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RITC 729 Focus III Snipe

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High speed inverted rubber
superior speed and spin
suitable for mid distance loop
Made with special soft sponge.


Speed: 120
Spin: 110
Control: 110
Hardness: 42 degrees

Notes: Focus 3 snipe is an improved and lighter version of the original Focus 3. This rubber uses mechanical grip (like European style rubbers), to provide spin and speed. If you liked original Focus 3, this is a better product in every way. The speed rating given is maximum, this is a manufacturer rating and while the rubber does have some kick is not 120, but closer to 100.

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Reviews of RITC 729 Focus III Snipe (101)

I have played over 3 months with this rubber. I got this rubber based on the ratings on revspin. I wanted light rubbers to reduce the overall weight of the paddle. The rubber did not disappoint me because I resumed playing after a lengthy hiatus from the sport and the rubber's strength is control.
It is not spin sensitive and you can block consistently with an open bat angle without worrying too much about the rubber reacting to heavy topspin and throwing the ball out of the table.
Also, the sponge is not responsive on slow shots and you can play short pushes with control and precision.
Loops are effective and moderately spinny as long as you are close to the table.
Flat hits are super effective as long as you are close the table.
I have one paddle with the 44 hardness rubbers on both sides and another with the 42 hardness rubbers on both sides. The only significant difference between the 42 and 44 hardness rubber is that loops(both wings) against backspin is easier, probably because the ball bites into the sponge a little easier.
Cons -
Probably not a good rubber for you if you like looping further away from the table. You will notice that the sponge is simply not springy enough to loop away from the table and it will bottom out causing the ball to fall into the net. I found myself carrying the ball instead of hitting it from behind. You simply cannot produce quality loops from over 4 ft behind the table. Now that I have been playing for a few months, I will probably switch to rozena or xiom musa 3
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This is a call to everyone who thinks they have to rate something (especially speed, spin or control) and use the maximum rating of 10. The rating 10 stands for the maximum possible !!!! - and something like that will only be sold to you by a dealer who lies to you in order to sell his goods.
... AND, please do not enter any ratings in the tables without having written a report !!!!! - with that you are helping "nobody". Please everyone think about it!
Now my REVIEW:
Attention: this rubber is since a short time with 42, 44 and 46 degree sponge hardness available !!!!
Many years ago I bought this rubber in the 42 degree version, with 2.1 mm sponge (in China) for my FH. For its very low price, I thought it was really, really good. ... but ended up putting it back in the corner. - Why? Too little spin !!! A few years later, I was looking for a light and cheap BH rubber and realized that 2.1 mm was too fast for me, so I ordered it (from "TTDD" for 16 Euro) in 42 degree version with 1,8 mm. At first I was disappointed that it was a lot heavier, but I was able to say, that I had made the right choice. This rubber has currently replaced my 61 Second Eagle (... specified with 36 degree sponge, in 2.2 mm thickness, ... on my Stuor Nobilis ZLC Hinoki). I simply have more speed (or better more catapult) with the F3 Snipe for the half-distance by the same good control and comparable arc.
Conclusion: Good quality for a low price, ... now inclusive 3 sponge options !!!
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Great backhand rubber. Non-tacky but still generates good spin. Low weight as well to allow heavier rubber on forehand. Not very fast, but all shots are easy to excecute and can generate speed with good technique.
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8.3/10 for OFF style. FH: Butterfly Sriver, 2.1mm, 41g (0.2g/cm^2), 38 degrees (Shore A). BH: Friendship/729 Focus 3 Snipe, 2.1mm, 39g (0.191g/cm^2), 44 degrees (729), 35 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Rosewood NCT VII, 97g, 158mm x 151mm x 6.8mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (Wood + NCT): Rosewood - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Rosewood.
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Not so good in spin, average rubber in all characteristics
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