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RITC 729 Faster with Transcend Sponge

RITC 729 Faster with Transcend Sponge
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729 faster with Transcend Sponge
High speed inverted rubber

• superior speed and spin
• suitable for mid distance loop
• Made with Transcend sponge.

Medium Transcend sponge 2.2mm(MAX)

Mild tackiness and a very aggressive oriented speed make this rubber an attackers dream, works great with or without glue.

Transcend is lighter and faster than traditional Chinese sponges. Sponge stores energy to release into the ball, while most sponges allow energy to dissipate.



Speed 120
Spin 110
Control 110

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Reviews of RITC 729 Faster with Transcend Sponge (20)

I am a third ball attacker with a loop and using RITC 729 40S on my forehand which gives me excellent loop and almost 80% opponents can't return the ball. I bought this to be used on my forehand but it can't generate good spin in top spin and even medium / beginners can return the ball. This rubber is ideal for drive and shots during the rally. However this can easily lift the ball for a top spin. Tackiness is too low and is soft rubber and can easily return opponents speedy top spins
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Ample speed and control. Tackiness is just below some Chinese tacky rubbers. A very good rubber to start your offensive potential.
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Rubber for children. Very low speed. Rotation - medium. For learning games for children. I bought, because the description was encouraging, someone probably did the eggs. Semi professional or amateur - you can not play with this rubber. I would say that it is more suitable for a defensive style. Next gum goes to the basket ...
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blade yeo power 7 BH is battle 1 and FH is 2.2 mm red sheet of faster feighun
First the Cons of this rubber it comes in 2.2mm unsure why not 2.1 ,
Great things about it:its around 44 gm cut size for blade,added 3 layers of xtreme booster
Before boosted:was great. needs more force to kick in the sponge,great round the net play xtreme spinny serves excellent looping with great technique,easy to play with.
After Boosted: applied only 3 layers of xtreme booster instead of 5 as sponge hardness around 6 increased weight to 46 gm and sponge became more reactive and still maintained great close to net play,speed increased by 30% and spin by 30% sponge is great and still behaves great in rallies.Very durable.Xtreme booster has great effect on transcend sponge and also on orange sponge with battle 2.Chopping on top spins is so easy with this to upset rhythm of opponents and too much back spin on chops.This rubber will be my back up rubber on FH.Initially i had bought this for bh but it comes in 2.2 mm only and its heavy for bh.From my experience BH rubber weight should be around 40 to 44 gm.If this rubber had come in at 2.1mm i would have used it as bh.
I agree with asga this is better than battle 2 in being very responsive and slightly faster in rallies,its more lethal too,great with polyballs,better than battle 2 far away from the table.It is on my test paddle now will test it more.
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The fastest 729 rubber of all! Surprisingly light despite its hard light green 2.2 sponge (red rubber). I will compare Faster with Battle 2. Battle 2 is suberb of course and tackier, but Faster is "kind of lethal" and slightly faster, lighter and also tacky/spinny enough. The evaluation has to focus on the adaption to ABS balls and win ratio.
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