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Butterfly Dignics Explained

Overview of Butterfly Dignics

Dynamic, dominant, and dazzling in the right set of hands.

Dangerous, daunting, and demoralizing if those hands aren't yours.

Dignics rubbers represent the next wave in high-tech table tennis equipment. From the innovative minds at Butterfly that brought you the world-renowned Tenergy series, Dignics rubbers are making their presence felt from the training hall to the world stage. Let's take a look at the features that make this development so impactful for high-level players around the globe.

Whether you're a diehard Tenergy-lover or just interested in the latest equipment, we're here to talk about the differences between the Dignics models (05, 64, 80) and how they compare to the rubber series that swept the world, Butterfly Tenergy. Have you ever wondered what those different numbers meant? Or what type of playing style pairs best with each model? Keep reading to find out.

How did Butterfly develop Dignics?

Dignics rubbers are the result of nearly a decade of research and development. Ever since the legendary Tenergy series was released, Butterfly has been planning, designing and testing their next breakthrough product. The initial objective was to reach a new peak in performance achieved through hundreds of prototypes, mixing and matching topsheets and sponges. Butterfly enlisted the likes of Zhang Jike and Timo Boll to test and analyze these product iterations. Once the development team was satisfied with the product's performance they turned to their next challenge, recreating this performance over time by increasing consistency and durability. In these areas, the Dignics rubbers truly shine.

What features make Dignics special?

Dignics rubbers rely on advancements in topsheet materials and Butterfly's Spring Sponge technology to improve upon the performance of previous rubbers. Many manufacturers produce specialized equipment for the “Plastic Ball Era”, outlining the need for more power and grip to compensate for the effects of the new ball. Butterfly Dignics is an astute response to this demand. The combination of the grippy topsheet and powerful sponge enables a player to perform a wide range of shots with precision.

What's the new topsheet like?

The improved topsheet on Dignics rubbers provides tremendous grip, which contributes to an extraordinary ability to generate massive amounts of spin. Butterfly also highlights increased flexibility without sacrificing elasticity.

Another notable characteristic is that the new topsheet has proven to be exceedingly durable. Dignics rubbers have been created with the demands of top players in mind, so it's no wonder that durability was an essential focus. Jun Mizutani says that Dignics rubbers last almost twice as long as his previous rubbers. Butterfly's endurance tests report similar results, delivering a solid return on investment for players.

What improvements have been made to the Spring Sponge Technology?

Butterfly's Spring Sponge Technology changed the game of table tennis. When Tenergy broke out into the market, players around the world took notice and the unique sponge performance was a key factor to the meteoric rise of this rubber series. Building upon this technology, the research and development team took it one step further and rolled out a newer sponge technology, Spring Sponge X.

Spring Sponge X is focused on one thing above all else… Power!

The Spring Sponge X improves upon previous technology in a few ways. Spring Sponge X is more responsive and more resilient. While the original Spring Sponge technology performed exceptionally well, Butterfly set out to find a way to better balance the flexibility of a soft sponge with the elasticity of a hard one. At 40 degrees, the Dignics sponge is four degrees harder than the standard Tenergy 05 (and a few degrees softer than T05 Hard). This increases elasticity and the more flexible materials compensate for the increased sponge hardness. The end result is a softer feeling for the player and a lighter weight sponge relative to the actual hardness.

How does Dignics compare to Tenergy?

While Dignics rubbers offer improvements in many areas, there is one area that remains the same. Despite nine years of research and development, Butterfly found that the original pimple structure used in the Tenergy series was still top of the class. This is a strong endorsement for the Tenergy series and demonstrates that Butterfly knows the value of this technology.

For this reason, the Dignics series carries the same model numbers as the Tenergy rubbers. Similarly, each Dignics model excels in the respective areas of their Tenergy counterpart. The Dignics 05, 80, and 64 utilize the same pimple structure as the Tenergy 05, 80, and 64, respectively. Dignics boasts increased levels of grip and power, waiting to be unleashed.

What are the differences between the various models and who are they best for?

As previously mentioned, Dignics rubbers are available in 05, 80 and 64. Each rubber has a 40 degree sponge and the upgraded Dignics topsheet. The difference lies in the pimple structure which lends itself to various playing styles and player types.

The Dignics 05 is focused on spin. This rubber grabs the ball well and launches it in the direction of the racket movement. If you play a powerful topspin game, both close to the table and mid-distance, then this rubber is your choice for big arcs and fast-paced counter topspin rallies. For players that rely on the banana flick (chiquita) and close-up counter-attacks, the Dignics 05 will serve you well.

The Dignics 80 is the all-around rubber of the series. It is built for a balanced style of play from any distance from the table. The spin and speed ratings of this rubber fall in between the two extremes of the 05 and 64.

The Dignics 64 is built for speed and power. The ball flies with a flatter trajectory than the other Dignics rubbers. Much like the Dignics 05, it is intended for aggressive-minded attacking players. This is the rubber of choice for fast-paced topspin players who tend to drive and smash with a high frequency. Being the most powerful rubber of the Dignics series, it is the strongest option for sustained topspin rallies away from the table.

Is Dignics the best rubber for me?

The Dignics series by Butterfly brings a new array of technology and materials to the table. Power, spin, and durability combine to deliver top-notch performance. Designed for top players and enthusiasts, the Dignics rubbers represent a step-up in the world of table tennis equipment.

The question then is, would you rather have Dignics in your hands, or your opponent's?

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