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Equipment Facts - Part 2

Learn how to protect your equipment

Some common tips to protect your equipment are:

  • Never leave the table outdoors.
  • When the table is moved, cover the playing surface with air-bubble nylon.
  • Right after the game or a training session unglue the rubbers so they “breathe”.
  • Never use heavy-duty sandpaper to clean the glue from the blade.
  • Be aware that although varnish on the blade may protect it, it could change its characteristics as well.
  • Don't leave your racket under heavy sunlight.
  • Use the plastic material provided with the rubbers to protect them from the dust.
  • Keep your rubbers in room temperature before the match.
  • Right after the game or a training session clean the rubbers with a wet piece cotton.
  • Use the cleaning sprays only before the match.Put the plastic tape around your blade to protect it from accidental knocks.
  • From time to time take off the glue from the rubbers.

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