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13 Reviews for Victas VS>401

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Very good rubber. But not for everyone as it has very hard sponge.
I use it on 2.0 sponge with ALL blade.
It generates great underspin. It's very good for serving, choping and smashing. It has a pretty decent control.
Not as graet for looping though. It is able to generate a fast topspin but you have to play it with a very correct technique.
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VS401 black 2mm on forehand. Pros : super spinny rubber, a beast at chopping, a lot of power when needed, many gears, ultra high durability / Cons : very heavy. Probably my favorite rubber of all times (with V20 Double Extra)... VS401 fits the Matsushita Special blade like a dream. "Spin oriented high energy tension rubber for agressive chopper". Nothing to add, probably the most accurate description you can get about it...
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Possibly the easiest offensive rubber to play with. It is significantly slower than other tension rubbers, but offers immense control due to being very soft and slightly tacky. Looping with this rubber tends to result in a somewhat slow yet extremely spinney ball, however smashing is very controlled and spin insensitive when speed is important. It is very easy to produce very heavy pushes and block short. From long distance this rubber isn't good for much besides chopping due to how slow it is. I would highly recommend this rubber for both defenders and close to the table attacking players.
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Hraji s potahem 1,8 mm, FH/BH tento potah je uren pro univerzln hru. Je vhodn pro zatenky a mrn pokroil hre. Potah nen moc rychl ale ani pomal, m dobrou kontrolu. Zkouel jsem 2,0mm na karbonu ale bylo to moc rychl a mn ovladateln. Doporuuji vem zatenkm.
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good for chopping nothing else. a bit to the heavy side.
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Probably the spinniest rubber I've played with - great for chopping and serving, but it is not super easy to control because it is fairly reactive to opponents spin. It is a good rubber for attacking - albeit not at extreme speeds. If you are going to use this rubber, it may be worth while using the other side for return of serve.
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Im currently a DEF+ BH and ALL FH player between advanced beginner and low intermediate. I have 1.5mm black on the BH and 1.8 on the FH on a 7 ply, balsa blade. Ive tried: Mark V variants, Xiom Vega variants, Tenergy 05, Hurricane 2&3, LKT Pro & Friendship 729, and a few others.

I love/hate this rubber. I love the rubber, hate that I can't get the best from it (technique?). Its an enigma to me still. While it has many gears, they seem to be at either end of the speed or spin spectrum with a gear-less middle.

I find medium paced drives, blocks and punches inconsistent. Feeling is less 'available' and spin/speed seem less controllable so placement suffers. Perhaps it needs more time but it is definitely the least 'user friendly' aspect of the rubber.

For a hard rubber it provides quite a bit of control (if not feel) in soft contact. You can take a heap of speed off with passive play, and the difference is significant with the ball dropping remarkably short. On the other hand, no other rubber I've tried comes close to generating as much speed (and variation), except maybe Tenergy (but I couldn't control it). High speed, high spin loops are easy, comfortable and require less effort.

Spin is excellent, though I'm finding service spin more difficult to generate. Perhaps it is the hardness factor influencing this. Serves are solid, though not deadly.

Control is wonderful (dare I say sublime?) in the short game and also looping.

So far the rubber still looks in pristine condition, faring better than any of the other rubbers mentioned above over similar usage. It has been re-glued twice now and suffered no damage at all. I haven't rated durability yet though as it needs more time and more abuse to see how it really lasts.

While touted as a strong defensive rubber (thanks to its spin and chop control), all-in-all this is also an excellent rubber for an ALL+ to OFF all-round and modern defender players, enabling great variation, touch and speed.
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This rubber is somewhat strange. It's great for chopping and blocking, but also for topspins where I could create so much spin that almost none of my colleagues could block them. Also when pulling hard topspins the catapult sets in quite a bit. Flat hits work like a charm, too. Only when it comes to normal counter play it feels somehow dead or lifeless. Comes alive in all other situations (especially with the unexpected catapult with topspins) but also makes my kevlar enforced blade vibrate. How can that be? I don't understand this. Also played it on a Nittaku Septear, but it doesn't fit on that one, plays wonky and not dangerous at all. Feels even weirder. So I guess it's better to pair this rubber with a really stiff blade.
Sitting on the fence with this rubber, just can't decide which side to fall to.
Edit: took it off my Kevplay, took off the old glue and glued it anew - and now it works like a charm. seems like it wasn't properly glued before. What a beauty to play :-)
Edit II: put it on my Andro Temper Tech All+ - they just don't pair well. Feels dead again.
Edit III: put it on my Soulspin Roots 5: all fine, but still somehow doesn't match my playing for some reason. We're not going to be friends, 401 and I. Got used to the hardness and now it doesn't feel that slow anymore.
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A very spinny rubber, similar to narucross or rakza 7, its very good for chopping or push on the table, good on block also. Its a little slow so its not the best rubber for counter attacks or offensive blocks, it has a delay and so some times need longer moves. The best point of it its the spin for sure, the weak point is the weight because its heavy, similar to t05 I think. All and all Its a great rubber for defenders. I have it in 1.8 maybe next time I will try the 2 sponge so it will be a little faster.
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I bought a sheet and tried it for a few weeks. It has good spin, but not as much as Rakza 7 Soft. Control was excellent, but its too slow for me to attack with, at least in 1.8 mm. It is one of the heaviest rubbers I've ever tried. Its great at chopping.
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This is strange rubber. This ruuber is prefer for defense but heve and attack when you make it. Have a very low throw angle when you cut or block the ball. When you attack ball ruuber have a nice power. Have very hevy spin. I recomnded 1.5 mm thickness more of this is unuseble for the purpose about who is make this rubber. Sponge is hard and required nice practick. This rubber not for beginers. She is hard to handling. Have very god flat hit. Easily return opponent serve.
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I played with vo>01 limber before and now with this one. Plays a bit strange but I like it. It has some delay when you hit the ball. Topspin is very good and very flat. Slow topspin has very good spin.
I have it for controll play and defense with backspin and also for some attacking. Need some more pratice but i can say its very good for that!
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Rubber with low trajectory. Very good performance in aggressive chopping.
Need more practise time for it for final review
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