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Power Pong 3001

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New model available
Power Pong 3001 has been replaced by Power Pong Delta.

Power Pong 3000 is 3-wheel head robot similar to Power Pong 5000 but without Bluetooth app-control. Feature-packed and excellent value. It is upgradable to Power Pong 5000 for wireless technology. Power Pong claims it generates more spin that other manufacturers' robots in the same price range.

Catch net to recycle balls for continuous play.
100 Power Pong 3-star balls
Mini remote control to start/stop robot and change ball frequency (the size of a car fob to keep in your pocket while playing)
Megaspin Warranty Plus - our own additional support to help with any warranty claim.

The Power Pong 3001 ball machine has stronger motors than previous models and 99 memory slots, You may save different types of drills in each memory slot. Each drill may include simple or highly advanced drills with no spin, underspin, sidespin and topspin combinations. This is also one of the few designs with 10 Cluster memory slots, and able to store and play up to 33 different types of drills in each cluster. You may play these drills one after the other or randomly giving the user real-time game experience.

A unique robot design for realistic play

By far the best innovation of the last few years in the area of table tennis ball machines is the affordable three-wheel design robot developed in Hungary. This company is the sole developer and manufacturer of this technology and also makes robots for a well-known table tennis brand. The factory is continuously working on upgrades, and these upgrades will be available to Power Pong models when available.

Comparing the three-wheel design with the one- or two-wheel designs of other manufacturers, the three-wheel design with its outstanding ball placement system is a superior solution for delivering realistic drills with different types of serves, different amounts of spin and speed combinations than the one- or two-wheel designs made by other companies.

What makes this design exceptional is the leading technology that turns the wheels quickly forward or backward, and increases or decreases the speed of the wheels in order to produce different types and different amounts of spin and speed combinations. It is able to deliver serves with different amounts of underspin, sidespin and topspin one after the other or randomly.

It produces much heavier topspin shots and underspin/sidespin serves than any other design on the market.


• Up to 8 balls with different type and amount of spin, speed, trajectory and placement can be set with each drills.
• Can produce a no-spin ball.
• Individual Frequency control
• Have a random (RND) mode/settings to make ball placement less robotic.
• 99 Memory slots for saving your favorite drills.
• 10 cluster memory slots
• Up to 33 saved drills can be placed in each cluster memory slots.
• Drills in cluster memory could be played one after the other or randomly. Each of these drills can start with different type of serves.
• Pre-programmed drills are included and can be changed or adjusted.
• Come with a ball recycling net for continuous play.
• Covered by our three-years parts and labor warranty.

Read more:
Advantages of a 3-wheel robot design

Control Box demo

PowerPong 3001 vs 5000

• The Power Pong 3001 is very similar to the Power Pong 5000, just without the ability to be controlled by the Power Pong app via Bluetooth technology. If you're happy to control your table tennis robot using a physical control box (rather than your phone/tablet) then the Power Pong 3001 is a great choice!
• It has a lot more memory space for storing drills than the Power Pong 2001 and can also create 8-ball drills. It will also enable you to create clusters of drills so that you can plan out your entire training session.
• The user-friendly control panel with the touch of a button makes it easy to increase or decrease the amount of speed, spin, and height of each shot and to set up combination drills suitable for both novice and high-level players.

Product Manual

A hard-copy product manual is not included by the manufacturer but you can find it below:

Download PDF Manual

About PowerPong

Power Pong robots are made in Hungary at a factory that makes robots for a well-known table tennis brand. Power Pong robots come with an excellent warranty and are supported by reliable US-based technical support service.

3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty  Power Pong offers 3 years parts and labor warranty and that includes a 1-day fix or replace service. In the very rare case when something would go wrong Power Pong will fix or replace your machine and send it back to you within 24 hours after receiving it. Warranty does not cover misuse of product.

10-Day Return Policy  Power Pong robots can be returned within 10 days, no questions asked. A restocking fee of 15% of the robot price will apply. Returned robots must be in the original package in clean resalable condition.

Parts  are guaranteed to be available within 5 years of purchase.

Power Pong Comparison Video

Power Pong Comparison Chart (2019 models)

  Power Pong 2001 Power Pong 3001 Power Pong 5000
Control methodsWired control boxWired control boxWired control box or IOS / Android device
ControlsBall Speed, Type & degree of Spin, Ball Trajectory & Ball PlacementBall Speed, Type & degree of Spin, Ball Trajectory & Ball PlacementBall Speed, Type & degree of Spin, Ball Trajectory & Ball Placement
ProgrammableYes, up to 6 ballsYes, up to 8 ballsYes, up to 8 balls
Memory CapacitySave up to 22 exercises, 6 balls per exerciseSave up to 99 exercises, 8 balls per exerciseAs many as your device can hold
Create drills directly on the appNoNoYes
Share drills with othersNoNoYes
Mirror drills for left handed playersNoNoYes
Set break times between drillsNoYesYes
Categorize drills with tagsNoNoYes
Suggest features and fixes directly to developersNoNoYes
Cluster Memory SlotsNoYou may place up to 33 pre saved drills into each cluster, and play it one after the other or randomly, creating a real time game experience.Yes
Pre-Programmed Drills122212
Random SettingsYesYesYes
RND" mode pitches balls randomly within a 20cm diameter of a set locationYesYesYes
RND" mode pitches balls randomly between two set locationsYesYesYes
Amount of spin in a scale of 1-100-50-100-10
Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) automatically adjusts time between two programmed balls based on previous ball typeYesYesNo
Individual Frequency Control (IFC) allows you to individually adjust time between two programmed balls based on previous ball typeNoYesYes
Fine Tune KnobNoNoNo
Silent ModeNoNoNo
Can Produce a 'No Spin' BallYesYesYes
Ball Recycling NetYesYesYes
Travel CaseNoNoNo
Balls IncludedYesYesYes
FREE Replacement MotorNoNoNo
Manufacturer Warranty3 years3 years3 years
Country of OriginHungaryHungaryHungary
  Power Pong 2001 Power Pong 3001 Power Pong 5000
  $997 $1,649 $1,699.95

Warranty Plus: Additional Warranty Support If Needed

Megaspin offers additional support to standard manufacturer policies, at no extra charge, to ensure that any warranty claim or product defect issue is resolved in the shortest time possible and to your maximum benefit. You can communicate with the manufacturer directly but if you are not happy and need our support team to step in, we will be there to help. See what others are saying.

Best Price Guarantee

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Reviews of Power Pong 3001 (3)

I purchased this robot after doing extensive research and online product reviews.

TLRD: This is an excellent robot with a steep learning curve.

The PowerPong 3001 robot is well packaged and well built. It is relatively easy to assemble and setup. It is disappointing that the simple manual is not included in the box. After a quick download of the PDF, I had it printed out.

Regarding setup, the table thickness matters. My table, an older Kettler outdoor table, has a thinner tabletop which required me to add 3/4" spacers to the swing out arms in order for the robot to be level/perpendicular to the table. The return netting is snug and at times, the velcro attachments come loose. I suspect this will stretch a bit over time and be fine.

My biggest complaint is the programming which is poorly explained in the documentation due to a very poor English translation. After requesting help from, I was directed to contact Attila directly. Attila responding quickly but simply directed me to his YouTube videos. I don't know about you but I respond better looking at a physical document rather than a video. I watched the video several times. I started making notes but ultimately transcribed the video and created my own personal user and setup guide. Finally I was starting to understand enough to be able to setup shots. A big miss for me was that the buttons 1 - 8 are shots (I thought they were quick memory selections). Also not well explained in the documentation is the relationship between the Trajectory, Speed and Spin settings. For example, for a given Trajectory, if you have a successful Underspin and Speed setting, changing the spin to a Top Spin would make the ball shoot past the end of the table. This typically meant lowering the speed setting in my case.

I am finally at a place where I feel I understand enough about setting up a shot sequence that I can program a simulated rally. I am still working through the basic memory setting although I think I have figured out the saving and recalling or memory. I have not yet begun with cluster memory.

I do not understand the difference in random settings in Type and Place and certainly do not understand the difference between RND and rnd. It seems I get the greatest variation of ball placement when both RND and rnd are lit.

Overall I am having a lot of fun with this robot. It is well built and should last a long time. I am only a recreational player and plan on using this partly for exercise. The manual/user guide needs a lot of help. In my spare time, I may try to create my own.

There are improvements I would make, some of which I suggested to Attila (no response). For example, I think there should be a mode for the Sample shot to only shoot one ball. Sample shots at rapid fire when trying to adjust settings is not helping me. Also, the Start/Stop button could be improved by providing a one cycle sequence. I may start a 60 second cycle after which I need to pick up the balls that didn't make it back to the collection net. Currently I need to press the Start/Stop twice once the cycle automatically completes to effectively stop the cycle.

Despite my issues, I have no regrets purchasing this robot. I see myself using it regularly. I'll get used to the quirks.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

great product but instruction manual need improvements
Review helpful?    Yes | No

The Power Pong 3000 was my 4th and I hope final robot purchase. So far I am pretty happy with it. it is basically the same as the Amicus Pro with some very minor differences. I have had it for about a month and it has been great. I love how I can program a drill with 3-4 different topspin balls all to the forehand side of the table. All with a slight difference in placement, speed and spin. I can then set the drill to random+RANDOM mode and it will vary the type of ball as well as the placement of each type of ball. The only thing missing from training with a real person is the fact that you do not see the movement of the bat and the impact with the ball.

It took a little bit to get used to how to program the drills, and the clusters of drills, but it is not too bad. I am very happy with this purchase. Mine came with 72 Nittaku J-Top balls, but no bag. I would rather have the balls then the bag.

Every once in a while the placement of the balls seems off. It will start to throw all of balls say, 2-3 feet to the left. A quick reboot resolves the problem. It does not happen very often. Once every 3-4 times that I use it.

I have tried the iPong V300 which worked barely ok. Had a number of issues with it and returned it. Then bought a Huipang JTA robot and that works well. It has limited features and the spin is not realistic (no looping ball flight, which is true of most robots) but for the price it works great.
Especially compared to the V300. I then tried the Robo-Pong 350Xl and I had too many issues with that. See my review on that robot for more details. So far, this has been the best of them all. I almost bought the new Amicus Prime, but with the bluetooth issues that I experienced with the Robo-Pong 350XL I decided to stay away from the Prime.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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