with 0,5 mm sponge)
2. Slow speed in compare with other pips
3. Takes more time to adjust it with your games. So, I do not recommend this pips for beginner pips player. You can try the cheaper pips on the market to learn the basic strokes of long pips.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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