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Reviews for JOOLA Rossi Competition Set with Free Case (2)

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Racket itself, I'd give it a 7/10 for its value. Although its ratings say its spin is 10/10, I'd give it more of a 8 compared to other rackets I've played with such as Banda, Killerspin, or Butterfly. It's quick and slightly head heavy so it's good for offensive play but overall nothing that impressive. I've bought better paddles for the same price. If you have a choice, spend your $50 elsewhere such as a Butterfly or something.

The reason why I docked another star was because of false advertisement on shipping speeds. When I was checking out, it said 2-3 days via USPS priority mail. I placed my order on Saturday hoping it would come by the following Friday before the weekend. Nope. It came on Tuesday. That was literally the main reason, I bought from this site. I had a recreational tournament I needed the new paddle for on Sunday but because it came so late via UPS Ground, I couldn't even use it. Extremely disappointed with this site and not coming here to buy again. I am bitter because of that.

Anyways long story short, racket is pretty good for its price but you can probably find a better one if you tried. Otherwise, not bad. Lastly, don't trust this site's estimated shipping time and method because its a lie. It's UPS ground and it's slow.
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Hard to give a rating at this point (had to put something down so I chose 7.5/10). I'm a beginner to the game and this is my first 'good' racket.

The main purpose of this review is to give the specs on it as there aren't any available on any websites.

Rosskopft Competition
SPEED: 9.5
SPIN: 10

Comes with SMART rubber which has great ratings also.

Initial review: I was able to adapt very quickly to this comfortable racket.

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