Sanwei Pro V5

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Our notes:
• One of the most promising blades in the market at a very low cost.
• The blade feels like a cross between a Clipper wood and a Nittaku Violin. It is faster than both blades mentioned, but has less vibration and a better feel on ball impacts.
• The newly improved handle is one of the most ergonomic handles on the market.
• Among all-wood Sanwei blades, this seems to be their most promising.

This blade is factory-sealed so blade sealing is not required.

Maintaining the outstanding performance of the original V5, the new V5 surface is made of a hard Ash wood (like Nittaku Violin), which helps increase attacking speed. The original 3.3mm core is now 3.5mm, increasing power and elasticity. The preferred choice for quick attack and looping players. The special design of the handle is made using a brand new shaping production technique.

Quick Attack/Loop OFF

Ply: 7
Reaction: 130
Vibration: 105
1st Speed: 95
2nd Speed: 90
Speed: Fast
Impact: Mid
Weight: 90g

Head size : 259x150mm
Handle size: 101x35x24.5mm

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Reviews of Sanwei Pro V5 (13)

 External Review for Sanwei Pro V5 on March 22, 2019
Faster and stiffer than DHS PG 7. Good upgrade. Slightly flex but no uncomfortable vibrations. Works good with medium hard rubbers or short pips Very mistake forgiving. Straight handle is for bigger hands which I have. Sealed by factory.
Cheap with good finish. Definitely worth a try.
Imo the better choice to the f3 pro.
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 External Review for Sanwei Pro V5 on January 15, 2019
Wood incredibly beautiful, very comfortable handle, seems to me very fast.
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Review by zanelightning (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Pro V5 on January 11, 2019
Looping machine, can be hard to drive with non-boosted rubbers. DHS TG2 non boosted dropped into the net when driving on 90' racket facing. Very flexy when needed and stiff when smacking/hitting and gripping hard. Fast-Arc G1 on BH is great and may even be better on FH as I tried it a few times. Seems to need tensor or boosted rubbers to reduce expending three days of calories in three sets. Great looping but cannot drive loop very well. Dwelly, but fast and can spin like a beast, this gives up the option to smash or drive the ball faster unless you brush.
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 External Review for Sanwei Pro V5 on November 5, 2018
I was quite pleasantly surprised with this purchase. This is probably overall the best blade you can get from this company. The vibration feedback is amazing and the speed and flex is also terrific. It kind of reminds me of how the Nittaku Flyatt Carbon plays. Both are great choices for spin oriented players.
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 External Review for Sanwei Pro V5 on May 4, 2018
Very solid Off- blade with a medium touch and a medium high throw angle. The V5Pro got 5 ayous inner plys and ash as outer plys. That's why the gameplay is similar to clipper or pg7. Because of the outer ash plys there are no distracting vibrations. In short to short it plays soft but when it comes to looping or smashing you feel the hardness the speed comes from. Blocking is easy .This blade is for variable loopers from over the table to mid distance. I play it with target provincial and national wich works amazing.
At last the blade has a good finish and is definitely worth a try for the money.
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Review by papifred (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Pro V5 on February 23, 2018
Great Blade. Not in the heavy side. Not too soft, not too hard. Mixed with Andro Rasant 2.1 FH Red, Bluefire M2 2.0 Black. Great combination. Very controllable and fast at the same time. With this rubber combination is easy to dominate and adapt. Pushes and chops are amazing. Recommended Blade. Do not hesitate. Price super Great for the Quality.
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Review by gld_king (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Pro V5 on February 2, 2017
Wow what a great blade for the money. Used Sanwei Target National on forehand Sanwei A+ Unsticky on backhand. This combo produced a nice balanced paddle with a good bit of control.
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Review by dilip456 (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Pro V5 on January 7, 2017
This blade is simply amazing. I have used this with Donic Acuda S1 Turbo and Donic bluefire M1. Played both close to table, tried blocking, away from rhe table, used strong and heavy loops. I found it just awesome. Gives terrific speed as well great spin with still very good control. Found bluefire side better than Acuda side due better feel and response. Control also was better on that side. Probably I need to practice more on Acuda side which I started doing now. played for more than 4 months now. Strongly recommend this blade.
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Review by themaker (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Pro V5 on January 3, 2017
To give a little context, I'm a USATT 2000+ rated 2 wing controlled looping oriented player. I play using Chinese rubber on forehand and Tibhar MX-P on backhand.
The blade finish is superb; minimal sanding was necessary on the wings. The flared handle is a little small for me, but I have big hands. This blade is fast for a wood blade; 7 plies ensure enough power from close to the table to mid distance. With tensor rubbers it could be good from far away. I was amazed at the amount of control this blade offers, not just juxtaposed to its power but in general. In a pinch, out of position recoveries, or with reflexive blocks the Pro V5 unexpectedly got the ball back on the table most of the time.
The blade has some flex so looping is good but it excels at loop drives as the blade's stiffness decreases dwell time. This also makes the Pro V5 excel in passive and active blocking, though active is much better. Giving a little bit of a forward motion during blocking was incredibly consistent, regardless of the amount of incoming topspin. This was a great benefit. Short game was very controllable and the medium throw made pushing and flicks fairly easy.
The Pro V5 has a high pitched, almost carbon ping on impact and feels a little (noticeable but not bad) hollow feeling. Despite this, it still feels fairly solid and you get good feedback with every hit. Lastly, the Pro V5 demands good technique to be most effective and it is marginally-at-best forgiving of imprecise strokes. It's definitely not a blade for beginners. Given that, the Pro V5 is one of the best wood blades I've ever played with (I'm an EJ with 13 year's experience). Bottom line: it's got 5 ply control with almost composite power. The Sanwei Pro V5 is a quality blade that plays like more expensive counterparts from Europe or Japan. Especially at less than $50, it's definitely worth a go.
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Review by jchu16 (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Pro V5 on September 2, 2016
I really enjoyed my experienced with Sanwei product. Though they are inexpensive, all their blades and rubbers are quality products and well-made.
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Review by jhs57454 (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Pro V5 on September 1, 2016
This blade has nice build quality. Flared handle is very comfortable with smooth finish. Great control and good speed for all-wood blade. Goes well with Chinese rubbers.
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Review by jchu16 (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Pro V5 on September 1, 2016
Though it was made by Sanwei, in my opinion, i think this is a well produced, low-budget blade that's very good for intro level players. If you want to compare, you can think this is very similar to Violin.
I paired with Sanwei Target(not national), and 729fx friendship. They work well, but a bit lack of attack power when comes to loop attack. If megaspin can give me a discount on butterfly, i would like to try it with tenergy 05 and 64.

But overall, good blade for intro player.

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Review by donlawrence19 (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Pro V5 on June 4, 2016
this blade is lightning fast! It's the fastest I've used, faster than the Butterfly Primorac Carbon Off + ....... way faster than my other carbon blades...... I don't feel likes it helps to have a blade this fast, but it doesn't hurt either! I'm sure that will depend on your game however, so if you have that kind of need for speed, this will definitely give you the right answer, for sure, and the price is a just a game ender (butterfly primorac is > $100), I have it paired with the softer Mark V called GPS right now but I think I can do a lot more with it...... definitely will be fun to see how different combinations work
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