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Stiga Mantra H

by Stiga · Part of Stiga Mantra Series
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Rated 4.8/5

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New Mantra H rubber from Stiga!
The new Stiga Mantra is developed with the latest Japanese rubber technology and offers the perfect balance of synthetic and natural rubber. This new rubber mixture creates a tension between the surface and the sponge resulting in an incredible catapult effect. Microscopic air bubbles in the sponge (Oxygen Capsule System) provide great speed with a stable and consistent hit and touch. This rubber is perfect for players who require the highest in rubber quality and performance. Mantra is suitable for all types of players, with sponge variation ranging from soft to hard: Mantra S, Mantra M, and Mantra H.

Mantra H (hard sponge version)
• The hard sponge creates the classic feel with extreme attacking possibilities
• Very high speed and effectiveness from short distance
• Excellent blocking abilities in close to table action
• Heavy rotation topspin in flicks and offensive returns.

Speed: 97
Spin: 97
Control: 67

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Reviews of Stiga Mantra H (7)

Review by guest_3xqqtdlu (Verified Customer) for Stiga Mantra H on December 13, 2019
Good rubber. Enjoy using it.
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 External Review for Stiga Mantra H on December 13, 2019
Play it on the backhand of Sword Black and Gold Pro. The blade, despite having ebony outer layer makes hard rubbers feel softer. Hence put down medium for hardness - the way it feels. Lack of any noticeable tackiness makes it a little challenging to play really slow topspins close to the table, as a certain amount of force/speed needs to be applied to get decent rotation. But that provides basis for the speed of Mantra. It's fast with lots of spin on harder hits, good for serving, blocks and defending from distance. Play tacky rubbers on forehand, can't imagine playing this one on the right. AK 47 red - 3 - 3.5 times cheaper is close to Mantra, I feel. Very close, but not the same. Unable to comment on durability, had it for ~1.5 - 2 months - no issues so far.
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Review by swingcity03 (Verified Customer) for Stiga Mantra H on October 19, 2019
I use this on my backhand. Definitely a speed improvement from when I was using the medium version. I play aggressive style - try to loop and attack everything ;) Will buy again after a few months when my current wears out!

- FH = Tenergy 05 M/D (RED)
- BH = STIGAN Mantra H (BLACK)
- Blade = XIOM Axcelo Carbon
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 External Review for Stiga Mantra H on January 29, 2019
It can work nicely with a compatible blade.
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 External Review for Stiga Mantra H on August 14, 2018
Very good rubber for offensive play on the forehand. Not good for backhand. Not good for spinny serves, but extremely good for pace and topspin for loops.
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 External Review for Stiga Mantra H on September 23, 2017
I was using Tibhar MX-P before and the mantra H has the same speed as MX-P but the top sheet is diferent with more spin and a higher arc. The catapult effect is very high and because of that i feel like i dont have much dwell time to put a lot of spin and it leaves the blade fast. Not easy to control i would rate control like 8.8 because for example im using andro rasanter R47 on the forehand and i am way more acurate than with mantra. The blade that im using is stiga eternity vps and maybe with slower blades it is better.
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 External Review for Stiga Mantra H on August 22, 2017
I was using Tibhar Evolution MX-P then Donic Acuda S1 Turbo before trying Mantra H. I am using it on my FH with Viscaria. After one full session of training my impressions are: Speed Mantra H = MX-P &gt. Acuda S1 Turbo which is very fast for forehand topspin. Throw angle Acuda S1 Turbo &gt. Mantra H &gt.MX-P. The spin is better than both MX-P & Acuda S1 Turbo. Even though the top sheet is not tacky like Chinese rubber, but it is very easy to lift backspin with Mantra H. Touch play is good. Little bit less control compared to the two rubber before, as I must accurately brush the ball on every stroke. When you hit flat, ball will fly over the table. I haven't try blocking with this rubber (will update later). What I like the most from this rubber are, I can place the ball slightly over the net & deep on opposite table, but still maintain enough topspin for power loop. I think I will stick with it for a while. It's suite well with my Viscaria. Durability is an issue, already have a few dent after 2 weeks training, use it 4-5 to a week for 2 hour training. Update: I try it on my backhand to increase my power and BH speed (previously using joola Maxxx-P), control is definitely much less than Maxxx-P, I need to really adjust much touch play. But as I expected it give me more power to BH drive and block and spinny BH loop. It's indeed increasing my BH attack. One major flaw of this rubber is durability, played in dusty environment, now it has even more dents (my Maxxx-P is last much more longer in the same environment). I love this rubber for its characteristics but I gonna switch back to Maxxx-P or even tenergy 05, I don't like to play with dents on my rubber
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