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JOOLA Rackets

JOOLA offers a wide range of pre-assembled rackets designed for players interested in bringing their game up a notch. If you're just starting out, you can consider an entry-level racket from the Omega series. Looking for more spin and speed? Check out the Infinity series.

Players who are serious about their game can take advantage of the special Pro Combos that combine offensive blades with high-quality rubbers. The Pro Combos are a great choice because you can upgrade your rubbers over time to match your development. Choose a Pro Combo that fits your style, budget and experience level. The Rosskopf Allround Tournament Combo presents a great all-round option and the Vyzaryz Freeze w/Dynaryz AGR is perfect for advanced players looking for an offensive setup. Rest assured, JOOLA has something just for you!

JOOLA Racket Comparison Chart (pre-2020 rackets)

Racket Assembly FAQ - Learn about free racket assembly, pre-assembled rackets and more.

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JOOLA Essentials Duel Table Tennis Rackets
Out of Stock
$14.95  $26.95
JOOLA Hit Racket Set
$19.95  ($4.99/unit) $44.95
JOOLA Omega Control
JOOLA Essentials Variant Set with Net
Out of Stock
$24.95  $34.99
JOOLA OX100 Oversize Racket
$24.95  $44.99
JOOLA Omega Speed Racket
$25.99  $29.95
JOOLA Omega Strata Racket
$29.95  $39.95
Out of Stock
$29.95  $39.95
JOOLA Colorato Racket Set
JOOLA Essentials Gold 987 Racket
JOOLA Linus Outdoor Racket
Out of Stock
$34.95  $44.95
JOOLA Infinity Balance Racket
$37.95  $49.95
Best Seller
JOOLA Vivid Outdoor Racket Set
JOOLA Family Racket Set
Out of Stock
$39.95  ($9.99/unit) $49.95
JOOLA Infinity Edge Racket
$41.95  $59.95
JOOLA Infinity Overdrive Racket
$43.95  $69.95
Best Seller
JOOLA Tour Case Competition Set
$49.95  ($24.98/unit) $74.95
JOOLA Attack
JOOLA Rosskopf Attack
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
JOOLA Blizzard Blackout Racket Set
$89.95  ($44.98/unit) $99.95
JOOLA Team Premium
Out of Stock
$89.95  $99.99
JOOLA Carbon Pro
Out of Stock
JOOLA Rosskopf Allround Tournament Combo w/Rhyzen CMD
JOOLA Rossi Emotion with Rhyzm-P
Out of Stock
$139  $206.83
JOOLA Elite Combo
Out of Stock
$159.95  $219.85
JOOLA Infinity Overdrive Racket - Set of 4
$159.95  ($39.99/unit) $279.80
JOOLA Vyzaryz Freeze w/Dynaryz AGR
$280  $329.85

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