IPONG V300 Bundle - with Catch Net and 96 Balls

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This bundle includes:

Bundle package dimensions: 27" x 17" x 14"
Weight: 14 lbs

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Reviews of IPONG V300 Bundle - with Catch Net and 96 Balls (118)

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Review by phatcolo (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 Bundle - with Catch Net and 96 Balls on April 16, 2018
great product, fun for players of all skills
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Review by sk_kumar (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 on April 15, 2018
Bought this as part of a bundle. It takes a while to play around with the settings, and most of the times it either hits the net or goes off the table. Will play around to see if this would work well for my kids.
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Review by tazmatinha (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 on April 13, 2018
It was very exciting to play with since day one. The simple but accurate manual made me expererience quite a lot different combinations. It lacks a little more top spin.
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Review by phatcolo for IPONG V300 on April 2, 2018
Great practice robot for beginners to the experienced. So many different setting combinations that you can do to constantly keep you on your toes. Remote is a great feature too so you don't have to run the the robot to pause/shut it off if you need to quit before all the balls have been shot out. Washing the ping pong balls and wiping down the machine is crucial.
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Review by twin3075 (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 Bundle - with Training Net and Pickup Net on April 2, 2018
So far so good. The bundle with training net and pickup net really great for the price. The V300 is good robot for the entry level. It may not as consistence as Newgy but the price is way less than Newgy. It will take a few trial and error to find the best setting for your drill and position but would highly recommended for entry level.
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Review by adhuri (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 Bundle - with Catch Net and 96 Balls on April 1, 2018
It's a very useful package. I suggested my friends to buy it. I received the package on time and with all intact, no damage. Assembly of the robot was easy. You have to be very careful to read the instructions first. Setup and loading of balls was easy. Please remember to setup the speed first and the load up at least 20 to 25 balls. Sometimes few of the balls just drop out but that is OK. The net is required with the robot. It was little difficult to figure out how to join it. The instructions to put together the net is not quite clear. But once I put together it was easy to disconnect and put together again. The balls are good quality. The speed is very fast if you increase the frequency. I am an intermediate player. I needed this to improve my movements and accuracy. It's very useful to all the levels. The beginners can learn and practice. The other levels can improve their movements and accuracy. The other level players like me can also try the other moves like forehand & backhand loops etc. Overall its a good package, I bought during the sale. I think it's a very good decision on my part.
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Review by adhuri for IPONG V300 on April 1, 2018
Order received on time and with good packing. There was no damage. I bought the bundle of V300 2017, Net and two boxes of balls for a good deal. The setup of the unit was easy. It was little confusing to setup the speed and but after reading it carefully it was easy. Only thing to remember is start only when it's full or at least have about 20 balls in it. My mistake was that I initially tried with 5-10 balls and they were all just leaving the hole. After filling it up and setting the right speed it worked fine. The remote is very useful. Only to remember that change the setting after bringing it a full stop. I tried various settings and they work very well. It's really useful for beginners and even to experts for practicing. The experts can use it to improve their weaknesses, accuracy and movements. The net is very useful and it's must. The small wedge that you can use to change the angle and it's also very useful. You can set it up and go on for hours and hours. I am going to try it at YMCA and see if young kids can get practice. I rated .5 less for the documentation. Some more information would be useful or pointers to the YOUTUBE URLs. The technology is really good to what they are offering and for that I would rate 5*. I recommended to others also. And my suggestion is to go for it. It's worth if you are a beginner and learn properly. If you are an expert then improve your style/movements and accuracy.
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Review by santiagoecheverri94 (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 on March 17, 2018
This is a wonderful product for the beginner and intermediate player. Very easy to assemble and fun to use!
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Review by anipsal (Verified Customer) for IPONG V300 Bundle - with Training Net and Pickup Net on February 19, 2018
The iPong robot is awesome. It really has many adjustments that allowed me to improve my game. The wireless remote is also great allow me to adjust spin, frequency and oscillation speed on a fly.

Must have combo for any table tennis enthusiasts.
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 External Review for IPONG V300 on February 18, 2018
I bought this robot, 2017 version, two wheels,
to simulate a more realistic underspin,
versus the Newgy 1050 robot I own. T
his is indeed possible, as you can rearrange
some setting (following the instructions of andrekhorie posted
at, and can move the robot on the table.

But it shoots balls much to fast for learning correct new moves
(looping and push variations) - 45 in one minute, on the slowest setting.
Underspin balls come slower!
Right now we have to use it two of us, one feeding balls slowly to the robot.

It jams with several kind of balls, and really only takes 50 balls.
But it stopped jamming since using 2 star celluloid balls.
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