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Andro Gauzy SL OFF

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• Seven layers of fine wood harmonise perfectly with each other. Soulful core, hard outer veneers made of Ebony.
• The direct ball hitting point enables effective and powerful topspins. In the modern and fast game close to the table you save time and put your opponent under pressure.
• The soulful core delivers the basics to improve the safety of your strokes.
• The wood by Simon Gauzy, made by and for fine-spirited and detail-obsessed characters.

Weight: 92g
Ply: 7
Handle Size: Flared: 100 x 26mm
Blade Head Size: 157 x 150mm
Blade Handle Length: 6.2mm
Made in Sweden

Simon Gauzy, new andro brand ambassador, has established himself as an outstanding player in European top table tennis. The 24-year-old Vice European Champion 2016 in Menís Singles was already ranked as number 8 in the ITTF World Ranking and stands out at the table with his feel for the ball, diligence and creativity. Simon works with an eye for detail and allows no compromises when it comes to his material. The GAUZY Blade Line was developed together with Franceís number 1 and bears his signature from the handle shape to the veneer selection: modern yet traditional.

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Reviews of Andro Gauzy SL OFF (10)

Just played with this blade yesterday with the Nittaku hurricane pro 3 orange on the FH and andro hexer powergrip on BH. I found it to be a very consistent and controllable blade with these rubbers with a low throw. There is no easy speed compared to many carbon blades I have played with (may be different with faster rubbers) but when you move to the shot properly and use your legs to generate good power on your shots it's very fast. I actually kind of prefer the fact that you have to work a little more to generate power though, and it also adds safety so shots don't easily fly off. I was smashing powerfully and very consistently with my forehand and my BH shots were landing more than usual. My opinion of this may change the more I play with it but so far my initial impressions of this blade are very good.
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Hard and stiff, must be used with medium-soft bouncy tensors to get the best results. The fastest of any all-wood blades I have ever used.
Very good with Xiom Europe, BTY Tenergy or Tibhar Evolution rubbers for instance.
Don't use it with Chinese rubbers.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Fastest all wood blade Ive used. 87 Grams. Slight head heavy, not uncomfortable and great flared handle. Touch is very good for its speed and hard outer ebony ply. Does not feel super hard in terms of playing as it flexes slightly giving ability to spin when needed. Speed is 9.4/10 Loop 8.9/10 Drive 9.5/10 Touch 9/10 Block 9.9/10. Definitely more for loop drivers than spinny brush loopers. It does allow for brushing when needed but the pace when top spinning is relatively fast. Not as fast as carbons but a notch or two slower but can speed up to fast carbon speeds thus giving control in blocking or countering heavy topspin. Semi stiff and very good at driving with mid hard rubbers and works extremely well with Skyline 2 provincial 40, R47 and C48 types of rubbers. Mid long trajectory and medium arc and safe when out of position when under pressure and allows for regaining aggression. Has many gears for serving and receiving, it however feels less crispy and more "soulful" feeling as they have marketed. Overall a good wood alternative for those who dont want to play or want to get away from carbon. I can do the fastest third ball openings I've ever been able to do and has a high elasticity and speed when going for the hills but able to control the game if you decide to be less aggressive. Only drawbacks are price, veneer came off and recommend one layer of lacquer and it will last. Power is available at all ranges from close to very far away. It does best one step back if you open slowly or on the table if you open third balls with power. Overall my favorite 7 ply so far among ML3, PG7, Clipper or BS1 or even most euro 7 ply woods. It allows for all types of power input and you will rarely miss no matter how hard you hit or spin. Excellent control to speed ratio. Takes some skill but has a satisfying crack when hitting with tensors and strong powerful loops that make people feel like they are playing against primorac in his prime.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Have had a chance to practice with one of these several times in the last few weeks. To me this is a fast blade, kind of hard feeling but still very responsive. The ball comes off the paddle with a lot of speed while still keeping enough spin to stay on the table. When my opponent uses it, his smashes seem to carry some extra zing than his old blade (Galaxy ZF5), and are more frequent. Nice blade, I think worthy of It's position (#4 currently) in the overall ratings.
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Way to hard.
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