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XIOM Vega Asia

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• Higher Success rate with "Big Window" over the net.
• New Black Carbo-sponge to generate more power.
• Longer lifetime and durability of the rubber.

Vega Asia construction aims at speed performance for offensive players on the platform of spin-innovation Hyper Elasto. Deeper ball-dragging at the surface for spin and fast repulsion from the matching sponge for speed are superbly balanced. Higher ball-trajectory opens the larger safe-zone (big window) over the net. New black Carbo-Sponge maximized the internal efficiency to generate additional energy onto the ball. More Spin rotations also compensate the speed against air resistance. Resilient tensile structure improves the lifetime of rubber by 30-50%.

Speed: 130
Spin: 100
Hardness: Hard 47.5 degrees

For extreme spin, try Xiom Vega Pro.
For more control, try Xiom Vega Europe.
For extreme control, try Xiom Vega Elite.

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Reviews of XIOM Vega Asia (23)

It is suitable for a speed-based game. Shots are direct and feeling is crisp. Longer pimple structure wobbles a bit. But once I get used to it, punch shots and flat hits are powerful. It is not that heavy. Spins are ok, making it good for defensive blocks too.
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I bought this rubber for about $22 in a deal from aliexpress and using it for almost 3 months so far on forehand. As I've used Xiom vega Europe on Forehand for a long time, I'm comparing the stats of the Asia directly with the Euro. Here is my short review from mytabletennis site-

Been playing with Xiom Vega Asia since a week now on my DHS 301. It has a crisp sound, grabs the ball enough and does play semi-similar to Chinese rubbers. Requires effort to lift underspin balls and with its low throw, not as easy as Xiom Vega Europe. Doesn't feel bouncy as long as you don't engage the sponge on pushes, vice versa on strong loops which spins the ball like crazy. Flat hits are not forgiving, so don't go with a balsa blade setup with this rubber. You'd need an all round blade for sure. On Backhand, you need to close the blade enough to create a spinny arc. Far from the table play is much better than Xiom vega europe as there is more speed and blocks the ball well with out much reacting to the incoming spin. Given these properties, It would definitely grow on someone who wants to advance their game to next level.
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This rubber works very well with my balsa blade. I love it!
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I feel that this rubber is extremely underrated. I bought this rubber for my backhand in MAX (red version). First of all the most significant difference from Vega Europe was the speed and throw angle. I felt that this was the perfect backhand rubber for me due to its capability of flicking serves and returning topspin with ease. Compared to vega Europe, it is also slightly heavier and MUCH MUCH MORE DURABLE. The Vega Europe usually chips all around the side (probably because it is softer about 5 degrees compared to Asia) but Vega Asia never chips off. However Vega Europe does have more speed and control. All in all Vega Asia is the best for value, and the best performing rubber in the VEGA series.
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Surprisingly good for BH. Not very fast for plastic ball, speed is above average. The pimple strucuture is not as dense as Vegag Pro/ Tenergy 05, so the weight is significantly reduced, and much easier to "catch" the ball at by the softer topsheet. Therefore it's easier to spin the ball, but not as spinny as Vega Pro or Ternergy 05.

Blocking is very good, low sensitivity to incoming spin, very easy to do BH flick, very easy to block strong lop drive. I wish I know this rubber earlier, can save tons of money for something such as Tenergy 64.
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