RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe

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High speed inverted rubber
superior speed and spin
suitable for mid distance loop
Made with special soft sponge.


Speed: 120
Spin: 110
Control: 110
Hardness: 44 degrees

Notes: Focus 3 snipe is an improved and lighter version of the original Focus 3. This rubber uses mechanical grip (like European style rubbers), to provide spin and speed. If you liked original Focus 3, this is a better product in every way. The speed rating given is maximum, this is a manufacturer rating and while the rubber does have some kick is not 120, but closer to 100.

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Reviews of RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe (95)

 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on May 22, 2019
I got myself a sheet of this Focus III Snipe Black 2.1mm H42. The sponge is very soft in this the softest version of the rubber. Compared to a DHS TinArc 3 Black 2.0mm H35 that I used on my backhand before, it's a bit faster. Absolutely easier to topspin than the TA3. I'm still adjusting when it comes to chopping and pushing. The ball easily goes too high when pushing if you're not careful. It feels like it's more spin sensitive than the TA3. I have only used this one session as for now. I'll edit the review later on.
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 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on October 5, 2018
Speed: 8.5
Spin (European Style): 8.7
Control: 9.1
Weight: 38g in 2.1 (0.186g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 35
Gears: 2.1
Throw: 5.9
Fast Loop: 8.9
Slow Loop: 9.1
Counter Loop: 9.1
Touch: 8.5
Block: 9.4
Smash: 9.3
Slice/Chop: 9
Serve: 9
Flip/Flick: 8.9
Available Sponge Thickness: 2.1
Durability: 3
Value: 8.2
Overall: 8.9
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Review by paremo (Verified Customer) for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on May 14, 2018
This is what it is. It's not crazy fast or anything but that's totally fine. I only use it on my backhand and I'm able to control the ball very well and get very slow, spinny shots as well with the Focus Snipe. In addition, this rubber is not tacky at all making it easy to clean and meaning you don't have to worry too much about dirt or dust getting on it.
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 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on March 29, 2018
Focus 3 Snipe is a very versatile (fast when you need, slow when you need, controllable, spinny) rubber for below 1600 points players in amateurs leagues. Its price is very low considering its high quality and characteristics. It is in a nutshell a Sriver or Mark V replacement, but not a T05 replacement. Boosted with Falco it becomes quite fast - with a quiet click sound. I changed from Battle2 recently as F3S is lighter and feels faster and more to the point in the attacking game. The spin on serves is still enough. Have not noticed any problems for the rather old F3S in handling the (Stiga Perform) polyball. F3S is more diverse and consistent than Aurora, and not much slower.
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 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on January 5, 2018
Got 4 sheets in 2.1mm
Red rubbers are easily rip apart and were a pain to cut as the edges were breaking very easily. Black rubbers didn't have this problem.
Plays well like a japanese / euro slightly tacky rubber. Good control close to the table. Good spin on serves if you put the effort with arm movement, good for topspin and drives. The sound is like a click on my wood blades.
For the price I would say it is good. Works well on FH and BH.
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 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on December 25, 2017
After few months I could not adopt on this rubber. Like the sponge but rubber is strange, not that soft and no dwell. Ordered Kokutaku Blutenkirsche 868 Tokyo instead.
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 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on May 10, 2017
Good FH rubber. Provides a feeling and performance very similar to classic Euro tensors with a bit more hardness on the sponge, I found. Sounds absolutely glorious on power drives and rockets the ball to the other side. Not too easy to loop with and not a chopper.
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 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on March 12, 2017
SETUP:- blade: Yinhe N10. rubber fh: 729 focus 3 snipe 46 degree red. rubber bh: 729 focus 3 snipe 44 degree.
Quite soft, light weight and fragile. Even the 46 degree one is much softer compared to and tacky rubber like H3neo!
SPIN:This rubber produces fairly good amount of spin is all the cases. It is quite bouncy but still produces a lot of spin in serves. In terms of service spin, mark V<
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 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on February 19, 2017
On a Stiga Allround Classic and in max thickness, this rubber provides a very easy to use custom set-up. While not fast it has got excellent feeling and control, both for shot placement and when controlling opponent's shots, and also performs well on basic strokes. This and the fact that it gets better with improving technique makes it very good for players learning the game - strong points include controlled blocking and a superb, easy serve receive. It makes a fantastic first rubber whilst also being very cheap and light.

Players who play a more advanced style such as power-looping and technical service will probably want more spin and speed, especially when looping away from the table. Lifting heavy backspin needs a good technique although this isn't necessarily a bad thing. I found that it's better-suited as a backhand rubber partly due to the soft sponge.
Focus 3 Snipe exceeded my expectations of a medium-quality cheap rubber, and impressed me by it's durability and little cleaning needed over the six months I used it (probably about 80 hours). All in all, I'd recommend it as a can't-go-wrong first rubber or as a cheap rubber for relaxed club players.
Enjoy your TT!
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 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on November 23, 2016
Speed: very low (8.2).
Spin: low (8.5).
Control: average (9).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: feather light (39g, 0.192g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium (48/35).
Top sheet hardness: hard (57/45).
Gears: average (3).
Throw: medium high (6.8).
Consistency: always identical (8).
Durability: average durability (4).
Top sheet thickness: thin (1.5mm).
Surface thickness: thin (0.6mm).
Pip length: medium (0.9mm).
Pip width: very narrow (1.4mm).
Pip spacing: average (0.8mm).
Overall: bad (8.8).
Value: best (10).

Not good for looping. OK to learn how to play. It is cheap.
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Review by iceman3825 (Verified Customer) for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on October 7, 2016
So i bought this rubber for a friend, we play about 3 hours a day 5 days a week, his rubber wore out within 1 month. It did work nicely for the first couple of weeks. You get what you pay for with this
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Review by iceman3825 (Verified Customer) for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on September 22, 2016
This rubber i bought for a friend as a birthday gift, we glued it on to a killerspin jet black blade, immediately my friend was producing sick spin, it has good control, it isnt too fast, but it does the trick. Like all chinese rubbers, you want to clean it after every match and cover it with plastic
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Review by tackyontheforehand for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on August 26, 2016
(Red 2.1 on a 5-ply wood blade, backhand)
This is a very memorable rubber. Good quality and durability, non-tacky. The sponge feels medium-soft and is extremely light, which is a great asset. The topsheet is very thin with widely spaced, narrow pips, which gives it a reactive feeling and a fast, low throw. Much better for counterhitting than for brush loops. This is the same kind of structure as Tenergy 64, a popular backhand rubber.
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Review by carcamoh (Verified Customer) for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on July 23, 2016
I agree with the positive reviews. I was looking for an economical replacement to Tenergy 05 and the Focus 3 Snipe is the one! I tested several others and none satisfied me except this one; it is a keeper! Enough speed and spin and great control! I used it on a Gambler Carbon Arylate for both fh and bh. I finally beat my archnemesis (Jerry) at the club with this cheap set up!
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 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on April 1, 2016
Nice rubber. Not personally my type of rubber, as I like tacky chinese rubbers, and this is definitely a japanese-style rubber. That being said, after having a few hits with it, I don't mind it as much now. It definitely does what it does well.
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 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on March 10, 2016
Update2: After two months of play, I am very impressed with the rubber. I never played with a rubber for so long which is not a Rakaza, Acuda, etc. After two months of regular play, it plays just as new. I used it on forehand on BTY Viscaria and Donic ultracarbon senso blades.

Update 1
Reviews given on this rubber are by very experienced and knowledgeable players. And I totally agree with them... This rubber is truly amazing ... Use on off- and higher rated blades for utilizing it's all gears. I will use this for upcoming tournament. Thanks.
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 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on March 9, 2016
I have used this rubber for my training sessions as being suggested by my coach. I found that this rubber suit my FH better than BH. It is much easier to control my loop stroke. The speed is quite slow because of the soft sponge.
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 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on January 10, 2016
Tried 1.5 and 1.8 as BH rubber on 729 f1 blade. It is fragile top sheet, sponge is resilient though on the plus side that makes it light weight. Its very predictable even when 6 months old, good for pushes, chops, and topspin loops, blocks, especialy good at flicks.
In 1.8mm it is also good at punch blocks and smashes too, in 1.5 it takes a bit too much effort. 1.8 alows play a bit further away from table but still very good at chops and good controll. throw is lowish esp 1.5mm sponge version. No choice of sponge hardness in 1.5 and 1.8mm. Have had loads of sheets and always perform the same so very good QC. If you clean it regularly it can generate good spin. I expect to keep this setup for another year or two at least.
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Review by ikky68 (Verified Customer) for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on December 5, 2015
For the price point, this is a great rubber.

Speed is not quite 120 as indicated, the Battle1 is noticeably faster if you're watching for it.

Spin and control are both good.
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 External Review for RITC 729 Focus 3 Snipe on November 6, 2015
Fast! Not recomended for beginner

Very disappointed, the spin is really sucks, but the advantage is you can makes punch strokes easier

Not really easy to control

Completely non tacky!

Throw Angle
Really low and sucks. I found it hard for forehand strokes but good on backhand

Light rubber

Sponge Hardness
Very soft!

Gears is good

This one is very good! Have own it for 6 months and still perform like new

Durability is good, but I think this rubber is not reccomend
I use it on backhand for 6 months and it perform very well, but I think there're lots of better rubber than this one...
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