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7 Reviews for Power Pong 5000

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I have had mine for three years.
Never a problem mechanically.
Customer service has been a 10+!
More features and realistic spins,arc and speeds than Newgy 2050 and no ball jams.
Can be used by all levels. Was a rec player when I got it and am now1700 rating.
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I had a very bad experience with this transaction. I ordered the 5000 thru Amazon and it worked for 3 weeks. After that, the machine could not deliver the balls properly anymore. I tried everything (calibration and re-reading the manual over and over to make sure I did not do anything wrong from the set-up until I the time it stopped working right playing make it work right again but nothing.
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Really incredible robot. It can pretty much do anything. From fast loops with ridiculous topspin to short backspin shots. The randomization function makes drills much more difficult, especially when paired with the groupings function. The App is an complete gamechanger. While the remote is functional, it is quite slow and complicated compared to the app (which is fast and intuitive) There are only two downsides in my opinion. #1 is the price - but I think that is mitigated by the fact that this robot has a huge feature set and a tremendously intuitive app. #2 is the calibration, which seems to be a bit off on my unit as my robot will routinely throw balls off the table even using the default drills (yes, I reset the head position and calibrated it from there). It also seems to be quite tricky to get my robot to throw short shots, but it can be done with some effort. I am planning to contact the manufacturer soon in the hopes they will be able to resolve these issues for me.
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It is exactly the same robot as the butterfly amicus and it seems to me that the application that is associated with the operation of the robot works perfectly well, the only thing that I did not like is the suitcase that comes with it to load the robot since it is a quite suitcase soft that is far from having the same specifications as the one delivered with the butterfly amicus robot. I can say this because I had both robots and now I have the Power Pong 5000
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This is one of the best robot out there and the support is great from the seller.
I got phone call from the inventor on Christmas day to make sure that everything works fine. The fact that I can have my cell phone to store my program and my wife can have hers program on her ipad, make this intuitive app that control the robot even more useful. The fact that this robot have a physical controller as well make it even more reliable. The ball throw is very human like and enable me to practice at home a lot more.
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Very good robot, easy to set up and I love how easy it is to connect to my phone and using the app to control the drills.
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I have had this robot for a little over a month and it has worked excellent. Is able to throw any ball and ball combination I have wanted to practice with. Very easy to use, very easy to take on and off the table if you want switch between using the table for games and then practice. Also it is light, compact and very portable if you want to set it up on different tables. I don't see this typically discussed when choosing a robot. Finally, if choosing between the Amicus prime and the power pong 5000, I would say save the money and buy the power pong. There was a substantial cost difference when I purchased the robot. Robot head is identical. You don't get the tablet that the prime comes with, but get a similar easy to use graphical interface with the app. The hardwired controller is really an advantage. It is easy to program and ALWAYS works, unlike wireless connections. Overall this was an excellent purchase, my game has improved noticeably in only 1 month. Megaspin was excellent to purchase from.
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