RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips

RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips
Rated 3.8/5

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Sponge: 1.0mm Available in Black or Red.

Friendship 837 Long Pips-Out Table Tennis/Ping Pong Rubber with Sponge.

• Long Pips out rubber
• Great for almost all defensive styles
• Can generate attack
• Easy to master
• Can throw Knuckle ball effect
• ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved

If you want to learn a long-pip game this is the rubber to use. 837 is very easy to master. 837 has excellent control for a long-pip, and has enough spin to generate very tough backspin chop. 837 is NOT very deceptive, it can hit a knuckle ball for some deception but it otherwise is very predictable. 837 handles serve reception great, a light block or chop will send most spinney serves back. Block vs. topspin can be open or closed; the open shots will bounce high so make them deep.


Speed: 60
Spin: 60
Control: 70

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Reviews of RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips (13)

Review by dxs10 (Verified Customer) for RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips on May 3, 2019
Good product
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 External Review for RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips on June 29, 2017
Good control.
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Review by matttrach (Verified Customer) for RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips on February 1, 2017
Not for a beginner. I was able to use this, but not to it's full potential. It worked just like a dead rubber. No grip, no spin, which may be normal for long pips, like I said it is not for the defensive aspiring beginner. It is very good at blocking, but not good for offensive backhand strikes. Started to fall off of the racket day one, and only got worse. I was able to keep playing with it 5 days a week 2hr/day for a year though, so it's pretty durable.
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Review by 2dchopper for RITC 837 Long Pips No Sponge on January 14, 2014
Update: After training and playing 4 hrs a week for 2 straight months, I've broken a pip and some of the edges are coming unglued. STILL, I'm now convinced RITC-837 (OX) is THEE BEST Long-Pip for Long Distance Backhand Chopping. Period. THEE BEST value, too! (I regularly beat players 1800 and above! VERY very pleased with this buy!)**Using Btfy Defence X blade and 729 SST Pro 2.15 on FH**
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Review by 2dchopper for RITC 837 Long Pips No Sponge on November 20, 2013
The right technique and practice is the ONLY way to improve your strokes. The key is determining the style of play that suits YOU. My style is an offensive minded chopper (modern defence) and it took me a year to finally decide the RITC 837 LP (OX) was best for me! (Tried D.Tecs, CTT Pogo, 837-755, 837-802, Milky Way Neptune & 955 all in OX) 837 ENHANCED my backhand LP attacking technique the BEST. Once I got my BH attack down, I started winning more and more games. Went from 1100 to 1900 in 8 months, mainly due to my BH lp attack which many found hard to return. My FH was already super strong (using DHS Skyline Neo III in black on a Btfy Boll Tri-Carbon blade) and now my BH is quickly catching up. Good luck!


Very well suited for chopping away from the table. Over-the-table requires good technique to be effective. If u intend to be a 2-rubber "Chopper", 837 lp (OX) is definitely standard equipment. One of the best n cheapest. Eventually u wanna graduate to the Btfy Feint Long II, III in OX or .5. Imo, it's the gold standard.
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 External Review for RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips on February 2, 2013
I've tried lots of pimple, it was the worst. Fast, no control, only good thing is reversal on passive strokes. On active ones, it doesent generate much beackspin.
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 External Review for RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips on October 5, 2011
i have played with 837 and 837 with spong 0.8 and 755 and nitakku screw one soft and i found the 837 the best pips ever.good control .good offense not really if you looking for good long pips .this is the one.
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 External Review for RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips on May 17, 2011
You can attack with this long-pip rubber especially if you hit the ball at its peak and if it is slow. passive blocking close-to-table is quite difficult but stil possible. chopping from about two to four meters away from the table is accurate in terms of directional control, but chops are not as spinny so you can't expect your opponent's shot to go straight to the net. spin-reversal is not as much as other long-pip rubbers. therefore, the spinny serves of your opponent tend to be killed and not reversed. occasionally, i use this to smash the ball when an opponent returns three or four of my smashes -- this usually confuses opponents and the ball ends up in the net or even under the table.
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 External Review for RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips on March 11, 2011
This was my first long-pips rubber, probably my last as well. The sheet I received may have been defective, but I had trouble getting a good attachment to the blade, and the rubber began to tear after one session of play. It has great deception and pushing short is almost flawless. It's high control helps in the chopping game but it doesn't provide much spin reversal The rubber really shines in blocking, it can return any shot effortlessly, normally with ankle-breaking knuckle. It could work in conjunction with a short game, but I couldn't make use of it in my long chopping play.
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 External Review for RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips on December 6, 2010
The 1.0 is fast when chopping or reacting to a hard hit ball at the backhand and theres a bit of forward momentum.

Totally convinced (took me long enough) OX should be slowest and low throwing for any kind of rubber because of simple physics. The only thing is that u may swing faster with the lighter bat so it seems faster sometimes.

If using 1.0 orange sponge, its easy to hit long vs live opponents - you probably have to use more wrist which requires skill.

Pippy will keep it simple: OX all the way for easy control! Hey this is what I originally said)
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 External Review for RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips on August 12, 2009
I have rated this 837 times:)
I've used both 1.0 and ox, over 5 years and I find it to be a little too fast for close to table play. I also do not agree that it is a good pip to start with as it is sensitive to spin eg serve returns even with ox. I found the sponge version to be difficult to control chops because of the springy feel. But on the FH side, it allows me to smash balls and even roll over some. Its even more effective than using SP as I try not to use normal FH strokes to cause major disruption as it still generates some spin yet is still at the very least a basic LP with its advantages. Ox is much better at producing backspin on the chop, contrary to other reviews.
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 External Review for RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips on May 13, 2008
Versatile LP with rough tops and friction. One nice thing is that it has a thick bottom sheet so if you play OX and glue it then it is easier to have less bubbles than the bottom sheet of 755 and most other chinese LP. Good allaround LP for a mixed game. Doesn't excel at any one shot, but doesn't hurt you either. Great price.
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 External Review for RITC 837 Tack Speed Long Pips on April 3, 2008
A great long pip for starting with decent control in both offense and defense. Although it's pretty good at alomost everything, it excells at nothing... but the cheap pricetag and alround abilities makes it great for someone wanting to try long pips to see what it's like. Not the most durable long pip, particularly in OX.
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