RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out

RITC 802 Tack Speed  Pips Out
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A handy weapon, block and flat hit your opponents loop. Short pips out for more direct speed. For close over the table attack players, return all spin balls with ease.

Speed: 90
Spin: 70
Control: 90

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Reviews of RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out (23)

Review by ttaguy (Verified Customer) for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on November 15, 2019
bought this one with Yasaka 2040 and RITC Friendship inverted rubber for a coworker. He loves the spin and hit.
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Review by dxs10 (Verified Customer) for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on May 2, 2019
Good product.
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on June 21, 2018
Finally got a sheet of FShip 802, the legendary short pips used by so many penhold players. Im using it in a Ma Lin Carbon Cpen with inverted in BH. Great rubber! Super easy to do any type of shot: serve, receive, smash and... block. Im amazed on how it blocks so well, giving opponents a hard time because of deceptive feature it produces. This SP seems to be done with one purpose only: keep the ball in play. Hit some shots out of sweet spot but the ball still lands on table and gives you a second chance. Attacks with 802 is lethal when properly executed, ball travels like a missile after a crisp sound on impact. That said, I must put it very clear, 802 does NOT have the catapult effect of SP like Rakza PO or Impartial XB. Actually, ball bounces very dead and you must swing hard to be rewarded when attacking.
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on October 2, 2017
Nice and Simple..
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Review by guest_2uakngtw (Verified Customer) for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on February 27, 2017
Simple, straight forward, great for learning and getting accustomed to shortpips, doesn't disappoint, on my forehand right now and I feel joy hitting incoming topspin shots!
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on June 1, 2014
Rewrite#2: I use this on my R2 off- blade with talon ox. It is a do-it-all rubber. Chops like lp but hard to do it against really spinny topspins. Loops like inverted, but with lower spin range. SPs are the most difficult for me to use as they have qualities of both ends of the spectrum. I like it on my fh.
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on February 8, 2014
If you want to start with SP, try it. It is cheap, has great control and it is suitable to be getting used to SP and learning the SP techniques. Quality of the upper sheet and pips is not that great, but sufficient. I have it on my backup racket.
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on February 8, 2014
excellent p.o. rubber.Even work in fast blades.I have 802 in my Avalox BT777 & Stiga Hybrid Wood C Pen. and very well priced.
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Review by aeroelastic_hyperma (Verified Customer) for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on December 30, 2013
The RITC 802 TackSpeed-PipsOut (1.9mm, red) has the "classic" 1960s like performance, but with much more relevance. This pips out rubber sheet when attached to a Friendship 729 6083 racket blade (Chinese Penholder Grip) made one great intimidation combination like Wing Chung GungFu (iron-like powerful arms) in combination with Okinawan Karate (circular kicks). The sponge is almost hard firmness with a lightweight stretchy rubber surface.
Ah forget the tackiness, its almost none existent here. The all wood racket blade has hard outer wood plys and going deeper becomes softer giving a very loud "high pitched chirp" when impacted by an incoming Heavy Top Spin ball. The result is a wonderfully deceptive sounding lighter racket blade when in fact its a medium weight product. This RITC 802 pips out rubber sheet with Friendship 729-6083 racket blade combination makes defensive blocking exceedingly well. The Shakehand Grip players were not able to return any of the balls all day long! That is because of the softer wood plys not absorbing the ball's energy but just "stops" the spin before the stretchy rubber surface redirects the spin in another angle. The outgoing ball would cross over the net at very low trajectory before just "sliding" on the table surface. (Okay, can any player "hit" a ball sliding on the table surface?) That is certainly untouchable. The other players came after the tournament to examine the racket and walked away with more questions about the sound it made.
This rubber sheet will not produce "miracle spins", but it is one solid defensive blocker. The chopping is as expected (predictable) with the short wide pips. With patient stroking the incoming ball will create wonderful Side Spins which are difficult for the other player to see. This is an improved version of the classical Penholder Grip player's "Dominating Spin Game." Recommended for its economical price, consistency of blocking and chopping, and the "Wow factor" received from the tournament players. Now nobody in their states of mind would use such a "low rent" product in a tournament right?
That night all the rage was about how they had
under-estimated the "threat" from a low cost racket. Yes, these players have re-discovered the Classical Spin Game (oui oui, mon ami).
Recommend the RITC 802 TackSpeed PipsOut rubber sheet for Novice and Intermediate players with a will to learn "ranging" with distance from the table's white line edge.
Also recommended for the Advanced player to dare to be different. RITC has a very good Classical product here. Four stars to RITC.
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on November 18, 2013
I use 1.0 for BH on a ALL+ blade. Great for close to table blocking and service return. Outstanding for flicks with very good speed. Speedy even with 1.0 sponge. Can execute a low spin loop with good wrist motion. Chops are good. Price to performance factor is great. This is a good pips rubber for combination players using inverted on FH and pips on the back side. Can generate surprising spin with good technique. Just as good as BTY Challenger but at a better price. Update currently use 2.0 for BH on a fast Yasaka Goiabao AN. At first I suspected it would be to fast ...not the case at all. Fast when attacking and control and speed variation for other balls. Service return is excellent with 802. Down the line zingers are brilliant and will keep your opponent wary.
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on June 27, 2013
This rubber is specially used for
- Fast Blocking
- Hit every coming ball easily even a heavy backspin.
in the right hand ... it's a deadly weapon.

I am a penholder
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on April 3, 2013
Great defensive rubber in 1.0 - 1.5 mm . Also does everything else other than loop. Chops like a demon though and you can hit through almost any amount of spin.
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on March 7, 2013
Red 2mm ...
Donic Defplay Senso
Xiom Aigis

Chop, push, slam, smash, even loop a bit... this magic rubber can do it all!

I've experimented a bit using 802 on the forehand... absolutely loved it! Fast and lethal. Same goes for the backhand.

However, I normally use these for my defensive game. Chopping and blocking. A little more difficult to control than long pips, but the spin variation capabilities and hitting opportunities more than makeup for this "detriment" in my eyes. They even pack enough of a punch to slam a ways back from the table (not an ideal shot, admittedly, yet the potential is there).

For defense games the 2mm is probably a bit thick. I can see a thinner sponge returning dividends on the chopping game. For hitters... 2mm is great!

Great quality, dirt cheap, and durable. Laugh at your friends buying $70+ rubbers as you whip out this goofy "ten dollar sheet I just got" and proceed to blow them off the table or send their loops spiraling downward to an early grave. Muhuhaha!
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on January 27, 2013
802 is my favorite SP mostly because it is so easy to use. I play with 802 1.5mm and 802 2mm. 802 can do just about anything but a true loop. What I like is that I can just hit the ball off the bounce and the sink effect will keep the ball on the table. The 1.5mm can chop well if you need to move away from the table. The 1.5mm is not quite as good as the 2mm when it comes to blocking fast loops because the 1.5mm bottoms out and doesn't absorb as much energy as the 2mm does. However, the 2mm doesn't chop as well.

One doesn't think of 802 as being that spinny but I can hit the ball with enough spin to give people trouble. I like hitting with side spin so the ball goes across their switch over point.

What I really like is that 802 is simple to use with no surprises. If you have a good BH that can hit low, fast and accurately over the net then this rubber is for you.
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on March 25, 2012
Este caucho de pepitas corto es como la combinaci³n de un caucho rapido y bastante extra±o con uno de muy buen control, excelente para coontraatacar cerca de la mesa, con buen control y se puede colocar algo de efecto.
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on January 9, 2012
excellent rubber, has all the ingredients needed for a truely classical short pimple, no wonder this has been around for so long. coming from inverted rubber, it did not took long to master this genius, although i still play with inverted rubber depends who i am playing. i am useing 2.0mm both side on 6.5 balsa tsp blade. its a lethal weapon, very fast and driving through opponents spins is very easy as well as blocking. any body out there want experiment with short pimp should give this one try, highly recomended. u just might end up swaping to this!
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on December 4, 2011
Spin... depends on how you hit it. I play it OX (too slow) and 2.2 soft sponge now and I spin the heck out of it. My college tennis back hand (changed to forehand now) hitting style works. Blocks ok too.
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on October 5, 2011
one of the best pips ever.i also play with 802.40 and its hard to tell is better .its up to your game.very good control and speed.and block.
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on May 17, 2010
A short, very fast, with some spin, pip rubber.
Very good for returning serves, blocking and hit games.
It can need some adjustments with 1.8 mm or more: it catapults returning balls.

Another pro: it's very cheap.
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 External Review for RITC 802 Tack Speed Pips Out on April 19, 2010
Classic Chinese pip used by many top Chinese players even today, typically defenders or C-Pen players though. Small pips with medium grip, little spin of course, no clue why people are rating it so high on spin, it's a short pip, it's not supposed to be spiny. Great for blocking, chopping, and returning serves with a short chop like Wang Tao. Not overly fast, especially not in 1.5mm like I have.
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