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Butterfly Feint Long III

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Long Pimpled Rubber with Amazing Variety of Spins

Designed for the aggressive chopper, Feint Long III features a softer more flexible top sheet combined with a softer sponge.

The result is a long pips-out rubber ideal for long range heavy chopping strokes with maximum control.

Class: Long Pips-Out
Surface: Pips-Out
Style: Long Pimpled Rubber

Speed: 60
Spin: 40
Hardness: 25

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Reviews of Butterfly Feint Long III (24)

I've been playing with fl2, fl3, and p1r lately, trying to evaluate the differences for myself. Personally I find this to be the slowest(deadest) of the three. The sponge really can take the pace off from hard shots, I like that I can chop hard without fear of going off the table. This is very grippy for a lp, you can push heavy backspin into the net if you are not careful. At the table I was disturbed at first that my blocks went very high (again likely due to grip) but also landed shallow. I found that adding forward momentum on chop blocks remedied this quickly and is actually a very devious shot in games. It's hard to evaluate spin with lp because are we talking about spin reversal or ability to add spin? Clearly this is not a spin-reversal type pip but I feel like spin manipulation is strong with this rubber. Most importantly for me is the chop feel (tested on JSH blade with 1.1 sponge). I found the rubber forgiving on the chop and probably suits a steady consistent chopping game. Also as a plus I find it one of the easier lps to attack loose balls with. Worth a try!
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I tried many LPs and this is the easiest to use. Almost anything goes back to the table with any kind of stroke. Easy doesnt equal effective tho. This one is not difficult to play againts. I expected reversal and deception to be far better than it is. For the high price you do not get anything special. Go for a Dawei instead.
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A good long pips but not the best on the market. I use black with 1,1mm sponge and i rate this pips as average in compare with other cheaper pips in the market. The characteristics of feint long 3 are:
1. One of the main weakness of this pips is serve receiving. The common weakness of the long pips in serve receiving is that long pips is very difficult to receive a long no spin serve. The most common mistake made by pips player is that the throw angle when you returning a long no spin serve is quite high and easy for your opponent to do the 3rd ball attack. With feint long 3, you will have more difficulty to return this kind of serve because the throw angle of this pips is high. You need to focus on you wrist movement training if you want to improve your serve return with this pips.
2. Feint long 3 is NOT created for passive blocker! Chopping is the key. You need to focus on chopping close or far from table, then this pips will become your ultimate weapon.
3. It can use for attack, especially for a backspin ball.
4. If you would like to see the video of a world class player who using feint long 3, please check the video of Ruwen Filus using this pips on You Tube. He even can defeat the wonderkid Harimoto.
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The most grippy pips on the market! It works like short pips for some aspects. The rubber is very slow and the control is very high! Difficult return serve, because you need to recognise very well the incoming spin on the ball.
Passive strokes: not allowed
Don't put on a slow blade (like koji mastushita) because you take almost zero reverse and you need to much effort for put the ball on the table. Recomended on fast blade like Koji Offensive or Joo see Hyuk!
Very high quality rubber
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Rubber doesn't excel at anything. Decent at chopping, decent for reversing spin, below average blocking, poor on offense. Well built and up to the butterfly standard but I recommend softer, less tacky long pips or just a chopping inverted. The in between is hard to work with.
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***1.3mm Red*** I've been playing with these pips since they came out in the early 2000's. For me, they're the most consistent, and controllable, pips on the market. Can overturn all spins accurately, and consistently, and shines when blocking deep off the table. Serves well, returns serves well, and can be used to aggressively attack high balls. They are NOT deceptive at all; it doesn't produce flat balls easily, and thus does not cause the ball to wobble/look weird very often. All in all, an excellent pip for the modern "off the table" defender.
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Best chopping pips in the market. I got mine at 1.3mm and me and my training partner both use it and chopping is so much easier than any of the big names like P-1 Curl and GrassTecs. The pips do a good job at spin nullification so you can feel more confident on spinny service returns. The pips are pretty grippy too so you have the option of backhand smashing a high ball. This is mainly for chopping so if you like to block with pips and take advantage of the spin reversal I recommend looking elsewhere.
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The Butterfly Feint Long 3 has been the most importent rubber of my career. If you are new at the defensive play i highly recommend that you start with this rubber and then you often dont need to switch to another one, because this rubber wourks well both at a very high level and low level game. I have done this and can tell you that if you start early with this rubber, the chop can become the absolute safest shot in your game.
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This rubber is for the modern defender/deep chopper. It does not reverse spin, has little knuckle, as an attacking rubber, it speed makes it pretty limited. If you like to chop loop with long pips-This is a great rubber, awesome spin assuming you are using a chop stroke-the soft sponge makes throwing in a no spin shot much more controlable. Not for at the table players looking for a frictionless replacement-in fact the opposite!
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I have used this 0.5 on Defplay Senso,I found the black is softer than the red ,a little slower and grippier which I prefer.Feint 3 allows a more horizontal blade angle than any lp I have tried without the ball slipping or popping up and pushes against backspin are possible
( this is usually more difficult with lp)
.Blocking produces a slowish no spin ball so aim it into the playing elbow to jam them up,this is not the rubbers best attribute so don`t get it for that,
A way from the table chopping is it`s best ability and produces heavy underspin with a very flat flightpath that is difficult to attack.
chopblocking gives heavy underspin with high control it is also very effective for this stroke.
I found that I can loop also due to the high grip however the ball travels at snails pace but this can fool opponent if you throw it in after a twiddle,they`re expecting a fast ball so backing off a little and caught by surprise,a very rewarding rubber if your prepared to work hard,you need good footwork to get into position to get the most out of it
nb:Iwould put the speed rating lower than 4 but it wouldn!t allow on here 3 is my rating
with this blade the f/hand rubber effects the speed of the pips,Inoticed this when switching between Tenergy and the classic tackiness c,around 10-15% faster with the tenergy
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High priced (at least in Europe) but also high quality rubber.
You could say there is nothing very special about it. I just like it because I can't notice any disadvantage. Reliable LP with good control. Yet, some (esp. close to the table) players may feel to be more "vulnerable" to opponent's spin - related to other Long Pips.

If you want to play aggressively you might give Feint long 2 a try - I think it is more dangerous than this one.
However, I stick to Feint long 3 because of it's good control.
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This rubber is suited for chopping. Contrary to what others have written, this is the slowest, most controllable long pip on the market. The player has a lot of room for error b/c of the soft sponge, which is the softest of any rubber I know of.

Spin reversal is not good. This is both a blessing and a curse. You can generate your own spin, b/c the pip is grippy. Therefore you have more control over how much spin you give back. You must be active with this rubber. Bat angle is also more important b/c the ball reacts more to the incoming spin.

This is NOT a rubber for a passive player/blocker. This IS a rubber for an active defender. It's used by Ruwen Filius and Viktoria Pavlovich.

I can also attack with it, b/c of its grippiness, I'm able to generate my own spin.

Serve return is more challenging with this rubber due to the grippiness. If you watch Ruwen Filius, you can see how he returns serve.

Finally, what I love about this rubber is how much control it gives with chopping. You can modify chops -- giving more or less -- with ease.
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Im a chopper and I use it in OX black and fell in love with this rubber. I felt I cant miss a chop even against the hardest loops... no disturbing effect at all, so don't waste your money If you like to play at table or like to confuse other players with weird, wobblig balls... But I recommend it for choppers who are searching for control, and heavy spin reversal in active strokes.
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The most grippy LP I've every tried (out of 12 or more LPs). Very soft, bendable, long, and close together pips. This is, bar none, THE best chopping LP on the market. It's very forgiving. You can bring back many loops with this. PROS: Excellent for chopping and spin-variation. You need to be active with it. You can't stick you paddle out there and hope to get the ball back. CONS: B/c the it's so grippy, serve return and close to table game is challenging. Too soft to hit hard with. Spin reversal is very low. You must put your own spin on. My favorite chopping LP.
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i have 30 to 35 kind of long pips and medium pips and i have 8 kind of blades. off and def blades and trying lots of rubbers, but $5 chinese friendship 755 or 837 are much much better than any over priced butterfly or stiga or any other brand. as i said, i have them all and changing them everyday.
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I have no issues at all with this rubber. I play classic defense and use Feint Long 3 in a 1.3 mm sponge on my backhand. My opponents are often baffled with the various levels of spin I place on the ball. You have to know what you're doing to manipulate the ball's spin with this sheet. Once you do, it is very effective.
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you have to know what you want in a long pip in order to play them.....the majority of long pip players look for spin reversal and the ability to baffle to opponent with little effort on the part of the long pip player. However, skilled modern defenders do not require the ability to passively block and get a point...they require consistency, and the ability to manipulate spin from a dead floater to extremely heavy backspin....this is where the rank of deception comes in and feint long 3 succeeds VERY well at this power due to the grippyness at the table and unparalleled control at the chopping game away from the table, i belive (no offence ment) that the other people who rated this pip were looking for something with much less friction and easier to play with....this is a high friction high level modern defensive long pip and a GREAT one....
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I have been using this rubber now for a couple years. I replaced my Rapid DTechs Long Pips which gave me great reversal but I was a sitting duck when it was time to attach on my backhand. I then tried FL III - I can still chop but not as strong as the Rapid, but I can now attack with my backhand just as good as I can chop with it. Keep in mind that I played with inverted rubbern on both sides for over 20 years. Only been using pips for maybe 4 years. Rating has ramain about the same 2061. FL III is not for everyone, if you were a good chopper and looper to begining with you will continue to do so with this rubber.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

pricey and has no long pimple characteristics at all--plays like tackiness chop. if all u wanna do is chop chop chop then maybe. hitting below average. block pretty gd but nofin special.chopping is great but only allows 1 return heavy backspin, hard to float. look at stiga destroyer for an alternative
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I am using this LP in Black OX (no sponge) on my backhand with Friendship Higher III 2.2mm on Forehand on Friendship Dynasty 2 Speed Carbon Blade. Using a slightly used rubber. Will be comparing it to Milky Way 955 LP which I use regularly.

This is definitely a get over the table rubber. No matter what the opponent throws at you it gets the ball back, don't need a lot of effort (assuming you use LPs all the time). Chopping and pushing is what this rubber is meant for. Has a slightly rough Pip top so does generate some of its own spin and thats where this rubber's qualities end. Hitting was nothing exceptional maybe even worse. Very little to almost no deception which makes it a LP users nightmare as deception is one of the biggest pro of LPs. Spin reversal was abysmal.

To conclude if you are made of money and all you want to do is chop-chop-chop then MAYBE this might be the rubber for you. But if you want some deception with decent spin reversal there are loads of LPs out there $30 cheaper. Like all Butterfly rubbers (except Tenergy) this is way overpriced.
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The feint long pips III by butterfly is a long pips rubber for choppers, and only choppers. It is a phenomenal chopping rubber. The spin reversal is awesome, if you chop heavy topspin, it is almost unbeatable, loaded with so much underspin that it is unreturnable. The control is pretty good, the speed is perfect for chopping, not too slow, but not fast either. It does take quite a bit of skill to get some good chops though, it is not a good rubber for people who are beginner choppers. It also has some good occasional attacking effects. Its good for some smashing or driving, but it requires very good touch. Overall, i think its definitely worth it.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Great pip for modern defenders.
You can play it nearly like a pips in-rubber, because there's a very high friction.
Much control but low deception and reversal.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This is a very expensive LP with really no benefit over much lower priced chinese alternatives. This is NOT a frictionless LP. It seems to be made for chopping, but really does not give as good of control as I would like. I used it in OX. I have read that some can hit with it, particularly with sponge, but my primary goal with LP is to chop off the table and there are numerous better sheets for this out there and almost all of them are 30 dollars US cheaper
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Deception is a greatest tool of chopper. Unfortunately, FL3 doesn't have "it"
Great for producing own spin.
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