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California-based Power Pong is a powerhouse in the world of table tennis robots. Power Pong offers three robot models: Power Pong Alpha, Delta and Omega. They've been designed to offer high-level table tennis training by replicating in-game conditions with pre-programmed drills and random settings. The Power Pong Omega is on the cutting-edge and can be fully controlled through a downloadable constantly-improving iOS and Android smartphone app.

The technical capabilities of training robots have evolved over the years, with the advent of 3-wheel head robots representing a major turning point. All Power Pong robots have a superior 3-wheel head design for increased durability, accuracy and consistency over 1-wheel or 2-wheel head models that are often sold at similar or higher price points.

Power Pong robots are great value and offer outstanding tech support with an excellent warranty.

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Power Pong 2001
$997  $1,499.00
Best Seller
Power Pong Alpha
Out of Stock
$1,097  $1,797.00
Power Pong Beta
Out of Stock
$1,397  $1,777.00
Power Pong 3001
Out of Stock
$1,649  $1,849.00
Power Pong Delta
$1,697  $2,177.00
Best Seller
Power Pong 5000
Out of Stock
$1,699.95  $2,199.00
Power Pong Omega w/Tablet
$1,897  $2,397.00
Best Seller
Power Pong Omega - w/Tablet and Control Box
$1,997  $2,497.00
Best Seller

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