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Tibhar Evolution EL-P

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Evolution EL-P from TIBHAR is the most elastic rubber of the Evolution rubber series. EL-P with its medium sponge perfectly fits in between the harder MX-P and the softer FX-P. The selected pimple geometry of the elastic EL-P does not even come close to the other Evolution versions in terms of Spin and speed. Very precise and powerful strokes can be realised at half distance or at the table. Evolution EL-P: chosen by most of the Topspin players for whom the MX version is too hard and the FX version too soft, however putting the emphasis on rotation and power!

PRO-TENSION rubber surface is grippy and rich in spin, with perfect elasticity and stability.

RED POWER SPONGE is bright red, open porous, and spectacular. Adapts perfectly to the situation.

Speed: 96
Spin: 97
Control: 67
Hardness: 43.4

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Reviews of Tibhar Evolution EL-P (31)

I was used to the old SINUS. Which I really liked for the crisp sound and the sudden popping outs of the ball in short speedy strokes. I was looking for similar ones but came to the wrong one. Speed-wise this one is not coming near to SINUS. Should have checked the Sponge Hardness first and compared it with SINUS. Anyway as it has been glued on my Tibhar H-1-9 already I kept using it now for 2 weeks and my impression is that except for the speed this Rubber is pretty fine!!! It has a great amount of bites and the arc is beautiful in loopings. Much easier to control balls. I decided to keep this rubber for my exercises with my coach. It needs a perfect stroke to make balls speed up which improves my stroking forms. This rubber is not for me for games though. Just bought another racket Nittaku Holz Sieben and glued Aurus Prime which in specs looks more like SINUS. Will do some shots next week. Hope I made the right blade for the Games.
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9.6/10 for OFF style. FH: Donic Bluefire JP 01 Turbo, 2.1mm, 51g (0.25g/cm^2), 50 degrees (ESN), 38.5 degrees (Shore A). BH: Tibhar Evolution EL-P, 2.15mm, 50g (0.244g/cm^2), 43.5 degrees (ESN), 35 degrees (Shore A). Blade: TSP Balsa 8.5, 80g, 157mm x 150mm x 10.5mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (3 Wood + 2 Composite): Ayous - GlassFibre - Balsa - GlassFibre - Ayous.
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Paired this rubber (Max) on a Joola Rosskopf Emotion blade on both sides and the speed is there when you need it and the spin is very nice along with nice feel and touch with good control. Blocking and ball placement comes easy. Very nice setup.
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Amazing control and is able to release powerful and spinny strokes
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Tested on forehand of my XIOM Offensive S in MAX sponge. Plays like a slightly softer version of Vega Pro, or possibly like T05-FX but with greater control. Really nice rubber that definitely sits perfectly between FX-P and MX-P. Good control, fast, with no lack of spin. I had no issues in short game, or further back from the table, however I wouldn't recommend for anyone looking to hone technique that's just starting out.
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Top control in 1.7m. Very good bh rubber
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i have been using this rubber for last three months.i feel what makes this rubber amazing is the amount of control it provides with a good amount of speed and spin.the only disadvantage of this rubber is it is little bit heavy(i dont really have a problem with that).if u feel that the mxp is quite fast and uncontrollable and fxp and fxs quite slow then this rubber will be a great choice for you.
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EL-P and MX-P has been my main go-to rubber for a while until I moved onto Rasanter R47 then to Goldarc 8 that I currently use. EL-P has a great feel when playing. It's not bouncy, it's got great control, and creates tremendous amount of spin. when looping or driving it gives you a distinct "chewy," for lack of a better term, feel. You can really feel the rubber grab the ball and dig into the sponge then catapulting it towards your opponent. Any all round attacker would love this rubber. However if you want more power and speed, I'd go for MX-P as EL-P lacks a little bit in that department. In terms of durability, the top sheet last a long time but the sponge doesn't. You'll feel it in 2~3 weeks of use just like MX-P. If you use it regularly I'd say it's got 6~8 weeks of lifespan.
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This is a very versatille rubber. It does a but from everithing. Speed is decent, spin is good, control is above average, but it does not excel in anything. For me it is a solid backhand rubber. The bad things about it is the weight (it's heavy) and the durability (factory boosted). All in all, a good allround rubber.
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Its a fast rubber.
Not very spinny or controllable, but rather it is exactly like tibhar present it. Meant for direct speed.
But for a backhand softsponge rubber it is ludicrously heavy, sometimes lets balls slip, and is not durable enough. So I never bothered with a second one and bought several sheets of palio ak47 blue for the same money.
The evolution series have a disturbing tendency to break apart and fray at the edges so beware.
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Good: good spin, speed, medium shot angle, excellent build quality. I do not like it: very high weight, equal or more than the Chinese rubber despite having a medium hard sponge, it is too much, I do not recommend it if your wood weighs more than 87 grams. Update, use it in FH, it was difficult to make loop and topspin, it is very linear, looping several balls flew off the table with a slight touch, and in strong topspin many touch the net, it is better for BH because of its medium throw and top speed, I had some balls that slipped on the rubber in loop, good in blocking.
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Very good proffesional rubber. Good job Tibhar. an alternative for Tenergy 05 fx...and magnificent sound in topspin strokes!
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The Tibhar Evolution EL-P feels quite soft to the touch softer than MX-S, MX-P, and the EL-S rubbers, and more similar to Andros Rasant Grip. For a ~43-degrees rubber, it is quite heavy weighing 48 grams when cut to the 157 x 150 mm test blade. This puts it within one gram of the MX-P, Nittakus Fastarc G-1, and Xioms Omega V Euro and Pro rubbers. The first couple of FH drives quickly revealed that the EL-P is a level slower than the MX-rubbers and marginally slower than the EL-S, although shots played with greater arm acceleration seem to activate a prominent catapult giving the impression of high speed.
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I have 2 months using Evolutiom EL-P is a product of excellent quality, at first I had my doubts, because I come to use TENERGY 05 in the Backhand. And the truth I do not regret at all.
SPIN: Muchisimo especially in the type of technique, is perceived as the ball accelerates on the court opposing putting very difficult opponent to return the ball underspins both topspin and situations.
BLOCK: Wonderful, control comes out this time, you can place the ball where you want taking care of the angle of the racquet, you can make passive blocks or punch blocks very easily.
SPEED: it seems to me a quick rubber maybe a little less or almost like TENERGY 05
Topspin: As much SPIN comment before puts everything depends on the technique, I am using the backhand and I have good wrist movement and feel that thanks to the mixture control with SPiN my attacks have greatly improved. You want to make a soft attack with much spin or a strong attack or Smash. with this rubber you will not have any problem with that.
CONTROL: This section rubber seemed to me better than TENERGY 05 and the 64 to the speed and spin that is, control is high, very high.
SERVES: As I said before the rubber has a lot SPIN, but sometimes I feel that it is very bouncy in Serves, one thing is certain they are going to spin a lot.
THROW ANGLE: Many people say it is medium high, medium and for me it often seems a bit linear when I want to give great strength to blow, nothing a technical adjustment can not fix.

A rubber highly recommended good speed, excellent control, precise blocks, attacks with much spin, spin in Serves much. and especially all for a great price
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A solid rubber, but I think there are better options out there. Does not have one overpowering characteristic, but has plenty of speed and spin. Not the most controllable rubber out there. Main point of comparison is Tenergy 05 FX. It has a softer topsheet than T05FX, but a harder sponge. Less spin and control than T05FX, but probably more top end speed. Also has less grip, there are times on counterloops when I felt the ball slip, this happened much more frequently than with T05FX. A little on the heavier side, an uncut black max sheet was 70g.
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Hi All!

I had the opportunity to play with this rubber for more than six months now, usually 8 hours a week including routine training, free play and competitive events. I used it on two blades Donic Waldner World Champion '89 and Butterfly Liu Shiwen on my BH (MX-P on FH). I tried the rubber unboosted and boosted too.

First of all the tubber has a nice faint red small pored sponge that is medium hard. The topsheet feels grippy but not tacky. The rubber has a medium throw with a tempo, but the dwell time is very nice. I would love to say that it is comparable to the Donic Bluefire M2 rubber. To compare them I must say, that EL-P is a tad faster, less dwell, lifts less, bit more harsh and lower delltime. To compare it to the Butterfly Tenergy 64 I can clearly say, that T64 has a bit more control and a softer feel, yet the speed is the same. This feeling is due to the EL-P-s harder topsheet maybe. To clarify the scale of these differences, that I highlighted, they don't really matter if you are playing a spin oriented attacking game. When it comes down to passive play and fine touching the ball M2 behaves the most forgiving, while EL-P is the less forgiving, but to point it out again if you hit your balls with average technique these differences will not matter.

Blade selection is an important factor for a rubber and vica-versa. EL-P is working fine on flexible blades like Liu Shiwen and does not feel mushy on stiff blades like Waldner World Champ '89.

When we speak of durability, my etalon is MX-P and older sheets (2010) of Tenergy 05-s. With this routine I mentioned I could play a year and a half with occasional re-boostering the sheets happily and effectively. Well EL-P wears off a tad faster, when the top layer of the rubber sheet gets used. This time some boosting has to be done, and at the same time the rubber surface most be given a thin layer of oil, to regain some grip. After treatment the sheet is ready to go for 2-3 months.
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I respectfully disagree with those who feel that this rubber lacks spin. I just switched to this from the acuda p2 (no slouch in the spin department), and my coach commented on the impressive spin i was getting with this rubber on my bh. At the same time, this rubber seems very forgiving, especially since it is rather speedy. It is just on the soft side of medium, but noticeably firmer than fx-p rubber (which was too mushy for ny taste). It is very good at pushes and sevice returns, as it is forgiving for an offensive rubber. I like the acuda p2 a lot. However, i am going to stick with this rubber because it has a less flat ball arc, which makes it better for looping underspin. Finally, el-p is good both close and at distance
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Using it as a replacement for P7 on my BH. Works great does a good job with blocks, pushing,lifting BS and puts a decent spin on the ball.
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Near to T80 but better controled in short game. Great BH Rubber for a fair price.
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sponge hardness between T05 and T05fx,
less speed than T05 and T05fx,
less spin than T05 and T05fx,
more control than T05 and T05fx,
less sensitive to spin than T05 and T05fx,,
after playing mxp my expectations were bigger
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I used this rubber for bh and its feels very comfortable here.
I can block against loops and smashes more easily than with the t05 I previously used for bh.
(Btw I just DIDN'T KNOW that t05 is actually for FH and I know it NOW)
Strong smashs can also easily be made.
Control is very good here.
Excellent rubber!!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

After playing with tenergy,05,05-fx,80,andro rasant,rasant grip,donic bluefire jp 01 turbo I need to say this rubber is great in anything you want to play,spin,smash,block,push-is just awesome.I have no a clue why evolution el-p is not one of the most popular rubbers on the market.switching from tenergy 05 to el-p I was worring about counter loops as tenergy has very high through angle is very easy to counter loop but I did not like blocking close to the table as too many times ball goes over the table(it is probably my leak of technic)but with el-p it's much safer;counterloops are still easy.Definately recommended for attacking players who wants to play with good control
Review helpful?    Yes | No

You can say that all your need from the rubber are covered by this rubber. Spin is awesome, you can control your desired speed from very soft but when you hit fast, it's like lightning speed. I use this rubber on FH of Nittaku Barwell fleet and overall feel is good from blocking, chop, topspin, serve. I'm not saying this rubber is the best in the world but it fit with my playing the most.
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Really an equilibrated rubber !!!
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good rubber
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Less spin, control and angle than FXP I use on my BH, but excellent to play at mid distance and counter loops. Spin and angle equivalent to Barracuda but with a little more control and speed. My prefered FH rubber.
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this is probably the best rubber i've ever played with, including bryce, bryce fx, the whole pallet of srivers, tenergy... perfect control, speed and very good amount of spin. soft enough to work well with harder woods like primorac carbon off+, without losing control
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Excellent rubber, perfect on block
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Excellent rubber, with Tensor.
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Outstanding rubber, a unexpected surprise. Tihbar makes excellent rubbers, as good as any brand in the market.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

I bought this after I read everything about Evo rubbers in the net. My expectations were bigger. This rubber need much more power to create good spin than others and it's exhausting. T05 clone as some say ??? NO WAY. After 2 hours of testing of all shots I took again T05 for comparison. Oh man what a difference. T05 is much MUCH better. It's like a beast against puppy. You start to enjoy again the rotation, power and the massive arcs with the same movements. But EL-P can teach you to brush hard the ball. Otherwise you can't create good spin. Xiom sigma euro has more spin than this too.
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