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Latest model with updated design.

An 18mm-top table is ideal for home use and provides a good balance of portability (lightweight) and performance.

Need a tournament-quality bounce? See the 25mm version: JOOLA Motion 25. It also comes with a thicker frame for higher durability.

Have a lower budget? See the entry-level 15mm table: JOOLA Motion 15.

Looking for a similar 18mm table but in blue? See JOOLA Tour 1800. Tour tables are different from Motion tables in 3 ways: they are blue instead of gray, they do not have hollow corners for ball storage and they do not come with an attachable score counter.

We know our customers don't like to assemble tables, so we ship this table mostly assembled. It will only take you 15-20 minutes to set it up. We include a high-quality net set. We also always ship from the latest production batch and we do not sell old versions of JOOLA tables.

Previously known as Triumph 18.

• Regulation Table Tennis Table Size: 108in L x 60in W x 30in H / Weight: 187 lbs.
• Features a 18mm Charcoal Painted MDF Surface- Perfect for Recreational Use/ Supported by a 40 mm Warp-Resistant Frame
• Includes Automatic Folding Legs/ Four Locking Casters Under Each Half
• Comes With Double Anti-Tilting Device for Increased Safety and Adjustable Rubber Feet to Level the Table
• Two-Piece Table Folds Into Playback and Storage Position

The Motion 18 is a mid-level two piece table. As the name implies, the table features a 18mm charcoal painted MDF surface, which is supported by a sturdy white 40mm warp-resistant frame and 40 x 40mm white undercarriage under each half. Each undercarriage is fully loaded with automatic folding legs, four locking casters, and adjustable rubber feet. The double anti-tilting device has been included in the design for added safety. Also included are four built-in ball holders, each of which can store up to three balls, a magnetic abacus style scoreboard, and ready-to-install net set as well. Made in China.

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Reviews of JOOLA Motion 18 (25)

Review by hermanboltz22 (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Motion 18 on March 18, 2019
nice looking solid table for a great price
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Review by 560077429 for JOOLA Motion 18 on January 12, 2019
Bought this for home gameroom and couldn’t be more happy! It was pretty heavy during assembly, but the instructions were clear and it was easy to put together! We have had hours of fun and it was a great purchase!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by danwag for JOOLA Motion 18 on January 11, 2019
We received this table and although very heavy, it was packaged nicely. We were able to use the instructions to assemble with very little difficulty. We LOVE playing on this table! It has great thickness, just right for home use. Would recommend this to any family who loves to play!
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Review by amolnaik (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Motion 18 on October 12, 2018
Great table with a nice color. Good bounce. Love it. Have spent several hours playing with family. Everyone enjoys it. Was pretty heavy to get it to the basement. Asked CEVA guys to bring it down. Installation required 2-3 people because of the weight but was fairly easy.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by bodie217 (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Motion 18 on September 25, 2018
Table arrived packaged well, very heavy. Solid construction, definitely feels quality. I had some issues with the top being warped but the staff at Megaspin are very helpful and ensured a pleasant transaction.
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Review by hkchang70 (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Motion 18 on July 14, 2018
Product 4.5: first few practice games have been great. The table plays well and true. The leveling, however, is a bit off. We'll have to make more adjustments before it's totally leveled. Setup took me 1 hour but that's because it was just me and my 5yr old son (who c'mon, he's 5yrs old!!!) and took my time. I did need help lifting the table halves from another person. Overall, the instructions are clear and straightforward.

Service & Price 5.0: Megaspin (esp. Evan) was great at answering questions before the purchase. Very responsive to my queries. Even before their price matching service, the price was the best from my research.

Delivery 4.0: CEVA delivery was fine.

Overall, I am looking forward to beating all competitors on this Joola Motion 18 for years to come... until my 5 yr old son becomes 8 then he may whip my butt.

Highly recommend I would compare all other sites with them.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by louiep44 (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Motion 18 on June 7, 2018
Great table... easy set up.... played a few games already and haven’t lost yet. ...would highly recommend both Megaspin for their quick turnaround and Joola for a great product!
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Review by guest_3demy5xk (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Motion 18 on June 4, 2018
The table is outstanding and was very easy to set up.
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Review by afshinfalsafi for JOOLA Motion 18 on May 20, 2018
Professional delivery
Very Easy to set up; high quality table. Kids love it!
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Review by guest_3bgt33sw (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Motion 18 on April 25, 2018
I ordered Joola table (Order: #323986583) from Megaspin recently. I was surprised how easy it was to assemble the table. Me and my cousin could get the table ready in 30+ mins or so. The quality of the table is very good. The table is super easy to handle;the wheels and folding mechanism solved the storage issues. We are planning to play outdoor since we have a huge open place in our backyard. I liked the buying experience from megaspin, except that the shipping company (CEVA) could have improved their communication with the customer.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by ptannish (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Motion 18 on March 16, 2018
I searched the web for Joola tables and came across Megaspin who had the Motion 18 on sale and free shipping. Megaspin had the best price and said the table would arrive in less than a week. I ordered it on a Friday and it was delivered on a Wednesday. I had it setup in 20 minutes. It is by far the best table I've played on, the family loves it. Thank you Joola, thank you Megaspin
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Review by guest_38d4cdq4 (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Motion 18 on January 17, 2018
I looked at Pong tables for a couple of months before deciding on the Joola Motion 18. Like other reviewers I liked the dark charcoal color with contrasting white legs. It’s a nice look. The 18mm surface thickness and 40mm support legs are slightly better specs than some comparable tables at this price.
The table arrived [well packed] 6 days after I place the order. The shipping manifest says 240 lbs. for the box, so yes, it is heavy! It's about 190 lbs assembled. We unpacked it in the garage and carried the two table halves and all the parts boxes down to the basement separately. Much easier to handle that way but you still need two strong folks to carry the table halves.
Count on an hour to unpack the boxes and attach the plastic bottoms of the corner ball-holders, and then the 8 bolts, washers and nuts that hold the T-Rail legs on. Carefully flip the table halves over, level the table and attach the net. You’re done. Use a socket wrench and a regular wrench [not pliers] for the bolt heads and nuts to tighten them up. The net has the string with balls-that-fit-in-a-slot device to tighten the net. Adjust the net height with the turn-screw to 6” if you are a rules fanatic!
This table is a great choice, looks cool and has a nice consistent bounce. Have fun playing!
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Review by superpunterman for JOOLA Motion 18 on December 24, 2017
This is an excellent, sturdy table. We bought this one specifically because we liked the corner ball storage that the Tour 1800 didn't have. Having done a ton of research on various other tables it is really worth noting how easy it was to set this table up. All you have to do is attach the t-bar with the caster wheels already attached to the table. This only took about 15 minutes. If you read reviews of other tables at some other sporting good web sites you'll see a lot of mentions about having to do all the assembly yourself and it takes 2+ hours with 2 people. We love this table!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by ranjit73 (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Motion 18 on August 29, 2017
The table arrived about 10 days after purchase, delivered by a courteous driver. Boy, was it heavy! Had to unpack it before moving it inside in pieces. Right away, I noticed that it was missing parts - the ball holders and magnetic scorers. Then started assembling it, and ran into a nightmare called a nylon screw nut. To install this, I would need two spanner wrenches of the exact size, which the package did not have! It would have been helpful of Joola to spend an extra $1 and provide cheap versions of these like most furniture deliveries do. Anyway, I managed to scrounge these even though one was not the exact size. So it took me more than two hours to assemble the table. The instruction booklet was sub-par and it was not possible to do some of the things mentioned e.g. locking the legs after installing the wheels. There were also inconsistencies with the video on the website, indicating need for significant process improvements at the company. A card in the package said that I could email the company if anything was missing and I did, only to get a response asking me to fill in a web form, to which I got an email response asking for some of the same info I had filled in the form! Anyway, after this they shipped me the missing parts, which I tried to put on the table. Turns out they had sent me ball holder tops and bottoms, while I needed only the bottoms with this table, so that took me another 15 minutes to figure out! One of the holes in the plastic had gunk left over from the molding process and the screw wouldn't go in, so I had to hammer it in - poor quality control. In all, took another 45 minutes to put in the ball holders. The table is beautiful and plays well. I only wish Joola had their processes in order to make the customer experience better.

Edit: Megaspin's customer service throughout the process was exemplary. In response to my experience, they arranged for Joola to give a credit for some additional products, which were promptly dispatched. All's well that ends well
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by djspleen (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Motion 18 on June 14, 2017
Hello Ping Pongers! I don't really know a lot about ping pong tables, but I knew much less before I happened upon Megaspin's website! Their comparisons between tables were very helpful and before long I zeroed in on this beauty, the Joola Motion 18.

We purchased the table as a surprise for the kids and we've had it a few weeks now. Everyone comments on how great it looks and how cool the corner ball storage is (that really is a brilliant idea!). It not only looks great, but it plays great also. My son was away at college last year so of course he played a lot of ping pong in the lounge (at least he learned SOMEthing!). He fell in love with this table from moment one. My youngest thinks it's cool to fold up half of the table and use it for practice. My middle son saw the table and said "Dad, now we can't play other things on the floor anymore". We ignored his assessment of the situation. But he's currently playing ping pong as much as the rest of us, so he's ok with it now too. Altough, if we really DID want room to play something else on the floor, the table does fold up and roll into the corner quite easily, so even that isn't an unsolvable problem.

Regarding assembly, my oldest son (20) and I had it together in roughly 30 minutes (once we got it moved to our's heavy! I would suggest more than two people to move it) so that process was pretty easy and straightforward in general.

Overall quality of the table is first rate. Everything is solid, the wheels are stable and roll easily, and the net isn't loose and it doesn't bounce around like some cheapy thing. When you receive it, it's going to be as good as you hope it will be, I assure you.

The only sticky point was shipping. It seems that Roadrunner lost our package (HOW does one lose a 6' x 6' 200 lb. box??) and it took several weeks to arrive. That part was a bummer, but Ken at Megaspin really went above and beyond to keep the process moving, to keep me updated, and to make things right. I couldn't be more pleased with the table or with the level of customer service I received.

Megaspin is a top-notch company and I would fully recommend both the Joola Motion 18 and Megaspin to anyone looking for a family ping pong experience.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by timoth5 (Verified Customer) for JOOLA Motion 18 on March 1, 2017
After a lot of research looking for the right ping pong table for my family, I settled on the Joola Motion 18. This is an awesome table, much better quality than you would find at you local sporting good store. Delivery came pretty quickly with no issue and only took about 20-30 minute to get completely set up.I have only had it for about a week but have had several compliments on the professional look from my neighbors. If you are looking for a solid table for a fair price this is for you. I am super pleased with my purchase.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by skind for JOOLA Motion 18 on July 12, 2016
Excellent Table! Love the black color and it is very sturdy in construction. The packaging was perfect and protected the table very well in transit. We are already loving our Joola! Only negative was the magnetic score keepers which fall off quite easily, lost a little magnet within the first day :(
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by skind for JOOLA Motion 18 on July 12, 2016
Fantastic table so far. Very easy to setup and the delivery was perfect. I was worried there may be some damage, but Joola packages the tables very well. Beautiful table and we really enjoy the black surface.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by dettmaaw for JOOLA Motion 18 on June 2, 2016
Great table! Doesn't take up much storage space, and it's very easy to put up and take down. We've only been using it for a month so far, but it seems sturdy enough to hold up in the school setting. The magnetic life counters are a nice extra, although they fall off pretty easily while moving the table, so I just took them off.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by ilj62003 for JOOLA Motion 18 on May 31, 2016
I can't say how happy I am with this table. Shipping was fast, packaging was amazing and assembly only took me about 15 minutes (my kids helped and I had power tools). After playing on it for several weeks it has a very true bounce and is easy to store out of the way when it isn't being used.
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