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9 Reviews for Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo - Blue Sponge

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I'll compare this rubber in max thickness of 2.0 mm to the DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial 40 degrees. Actually, the difference is valid for non-Neo versions, National versions and 41 degree as well.

The major differences are:
1. Sponge hardness. Nittaku version is waaay softer than the H3. Of course, after a short 5 hour break in;
2. Speed. Nittaku version is significantly faster than the H3 (including the boosted H3 versions).

These two differences make Nittaku unsuitable for powerlooping or for finishing topspins, especially when used on a hard blade. Hard strokes easily squeeze the sponge and the blade wood kcks in, and what is intended to be a loop becomes more of a flat hit. I simply have no control in these elements and my loops go either too long or into the net.

Fortunately, I find it to be an excellent rubber for the backhand side, due to a very good tackiness and spin (allows lifting backspins) and good speed when I need it: it is much slower than, say, Tenergy 5, in the passive game and fast on more active counter-spins. In addition, it has a good block and I am able to counter-spin with a typical tacky rubber spin, and to hard-block with almost no spin, as if I was using a medium or a soft-ish euro/jap rubber, like Tenergy 05 FX.

Overall, I do not recommend it for the forehand, but I do recommend it for the backhand.

BTW, The cut sheet (to a size of a typical Butterfly blade like Viscaria) weighs 53 grams, opposed to 45 - 49 grams for various versions (including boosted and unboosted) of DHS Hurricane 3.
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A very hard, tacky rubber that is extremely spinny. Best for players familiar with Chinese rubbers as much of the technique required to loop the ball involves brushing the ball to allow the tacky top-sheet grip the ball. This rubber is HEAVY and is great for those looking to add weight to their racket. I just bought another sheet (have used the first sheet for over a year) to go with my new Nittaku Acoustic Carbon. This rubber is definitely best used for the forehand, as it isn't the fastest of rubbers and requires the power of the forehand to impart the speed and spin for a good power loop.
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I wait too long to try this rubber, should have tried it before. What a great rubber it is! But keep in mind it is a 100% chinese-type rubber. There is no tension in sponge, no catapult on impact, no easy power when looping. That said, the NHP3TB is faster then regular Hurricane 3 Neo, both unglued. And way heavier and harder. A friend of mine said it reminds old Tackifire Special, the hardest rubber ever released. So it does not go well with every blade. Stiff carbon blades are not the best match for it, it must be a slightly flexible blade. For example, I glued it on a Zhang Jike ZLC, the setup was like a brick, very hard to control and to input spin to the ball. So, dont even think about Primorac Carbon or Ovtcharov Carbospeed if you want to try this rubber. Ok, later I changed it to a Timo Boll ALC and it became much easier (and fun) to play. With a setup like this the Turbo Blue shines. Opening topspins go with ease and loops are very fast. When loops are properly executed ball bounces very low after touching the table. You dont get this kind of shot with any ESN rubber, only with chinese ones. As said before, this rubber is heavy and requires a full arm swing to generate speed. But if you can deal with it the reward is huge and will put a smile on your face. I give it a 9/10 due to the insane weight, probably the heaviest rubber Ive tried so far, and the price, it is almost twice the price of regular Hurricane 3 Neo.
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Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Blue sponge is a very high quality rubber that features spin and many gears typical of a Chinese rubber. This rubber is very hard and needs to be boosted with 3-4 thin layers before the elasticity of the sponge comes out - otherwise it feels like hitting with glass. This rubber is also extremely heavy. There was a 13 gram difference between H3 2.15mm Neo Provincial 39 degrees and NH3TB 2.0mm cut to a DHS HL3. This rubber is great for serve receive and looping and generates a tremendous amount of spin - more than Tenergy. This rubber has a very pronounced kick off the table when looping and generates a trajectory this is difficult to play against. This rubber requires full commitment to the shot. Due to it's hardness it is very unforgiving and it will immediately let you know you did something wrong. Given the hardness this rubber it provides a lot of power but will only give you that power if you generate it. This rubber will do what you tell it to do as long as you do it right and it will reward you with shots that are very difficult for opponents to deal with.
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soy jugador en la liga colombiana y mi profesor desde hace algun tiempo me lo recomendo no lo queria porque yo ya estaba acostumbrado desde los 9 aos a jugar con cauchos rapidos pero me impresion
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Tried it on Yinhe V-14 Pro blade, Nittaku Fastarc G1 on the BH. (197 gr! too heavy for me)
I agree with lazylegs. It is an amazing rubber for PRO players... if you like chinese rubbers and use to play with H3 Neo comercial, Yinhe Jupiter II, Big Dipper and so on, you can try this, but keep in mind this is way heavier: 59 gr, and way harder! so you will need a very good technique, being fit and many weeks to get use to it. Now I cant do it, I will try in the future. If you are a begginer, forget about it.
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This is a hybrid rubber with Chinese top sheet and Japanese sponge, but if you don't like regular Chinese hurricane then stay away from this also. It is even harder and heavier than regular hurricane. The spin on services is mind-blowing: stronger than other hurricanes, tenergies and esn rubbers. You can win many points on services against lower level players. The speed is initially slow because the ball easily sticks to the surface, but once you break through the tackiness you can see that the top gear is very fast. It is faster than regular hurricanes, even boosted hurricanes. I think this is because of the hardness. Many rubbers are becoming harder these days because 40+ balls have less spin. This is a trend we are seeing now. If you are playing with regular hurricane now and want to try harder rubber then try this. If you find it too hard then you can try the orange version, which is almost the same with a bit less speed and spin in the top gear. If you are just starting to play table tennis then this will be too hard to use. Regular hurricane is easier to use if you want to play Chinese style. If you know what you are doing then you can boost this rubber for even more outrageous loops, but be careful to not overboost it because the top sheet can peel away from the sponge if you do it wrong. If you don't need the extreme speed of the super thick sponge then you can try using the thick sponge or even the middle sponge if you like to chop. This rubber can work with pips on the backhand because pips are lighter. If you use heavy inverted rubber on the backhand then I recommend using the lightest blade you can find.
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9.8/10 for ALL style. FH: Nittaku H3 Pro Turbo Blue, 1.8mm, 57g (0.275g/cm^2), 50 degrees (Nittaku), 43 degrees (Shore A). BH: Nittaku H3 Pro Turbo Orange, 1.8mm, 54g (0.263g/cm^2), 45 degrees (Nittaku), 41 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Stiga Allround Classic WRB, 65g, 158mm x 151mm x 5.3mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Hollow handle. Plies: 5 (Wood): Limba - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Limba.
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Better than the red. Keep up the good work Nittaku!
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