RITC 802-40

RITC 802-40
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Red 2.15

Rated 4.3/5

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Great hitting rubber
Good spin for a pip
Produces good spin
Suitable for attacking players

The true HAMMER of short pips. This product is suitable for close to the table hitters and power blockers. Very large conical shaped pips, tops are cross checked and rubber is hard and spinney.

This is a special production of 35 degree soft sponge, (note that this is NOT the poor playing German version). This sponge has solved the control problems of 802-40. The special 35degree adds to spin and also gives this hitting pip some much needed touch. 802-40 is probably one of the best all out attack pips on the planet.

Speed: 120
Spin: 80
Deception: 0
Sponge: Soft

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Reviews of RITC 802-40 (38)

Review by jianweijiao (Verified Customer) for RITC 802-40 on September 30, 2019
good rubber
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on August 4, 2019
price to performance short pips this is the best you can get out there, im a cpen traditional penhod player, this is my choice of short pips rubber, i have 3 blades right now all of them are glued with this rubber, smash, loop, return serves are easy, control is very good on this even blocking, gives a lowish throw, smashing gives a flat trajectory, price is very resonable, it will not drain your wallet.
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on May 10, 2019
Very good controlled pips,I played with it on Butterfly bkx5 on forehand.
Serves very spiny,very good control in attack,the best in counterattack.
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Review by dxs10 (Verified Customer) for RITC 802-40 on May 3, 2019
Good product
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on May 3, 2018
I use this rubber on my FH in 1.8mm black on a Xiom extreme S blade. (Shakehand grip) Serving is outstanding for a short pip. Block and chop block goes with ease. But what I really like about it is the fact I can play it like inverted rubber, even on half distance, with the advantages of short pips. I can easily flat hit incoming balls, but also play some topspin if necessary. In combination with a fast blade it is devastating.
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on January 3, 2018
Use this rubber on BH.
Soft sponge, very good spin for a short pip rubber, even capable of spinny serves, it is very durable and light.
Can chop, push, fast on attack and smash, good blocks, low throw, can flip serves and plays wonderfully close to the table. For the price it is a no brainer.
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Review by fma1377 (Verified Customer) for RITC 802-40 on November 17, 2017
Great pips-out rubber set...especially after having the sponge boosted.
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on July 6, 2017
I own a 802-40 since 2013 (4 years already) but never had used it.
I found it too hard compared to my previous short pips, Yasaka Rakza PO. Maybe I didnt like this particular characteristics at that time. But recently I met a penhold player (just like myself) using a FShip 802, which is even harder than 802-40. And he blocks so well, giving opponents a very hard time.
So I decided to give my 802-40 one more try... and I can barely explain how much amazed I am now. This rubber is a beast! Fast, actually incredibly fast when hard-hit. My initial impressions of a hard feeling remains, but I can win points with it without giving any chance for my opponent to return the ball. When the smash hits table the point is over.
It is unforgiving, you cant fix the stroke in the middle of swing but with a well-executed motion it rewards with winners.
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on June 30, 2017
I used on BH with sponge 1.8 mm and able to smash very well and my FH is Rakza 7 not soft. The rubber grip pretty well. I notice when I served fast loose ball or push down the ball sink down when it hit the opponent's rubber, it seemed to have under spin when served like that. It forces the opponent to push the ball up a lot.

I able to place the ball even better than Rakza 7. Very good control for chop and push, I almost never lose a point when push the ball. It can push very solid. Deception is OK not for those who want deception as weapon in the game.

The rubber is cheap and it is great for offensive players who want more control. I would recommend this rubber but get it with the sponge not without.
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on May 14, 2017
good short pips, then easy to play with it, good to kill spin
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on July 15, 2016
I got this rubber, on my Yasaka Extra Offensive blade, for the purpose of experimenting with short pips after reading a couple of reviews. I'm a penholder and I was previously using Evolution MX-P for FH on Joola Rossi Emotion Cpen blade. So, I thought I might have some difficulty adjusting my FH to a rubber like this. To my suprise, this rubber is so much more easier to play with than I thought. Yes, the looping from forehand is not even close to what I could do with my old rubber (MX-P) and all the other tensors I've used before (Nimbus, Acuda S1 Turbo), but other than that everything else is much better. Pushing, chopping, hitting, driving, placing, all are terrific. Overall, I think I'm playing much better than this one on my FH rather than all the other tensors that I've used. I still manage to play offensively with much less errors. Serves are quite spinny too. I guess I'm gonna stick with this one for a long time.
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on March 21, 2016
I am a CPen rpb player for nearly 5 years and I usually try lots of rubbers. But I ONLY prefer 802-40 for forehand . You know why...

1) Receive any kind of service with almost the same racket angle !!! Yeah I mean just a simple push is enough, also it keeps the ball low. Do not worry about the incoming spin . Yes! Try it to Believe it !!!!.

2) Precise placement of the shots( total control :) ). - With very less adjustment you can place the ball right where you want. I rate 20 pts for this ( there is no appropriate rating criteria for control in this site. )

3) Too spinny for a short pip !!. Never seen this much spin in other short pips.

4) Comparatively light weight than other rubbers in this segment.

5) Durable & Very cheap !! (This offers the privilege to buy & try different sponge thickness variants like 1.5, 1.8, 2.2 etc.)

I am very much satisfied with this rubber and it will be my only choice for forehand EVER !!.
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on March 11, 2016
I've been a backside player for the last 15 years, and play with short pips from time to time, for fun. This 802-40 in 2.0mm is really easy to use if you're used to backside : it's quite gripy, can generate quite some spin for a short pips rubber (both on serves and in game), and you can use almost the same strokes as if you were playing with a backside. Really, it's pretty spinny for a short pips, so you can even topspin quite easily. As a consequence, it's not deceptive for the opponent but it allows a good variety of strokes (almost regular backside strokes, and more direct / short-pips strokes as well). Less versatile than a Kokutaku 119 for instance, but easier to use if this is your first short pips rubber (and more inclined toward an offensive game than the 119, I think).
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on February 23, 2016
Tested the 802-40 with a custom 0.5mm sponge on the BH of a Juic Exacta Blade (speed=ALL). Nice control, sufficient amount of spin on serving, at least the opponent's can't smash back with ease, able to loop weak back spin ball at close range, low trajectory when blocking/ roll-looping/lifting. Ideal for players who want to start playing pips out rubber.
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Review by ikky68 (Verified Customer) for RITC 802-40 on January 13, 2016
It's a good rubber. The build quality is good. The durability is equally good.

It's just not my cup of tea... Had to take this off the TBS and put it on a pure DEF paddle. It was then that playing defense blocks and chopping seemed to work.

On a personal note... I did not like playing a purely defensive game. Too boring...
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on April 4, 2015
This is a great rubber. I have it on 729 bomb w skyline 3 neo on forehand. I am able to do everything with this. lots of pace on punches, TONS of spin on chops, and crazy control on serves. Great rubber
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on December 15, 2014
One thing that i like from this rubber is it's control, especially to returning serve. Blocking is also perfect but it generate less spin ball. You don't need many energy to hit or smash the ball with this rubber. Chopping away from the table is also easy to do with this rubber.
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on December 2, 2014
Simple but Dreadful!! will kill your best shot in a single shot using this type of weapon, has a lots of bullets and shield to counter your heavy spins!! ZUPER!
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on October 1, 2014
Excellent hitting with fairly decent spin.Good control and good (insensitive )vs incoming spin.Excellent short pips from my favorite pips out brand 729.
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 External Review for RITC 802-40 on July 21, 2014
802 40 mystery ||| I am using this rubber with green 2.15 sponge. ..for backhand ...1 month and day by day the results are amazing. ..adjusting the hitting angle is a killing beast. ..The only problem is that the forhand inverted rubber must not be too tacky ..not more than 4 ... Otherwise your forhand seems to be less speedy specially when your clothes are wet ...
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