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From Original To Half Long Then Perhaps Insider (1)

From Original To Half Long Then Perhaps Insider
by Ben 12 years ago

The following message (subject: From Original To Half Long Then Perhaps Insider) was posted by Ben, on 8/25/2008 12:57:49 AM:
My Fellow Chicken Wing Blockers, I now play with Half Long, but I am thinking that the flow of the game moves too fast for me, I have so little time to think. Moreover I have yet to beat any one good since I stopped playing with Original, with Original when I blocked top spin good players would then push the next ball and then I could step around and loop it. Sometimes the reversal was so strong they would push it into the net. With Half Long the returns are dead or top spin, good players capitalize on this.I have ordered Insider I am hoping that I can return to my former defence/attack style, but I have my doubts. The other rallies I really miss is aggressively pushing top spin and my opponent getting fooled then I step around and WHAM, POINT OVER! Any comments from those who have used Insider are very welcome. Thanks, Ben. P.S. If the spin reversal is not up to par on this stuff then there is a good solution. It is averaging a 100+ degrees here in Dallas, Texas and my car is small. A bit of matt nail varnish accidentally on purpose spilt on the tips of the pips might also suffice.
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