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5 Reviews for Power Pong Omega (Old model)

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This is definitely a top-of-the-line robot, and much more powerful than ones I've used in the past. The pre-set drills are really useful, and the ability to customize them makes the robot limitless, and gives pro-level training capabilities. It's a 3-headed robot so it can even do no-spin balls, with 1-head robots can't do (on 1-head robots, the speed+spin are linked, so you can only do fast+spinny balls or slow+less-spinny balls, not fast+no-spin). It can also serve short and low, which many robots can't do. So it basically can mimic all the real-life balls that you need.

The mobile app is easy to use when setting up the drills, or starting and stopping the robot. It has a small remote (keychain-sized) as well, which I hold in my other hand with training. The only thing is I wish they'd combine the "Start" and "Stop" buttons into one instead of separate buttons. The Bluetooth connection is really reliable so I haven't had any disconnection issues.

Note, you may need to "calibrate" the robot when you first receive it, since it can perform differently based on air pressure, humidity and altitude, so don't be alarmed when it doesn't shoot the intended spot out of the box. Once calibrated, it will simply apply a universal correction to all existing drills so it will land in the intended spot. If I were to add any improvements to it, I'd make the catch net looser so that any powerful shots

Disclaimer, I sell these robots, and they're great! It's a world-class machine made in Hungary.
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- Shipped quickly with easy setup
- Customer service was very helpful whenever I had questions.
- Spins are very lifelike
- Speeds and Accuracy are very consistent
- NEVER any mechanical problems
- Great for all levels- Rec to Pro
- Great investment for your mental and physical health
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Great buy for the Money….
Like having a mechanical coach.
Have had over three years. No mechanical problems ever.
And AWESOME Customer service!!!!
I highly recommend this for all levels.
Creates realistic and variable spins,speeds and location
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Great workout mentally and physically.
Due to its versatility in speed, spin and location, I have been able to adapt the programs to be helpful and fun as I have improved.
I have had it for 3 years. No quality issues at all.!
I broke a part, emailed company, talked with owner and was sent replacement same day!
Whenever I have had any questions, the customer service has been outstanding!
Well worth the investment. I purchased it to help recover from a brain injury…. and was at a rec level rating, and am now 1800 level after 3 years of consistent training. Great for all levels- Novice through High Level.
Thank You!
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Best practice robot, not cheap but worth every single penny, does everything advertise.
Build quality is good. App is easy to use an very intuitive and user friendly you can change any exercise ball placement trajectory and spin fairly easy.
Reason for me for not giving full 5 star is the initial issue I had to connect Android devices including the tabled provided with the robot.
Issue was that in order to be able to connect to the robot you must enable both location and Bluetooth. Which is weird why would they need to know your location? Anyways ones both services were enable Android devices were easy to pair and connect to the robot.
By the way the online quick start guide and the online manual never say you must have location enable.
Reason why it took me a while to figure out what was the reason I couldn't connect to my robot.
Other than that all works as it supposed to.
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