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Andro Rasanter R47

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Our notes: Around 68g uncut; The R47 gives a balance for speed and spin. This is a very fast rubber but also it is very spinny. This has a medium hard sponge at 47 degrees. When looping it has a medium arc. This rubber is for advanced players only as this is very fast and takes a bit of skill to control. This is ideally paired with carbon-arylate blades or just all wood blades to maximize control. This feels like a Joola Rhyzm 48 but a touch softer and spinnier.

• Your profile is spin driven. Offensive topspin play at higher speed is your strategy.
• As a high-level player you will take full advantage of the 47 sponge hardness for extra power and speed in your topspin play.
• Now You are equipped to perform topspins with a precise curved trajectory and to be creative in the semi-distance play as well.

Speed: 120
Spin: 126
Control: 85
Hardness: 47 degrees (Medium-Hard)

Andro has dedicated over three decades to the development of high-performance table tennis equipment. Exemplifying German engineering prowess, Andro rubbers are built for speed, spin and versatility. Through rigorous research and development, Andro consistently delivers products for those individuals who demand the most from their table tennis equipment. No one demonstrates this better than Simon Gauzy from the Andro pro team. His unrelenting style of play lets him push the boundaries of what's physically possible.

Andro has a long list of professional quality rubbers. The Andro Rasanter series is a mainstay in the table tennis world and the Hexer series is still popular with many players. Andro rubbers will keep you going strong in your next match!

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Reviews of Andro Rasanter R47 (69)

Second best rubber I've ever used, second only to the Yinhe Mercury 2, great for forehand and backhand, I highly recommend it for offensive players
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Awesome rubber ... I used it for forehand ... Good speed and spin ... Amazing feeling for the ball ... Sounds great ... For backhand I felt it little too fast ( I m not that good with bh ) . I was unable to control the balls while spinning with bh ... A really good fh I would say
Review helpful?    Yes | No

It is an amazing forehand rubber. Everyone should try it. It has great spin and everything
Review helpful?    Yes | No

je suis un pongiste marocain qui joue plus de 8 ans et je jouais avec cette lame pendant 3 ans.
ma conclusion c'est un magnifique caoutchouc l'Andro Rasanter R47 pour les attaques prs de la table et Mi-long est que il y a beaucoup de contrle et de spin ,assure tous les coups on se sent en scurit totale et on peut faire toute genre de service.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I switched to R47 from Andro GTT 45; though I haven't used this on my FH much, the catapult effect from this rubber makes every BH shot a potential winner.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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