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Tibhar Evolution MX-S

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This spin-oriented dynamic version possesses a much longer bat/ball contact time thanks to the especially developed pimple geometry of the rubber surface. For each player who thanks to a more physical action (acceleration arm/wrist) can activate the enormous potential of the MX-S: at the table or at half distance, this rubber will realize an even performance. EVOLUTION MX-S: chosen by most TIBHAR Bundesliga and National Players!

Speed: 97
Spin: 99
Control: 67
Hardness: 46.7

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Reviews of Tibhar Evolution MX-S (60)

very similar to the MX-P a little bit less speed and a little bit more spin great for forehand topspin because its very fast but still has extremely high amounts of spin very good for serving
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thickness: 2.0
blade: andro treiber k off

blocking: 10/10, very controlled, not sensitive to rotation

topspin: 10/10, very good spin, the ball goes exactly where you want it, very good power

serves: 9/10, they're good but could be a little better

distance from the table:
you can play close to the table, at half distance and away from the table, it's great to play in any zone

pickup: 9/10, forehand flick could be a little better

orientation: this is the lining for players with good technique. If you have a good technique and your hit is not "random" - you can use this rubber

rubber may seem strange at first, but don't get discouraged, you will get used to it over time

on the slow blade it may be a bit too slow, but on the fast blade I recommend it
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Great mix for spinny loopers and those who like to counter as well. Serves and receives are great. Blocking is cake and flipping/opening are easy. Great to loop with, great to chop with and just about everything is prefect except for two things. 1. Weight 2. Re-gluing makes it shrink like 2 millimeters. Very stretched but controlled rubber. You have to work but it pays dividends.
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Hello here is my first review for MX-S rubbers , got two sheets of them with maximum 2.1 mm sponge attached them on my old stratus powerwood blade, considering that i upgrades from softer rubbers ( andro rasant bh, dhs hurricane 8 mid-hard) first of all, after the first hold and first few balls i found that the blade is really heavier than before, stratus PW notorious for head heavy, and also mx-s are one of the heaviest! giving the whole combo good power when playing with good technique and fast full movement, the main problem till now is that i am not finding myself well yet, i dont have the same control as before for BH, MX-S is not forgiving at all, u should play very good technique to get sth from this rubber, till now i can't generate that enormous spin that i heard about, the spin i generate is good , almost like the one with DHS or fastarc G-1 , but it is harder to obtain that amount, i didn't find mx-s as very fast rubber, it is just speed enough when u play good technique, if you play passively this rubber is almost dead, noting that i am using all-wood 5 plies blade.. the best thing so far with this rubber is the serve recieve and small touches.. it's so controllable with good feeling to place the ball in desired spot while keeping it short.. i played for 4 sessions till know, the rubber needs to be cleaned to maintain its grip quality, i think i need to develop my physical skills to fit this rubber more.. and hope i will decode its secrets with more training sessions.
still not fan of it,
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This is more durable, forgiving and spinner than an mxp, but if you are looking for good spin and control, mxs probably should be the third option in the $40-$60 range, after *donic bluefire m3* ( which is insane control and spin even for backhand far away from the table) & razka 7 ( similar more durable ).... Good BH option
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