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This is the OX version which does not have sponge.

This is the revised version of TSP Curl P1R which was once banned by ITTF. P1R has the longest and softest pips among the TSP Curl rubbers produces very deceptive spins and actions after bouncing. The best long pips rubbers to generate maximum underspin while cutting a top spin ball. The TSP Curl P1R is for active modern defenders and choppers.

It is not a forgiving rubber for a beginner. Start your chopping game with TSP Curl P3 before migrating to TSP Curl P1R.

TSP Curl P-1R, a long pimple out rubber with profiled pimple surface. The thin pimples made out of soft rubber, support the possibility to produce dangerous defensive shots. It is possible to bring in your own chopping variation, which almost all professional players prefer.

TSP Curl Series:

Four types of TSP long pips rubbers have been approved by ITTF. The redesigned Curl rubber sheets P1R, and P3 Alpha R Curl rubbers have been produced to have the optimum level of playing characteristics of the original designs of the P1 and P3 Alpha Curl rubbers. The latest assortment of ITTF approved TSP Curl products are follows:

• P1R has the longest and softest pips among the TSP Curl rubbers produces very deceptive spins and actions after bouncing.
• P2 has the same design as before. This Curl produces deceiving spins while allowing you exceptional control.
• P3 has the same design as before. This Curl is great for a combination of defensive and offensive play.
• P3 Alpha R is very pliable and has soft long pips produces more deceptive shots than P3and P2. It will also absorb the fastest of drives and spins.

The OX version comes with a glue sheet. You don't need glue sheet to affix the TSP Curl P1R OX version onto a blade.

Speed: 30
Spin: 100

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Reviews of TSP Curl P1R OX (46)

Good quality rubber I have the red max, I'm loving it so far.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

If Your game is basing on deception don't buy this pips. It's working perfect while chopping. I'm wondering why players rate controll only as 7.5. It's really controlable pips (using 1mm)
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Just started playing with p1r. Ahhh what a great classic style pip. It is very consistent. What I really like is you can alternate easily between hits, rolls and of course chop, chopping being it's key strength. What a great rubber to twiddle as well. Play clever, use your reverse rubber to switch sides and play the modern defensive game. The set up I've currently got is a very light set up. Hurricane 2 (hard sponge) p1r .5. the point .5 is quite clonkey, almost hardbat like. Good spin manipulation. Like most pips requires concentration and tactics, so a learner would find hard or impossible I'd say. Once mastered it's a joy to play with. Still learning after playing anti which although steady can be bit one paced.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Hard to use. I switched to other long pips and feels better.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Almost the same character with Yinhe Neptune, but with extra backspin on chopping and blocking. I saw many World Class player use it but for me personally, there are several characteristics of this pips which make this pips is not for everyone:
1. High throw angle, especially for long distance chopping (I use with 0,5 mm sponge)
2. Slow speed in compare with other pips
3. Takes more time to adjust it with your games. So, I do not recommend this pips for beginner pips player. You can try the cheaper pips on the market to learn the basic strokes of long pips.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Not sure why people kept praising it. I chop with feint long II for 7 years and recently changed to this pip. I admit this one is deceptive if "you succeed to chop ball back". However, the main problem is you don't always succeed. It is pretty hard to control and not forgiving when u chop with it. Balls are easy to get too high or net if you can't precisely read incoming ball span and put the blade in a right angle. Strengthening every chop against heavy loop is possible for long II, but for this pip? It would be in vain and enlarge the possibility to net. It might be very frustrating for choppers who aim to longer a game.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Didnt like it. Not very deceptive, you only can attack with spin and block. Not for me. Dissapointed!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I use the 0.5mm on an OFF- blade and I still think I could use a bit more speed. I was scared of buying the 1.0mm because of people saying it's fast and uncontrollable. The 0.5mm is very easy to use though. Just make sure your chops have enough length and your pushes don't shoot up. Opponents seem to have a way harder time with this rubber than the Joola Badman Reloaded in 1.3mm.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

comparing OX to other LP OX
most sensitive to spin,
produces most backpisn using chop movment vs topspin,
medium speed,
all strokes like lift, side swipe, hit with good control and consistancy
i have tested more or less 20 other OX LP's (eg. C&F3, Grass d.tec, 388D-1, C8, Meteorite, Talon etc)
and i always come back to p1r, cause it's still perfect, best for mid-far from table, decent is close.
for me is a good allrounder, u can do all with it, and really it isnt so hard to use (grass has much less control), speed is perfect (not too slow, not too fast)
for each defender most important is consitancy and control and this pip provides it, in close to the table u can play safe and still prettty aggresive (using wide angles)
Review helpful?    Yes | No

hard to control and is very fast in speed.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

My first attempt at reviewing this famous LP. Surely it wont be my last:) I've used it my MP and R2 for a season. What I noticed was that it was the slowest ox lp that I have. Second, it gave decent reversal off blocks. Thirdly, a few steps behind the table, it had a dwelly feel that helped me chop back powerful top spins. Lastly, for a high friction LP, it returns service like a low friction rubber, unlike 837, talon. For disruption, it appears to be more effective than toxic 3 with 755ox. Against dtecs on FW+, well I can only say it was about the same in blocking effectiveness and reversal but slower for the p1r and probably less. The wobble is not as pronounced as FW+ talon.

Overall it works great on my MP.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

My first long pips rubber. Very good at chopping away from the table. The spin is massive. Control is pretty good. With this rubber you can play slow and fast, with or without spin. With pushes you have to make sure the ball stays low.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This review is for ox red on defplay senso:
Appearance:opaque deep red not see through,base sheet is very elastic thicker than a 388d thinner than a 911,medium soft flexible pips ribbed very high quality
A few reviewers finding this pip not so easy to master this was not my experience with the ox version,easily the best ox sheet for chopping and will make more backspin than some sponged lps,and allows you to vary the chopping angle from upright to more horizontal.very effective sideswipe and the blade can be practically at right angles to the table unlike some lps which needs a slight tilt towards yourself ,the blocking ability is good too for such a great chopping lp and if you get the ball off the bounce there is enough reversal to keep the pressure on your opponent,also surprisingly good attacking properties the grip comes into play here and allows you to place your attacks with a decent pace and again you keep the pressure on,I found that the Tenergy on the other side of the blade also helps the pip here and when hitting hard gives a little more catapult to the shot,don`t be afraid give it a go you won`t regret
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I bought these long pips in the .3-.6mm sponge, and didn't like them. After using other long pips, with different sponge lengths, I felt that these pips had little to no reversal at all. The only way to get spin heavy enough for your opponent to not be able to smash every single ball was to snap my wrist downwards. It's already hard to make contact while making a downwards stroke, so adding the wrist would take way more practice.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I like these rubber y think i haved with sponge 0,5, im a user of long pips, know i will be in hollyday but i think in february i will be playing the lig, And i think y nide to hit more the ball i use the most of all my lp rubbers are ox, i think will give me more attacking posibilitys And the frictionn is low And that is good for me, so i will see in a time
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review for 04-06 sponge.

I cant make a good review because i dont play pips at all but what i can explain are the issues when trying to play with this rubber on BH. During a NY and Xmas break i did try for 2 weeks to be a chopper and it did not go all 2 well :).

My first problem was a chopping motion on BH, in my mind it was very hard to do so because i wanted to top spin every single ball. Ok that was corrected sort of easy and quick.
Second problem was height of the returning ball. It got better in second week but not even close to a height of a good chopper. Back spin was ok which is about only thing i could do.
3rd and the biggest problem was positioning away from the table. When looping most people hit balls at the highest position so they adjust their distance from the table accordingly and hits come probably at the height of their shoulders of FH and slightly lower on BH. Well that distance does not work on BH chops because ball is 2 high for me. Maybe good chopper could chop from my regular distance but i could not. This problem remained for 2 weeks with very little improvement.

If you want to change from regular rubber (inverted) to pips be ready to put in some time and think about it deeply before you go for it :). In my opinion it would take 2 wing loopper at least 7-8 months of quality training to convert and become semi decent chopper.

All in all i dont regret it for a second trying but i think i wont be back to pips any time soon :).

I hope this helps guys and if you want to find out more about my difficulties (you thinking of doing it yourself) feel free to PM.

Enjoy TT, have fun :)
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Very good pips, rivals the grass dtecs and cloud and fog. Provides excellent reversal when chopping and deception in close table. Can be used to hit the ball, very good control when attacking. I currently use the 0.3-0.5 for backhand on innershield zlf and it performs well both defense and attack.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I tried this Rubbers 2 years ago and can't find the right tunning. 3 months ago I tried it again with a more defensive blade. Chen weixing. Boy now it,s rock and roll. My chops are now very deceptive. I just started to control the heavy chop ball and the no spin ball and used it at will. There is not a single day I discover something new i can do with this rubbers. Practice, practice will make it stick and win !!! I found some new way to it the ball depending the situation. Then the shot vanished then reappeared. It just practice and have the consciouness of each shot and then used it and get more conscious of it and then you have it !!! A complete set of various shot that your opponent will never be able to count them all !!! Scoup chop, chop, no spin chop, rip chop, chop block, fast or slow push, counter far or near the net fast or slow, lift, side spin you name it. I did all of them. Some I have full control, some other I still need to practice. I often forget some of the shot I can do until it came back in a particular scenario. I think it will take me at least 3 to 5 years to grasp all ot the shot and have them in my day to day shot !!!

I,m now mid september and finally discover how to hit effetively with this rubber. I used to hit like inverted and din't work to often. It was not stable with a lot of shot outside the table until now. I trained to hit with Curl P3 with a friend who is a blocker for an hour and found a way to hit effetively. I return then to my normal rubbers pr-1 and it work even better. iI discover that I need to hit with my blade being more vertcal the bat being at the top contrary to where before I was hitting with the blade like inverted. The bat was on the side with the hit being from back low toward the front high and a brush stroke. Now the hit is more back a little high going forward with a pendulum movement forwarded to the front finishing high up. I think that the pimple algned horizotal to the racket grip the ball better where the ball before was kind of slipping of my racket. I hit the ball hard right after the bounced if its short and high and hit more slower when the ball curve is going down because the ball is more top spin at the end of the table. The rubber get the spin of the ball and returned it with a very staight, rapid and low and floating trajectory. A killer shot that the opponent has problem to return without poping it.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I use it in 1.3~1.6mm sponge thickness on a Dr.Neubauer Barricade. I play a modern defensive style. Its 2013, and these pips are still the best out there. Contrary to most reviews, these pips have more control than what most would say. And its great for blocking too; just angle the bat as you would if you had an inverted rubber. Sometimes i play passively, but it doesn't really hurt when I do, in fact, just makes my returns more unpredictable and with more variation. Overall, good control, great deception, good blocking and receiving, perfect for choppers.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I have used tsp curl p1r for over 6 months now, and I am very impressed. I play as a modern defender, and these pips are a joy to play with. I play with .6mm sponge on a btfly ranunculus blade. I can chop, hit, block, it does it all....with practice of course. Sends back massive amounts of spin. Allows you to attack backspin serves and pushes.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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