Tips and Tricks

How to Reglue your rubber
(May 15, 2003)
Learn how to refresh your rubber's feeling

Tactical Intelligence
(September 13, 2002)
Learn more about table tennis tactics

Learning from Defeat
(July 17, 2002)
Use your mistakes to improve your game

Backhand Topspin
(February 28, 2002)
Improve your backhand attacking stroke

Mental Workout
(October 11, 2001)
Prepare your mind for table tennis

The Shakehand Grip
(August 30, 2001)
The basics of how to hold your racket

Equipment Facts - Part 2
(August 12, 2001)
Learn how to protect your equipment

Equipment Facts - Part 1
(July 28, 2001)
Learn more about your rubbers

Spinning the Ball
(July 19, 2001)
Get to know the scientific details of spinning the ball

Serving Effectively
(July 1, 2001)
Learn how to win points using your service

Receiving Services
(June 5, 2001)
Learn how to win points when you're not serving

Physical Preparation - Part 2
(May 26, 2001)
How to improve your flexibility

Physical Preparation - Part 1
(May 18, 2001)
Optimise your physical fitness for table tennis

Psychological Preperation
(April 18, 2001)
Preparing your mind for a match

Footwork Techniques - Part 2
(April 16, 2001)
More tips for your footwork

Footwork Techniques - Part 1
(April 11, 2001)
Tips to improve your footwork

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