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From Original To Half Long Then Perhaps Insider (6)

Re: From Original To Half Long Then Perhaps Inside
by Fadil Olguner 12 years ago

The following message (subject: Re: From Original To Half Long Then Perhaps Inside) was posted by Fadil Olguner, on 8/25/2008 4:34:51 PM:
Hi Ben,you don't need to do anything on Insider.It is really an effective and the closest LP to Original.When you block topspin all the speed of the ball gone and you send a slow unknown ball-I mean sometimes with a little spin reversal sometimes fully float ball- to your opponent and this couse your opponent to make a lot of mistakes.There is a boy in our clup,he is expert how to play againt frictionless pips.Yesterday we tested Insider. He made twenty topspin and I blocked.When I blocked with Super Special he always repeated topspinning again and again until he won because he didn't give much spin to the ball and the returned balls were not effective but with the insider here is the result-he sent seven of twenty topspin direct out.Three of them direct to net.He returned ten of my blocks.He send one of my second block to the net and two of my second block to out.He topspinned seven of my second blocks .I sent out four of them and three of them were hit by him and as a result he won seven from twenty but don't forget he is very well playing against frictionless pips.TWO of the advantageS of insider are-it is very easy to hit the ball and your first ball send to the opponent is not always float lik e fr.ones.Thanks
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