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Rated 4.3/5

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Rubber designed for the speed glue ban. Energy storing highly elastic top sheet combined with a special sponge that has a tuner effect built in. 729-08 is designed for a high degree of friction and power making this the ideal weapon for the attacking player. This is the newer version of the sponge that does not require tuners for maximum performance.

Speed: 110
Spin: 120

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Reviews of RITC 729 729-08 (15)

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 External Review for RITC 729 729-08 on December 8, 2017
This is my third 729 rubber ,i wonder why DHS is so famous than 729 because i personally feel 729 makes better rubbers than DHS.This rubber is great with hard sponge 9/10 extreme tacky around 9 and needs good shoulders and u need to pair it with a flexible blade.I tested this on yasaka ma lin soft carbon with battle 1 on the back hand.Great rubber for forehand loop and counterspin and rallies.During the rallies i was able to keep 9/10 balls on the table all the time.It has tremendous spin for flicking and looping side spins.If u get ur act together and play it properly with great body movement ur opponent will be in great trouble all the time due to the enormous spin he is going to face.It weighs about 43 gm cut black and works exceptionally great on my extra lacquered blade felt great for blocking as it took away all the speed and was able to place the balls adequately.Throw angle with perfect action is around 6.5 but due to the hard rubber it appears it is low around 5.5 but if u hit harder it will go up.Also if the rubber can be boosted will play great.I did not boost as i am not interested in the mess i use medium to high viscosity revolution glue which acts as a tensor on the blade so it has some boosting action by itself just apply 2 coats on the blade and on the rubber.U will feel the difference while playing.Close to net u have to exert a little more force to get the ball across the net.But this is a great rubber i had to test this as i plan to use this on forehand as i was informed that battle 2 rubber will be stopped as per one online seller.So i am looking at other 729 rubbers as alternative.
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 External Review for RITC 729 729-08 on August 31, 2017
I agree with the AndySmith review.
This rubber has hard sponge, it is not lightweight, and has no crazy speed.
But the spin is insane, and even if the sponge is hard, you can feel it.
I would say that also the control is not that easy, you need some time to get used to this rubber. It is not forgiven, so it requires a good technique.
But if your stroke is consitent and well executed, it produce a great amount of spin, very dangerous for the opponent. For speed you have to push quite a bit.
Also the sound is huge.
To me, it worth the money. Probably one of the best 729 rubber.
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 External Review for RITC 729 729-08 on December 29, 2016
Exellent chinese rubber. Amazing fh top spins trajectory. Works good with hard types of wood( koto, walnut, rosewood).
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Review by mauwal (Verified Customer) for RITC 729 729-08 on January 21, 2016
I got two of these rubbers. The red one works fine, but the black one is complete disaster. It's pretty hard and doesn't bounce balls much. The plastic on the rubber doesn't come off the rubber. I just ordered another one.
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 External Review for RITC 729 729-08 on March 11, 2011
The best 729 I've used. It's got a lot of tack, but it has a softer sponge than most chinese rubbers I've used so you can get a little more dwell time for loops. More control than I expected, but still not great in this regard. It's great for blocking, loop-drives and service and can even get the occasional chop. If you're looking for a cheap, high-quality, tacky rubber, this is the rubber for you.
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 External Review for RITC 729 729-08 on May 23, 2010
i use this rubber on the FH side of my YEO. it is very spinny on loops and serving, controlable on short game but is heavy and it is slow without glue or tuning. glued it is a monster!
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 External Review for RITC 729 729-08 on February 9, 2010
This is a very had rubber that needs breaking into before it performs to its ability. But as all 729 rubbers the durability of it is extensive. Need to be sure that you are going for a shot though, or else the ball is going to just drop off. So committment is the word with this rubber.
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 External Review for RITC 729 729-08 on February 7, 2010
I find this good for backhand and hard to control slow spinny loops...

Overall a good rubber.
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 External Review for RITC 729 729-08 on January 21, 2010
had this on the forehand of a donic defplay classic senso blade... great for classic fast attack and can generate some speed away from the table however the hard sponge and very tacky top sheet do not agree with passive swing big or go home...also not good for chopping on the forehand side, not forgiveing enough. in conclusion, great for fast attack and occasional loos from far away.
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 External Review for RITC 729 729-08 on January 21, 2010
Pretty much what everyone else said. Found the sponge to be a bit hard. Other than that, it was good overall. Fast, and spinny in most aspects of the game, good for looping, but I think the loop would be better if the sponge wasn't quite as hard. 8.3 overall, good value, like all the other 729 rubbers.
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