DHS Hurricane 3 Neo

by DHS
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H3 Neo is good for fast topspin quick attack play style.

The Explosive NEO series is here!

The new NEO Hurricane Rubbers have been produced for, and tested by, the Chinese National team to counteract the Speed Glue ban. The new NEO sponge has been developed to give the traditional sticky DHS rubbers the extra rebound but without losing the much loved spin and control. The advantage to new NEO Hurricane 3 is matched with the powerful NEO Sponge and now features stronger spin and added speed for fast topspin players. Comes in an air tight pack for ultimate freshness!

Hardness: 39 degrees (this is not shown on the package)


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Reviews of DHS Hurricane 3 Neo (158)

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Review by nomanlan for DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on August 15, 2017
I have bought 4 of these sheets over the last 12 months and found that they all lost 50% of their tackiness after playing for 5 or 10 minutes due to a thin dust layer sticking to the rubber. The dust problem translates to inconsistent bounce depending on where the ball hits on the paddle. This drives me crazy. To me this is a real problem with this rubber, other than that, I think the price is fantastic.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on July 31, 2017
I always play with tensor rubbers, this is my first tacky rubber. it grabs dust too much, I need to clean and film protect it after session. Everyone said RUBBER for FOREHAND! it's right! I glue it on OFF- soft pure wood blade, somebody said slow rubber, I don't agree H3 Neo speed not bad but overload of spin :) it still fine for BACKHAND loop but very good for block safe landing manytime also the tackiness easy to control counter loop or spin from opponent. short serve a lot of spin. side spin shot so agressive. for strike speed like tensor rubbers upto your physical strength. I will buy it one for backhand. best value for money
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on July 27, 2017
Very Good rubber, but you have to use it correctly. When hard hitting the ball, you don't get much power which is good for touch play. When you scrape it, however, you find that the ball speed is incredible and the control is superb. It's also a nasty rubber on serve, because of its tackyness.
All around a very good rubber for int/adv players. I wouldn't advice this rubber for a begginer though, since it punishes lack of perfect technique bery heavily.
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Review by josebustamante (Verified Customer) for DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on July 20, 2017

A very good rubber for the price, good for blocking and good spin
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on July 4, 2017
Amazing, just amazing.... Blocking, pushing, looping, hitting, service, everything made easy with this unique rubber from DHS.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on June 19, 2017
A veryvery good FH rubber, perfect for topspin, loop, short play and serve. Amazing rubber with amazing price.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on June 17, 2017
Good rubber if you like sticky rubber. Not slow, power shots really go fast. Technic has to be chiness style to get most out.
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Review by ritabeara (Verified Customer) for DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on June 13, 2017
Alright, It does provide good spin better than Skyline Neo 3 but the problem is the rubber is way too hard and even after a full year of getting used to it I feel that I still dont get much feel out of it.

I am retiring this rubber for something else.
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Review by zanelightning (Verified Customer) for DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on June 6, 2017
Non Boosted: black 2.15
Spin: 9.0
Speed: 8.7
Throw: medium low
Durability: 9.0 (hit table hard & topsheet separated, req'd some glue to to fix) still good, very durable,seen old Chinese guys with 3 years+ and barely any damage
Gears: 7.5
Tack: 6.5 (less than skyline TG3 neo)
Good service and receive, trouble looping form far back, required more lower body and reach around side spin
Pushing and flicking were good, looping good, counterlooping bottomed out after rally of looping
Good chopping and backspin pick-up
Good Chinese rubber, unboosted, might boost someday
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 3 Neo on May 10, 2017
This was my first FH rubber so I don't have anything to compare to. However, I can see why many people like it.
This chinese rubber is tacky. This is great for heavy topspin loopers and can generate a hefty amount of spin. Once it hits the opponents side it takes off.
For driving and smashing, it does fairly well. With it being a harder sponge, smashing is not its strength, but it does produce.

Countering underspin is where this rubber shines. It takes almost no effort to lift the ball on a moderate to heavy underspin.

Control is moderate. This rubber is very sensitive to incoming spin, especially side spin. When testing ball placement, this rubber shoots the ball quite high, so the throw angle of any incoming ball with spin is going to launch it.

Touch play is quite surprisingly easy. Even though it is sensitive to opponents spin and being a tacky rubber, it has a generally soft feel on short plays and pushes. Blocking is somewhat of a mystery to me on this rubber, but I am usually not a blocking type. The few blocks I have managed to return, it was decently able to put the ball back on the table, but don't expect this rubber to make it back every time.

Close to the table is easy where this rubber has it's advantages as well. Heavy looping, counter topspin, decent speed. It's easy to get the ball back before the opponent has a chance to think. Away from the table it starts to drop in speed and power as there is no catapult effect for this rubber.

Overall this is a decent rubber or anyone who wants to get into Chinese tacky rubbers, and at a decent price, it's a no brainer.
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