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TT bat with pimples in rubbers with sponge

For players with trained stroke technique and playing strategy

"The Smash racket combines all of the most innovative racket technologies! ERGO grip technology, Power-grip system, PULS system (allowing for a greater sweet spot), and DAV system technology (an anti-vibration carbon tube inside the handle) are all built-into the Smash's flared handle and five-ply blade. Smooth pips-in rubber over sponge create extreme spin and speed characteristics allowing you to dominate your opponents!

Technology: ERGO grip, Selected plywood, Power-grip system, PULS system, DAV system Technology Information : ERGO GRIP: New generation grip, rounded, ergonomic, immediately adapts to the hand.

Selected plywood: High quality, specially glued veneers for the best feeling and speed.

Power-grip system: Special sponge in the grip absorbs oscilliations and vibrations.

PULS system: Special middle veneers for larger sweet spot, more ball feeling and control.

DAV system: Double anti-vibration elements at the end and inside the handle guarantee safe ball control."

Rubber Smooth: Smash
Handle: Flared
Veneer: 5-ply
Speed: 85
Control: 85
Spin: 90

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FAQ: Can I replace this racket's rubber sheets?
This racket is assembled from the factory with strong glue and you can play with it right out of the box. Removing the rubber sheets to attach new ones is difficult and is not recommended. If you would like to order a racket with replaceable rubber sheets, please check out the Allround Pro Combos.

Racket Assembly FAQ - Learn about free racket assembly, pre-assembled rackets and more.

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Reviews of JOOLA Smash (2)

I wouldn't waste my money on this racket, look over to the joola champ or joola cobra. The rubber is slow, not too spinny, the hollow handle makes it top-heavy it gives you a tendency to smash anything that pops up, i bought it and wasnt too thrilled, i replaced the rubber to a 729 high tension transcend rubber and it became TOO top heavy, i added some sand into the handle and it balanced out. Only now its a good competitive racket
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Over this past year, I have found myself playing ping pong more and more often to the point where I was playing it about three or more times a week some place or another and started to really love playing. The only problem I found was that every time I played I'd have to get used to whatever paddles my friends had so I decided I'd get my own paddle but when I started seeing the prices of some paddles I got discouraged. Then I found this paddle and it looked great so I purchased with no prior reviews. This paddle is great for it's price and has upped my game so much. I am no pro but this paddle sure makes me feel like one. The spin I get from this paddle, is quite crazy sometimes and the amount of control this paddle produces, was astonishing. Shots that I would never have gotten to hit the table are hitting exactly where I want them to go. Just like when you shoot a basketball and already know whether or not it will go in, you can feel where the ball is going. Even when I put spin on it! I highly recommend this paddle to any recreational player who would consider themselves even average and would like to up their game and improve their style and technique. I am always trying to find new ways to enhance my game and this paddle has been a real asset in doing so. I never leave home without my JOOLA Smash! And I mean never!
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