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4 Reviews for IPONG Poly Pro Poly Ball - Pack of 80

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Simply put, they are not round, but rather egg-shaped......
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I really wanted these Poly balls to be good. They are inexpensive and available locally. But they are so out of round.

I played one tournament where these were supplied and because their out-of-round shape they fly as a pimpled ball. The entire box out of round.

Having played with other newly manufactured Poly balls (they are getting better) were these from old manufacture? Unknown.

Until someone else reviews them with newly manufactured balls, i'll stay away. These are
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These balls are some of the worst on the market. I purchased the 80-pack for training purposes on my college table tennis team. How embarrassing when I discovered that 75% of the balls are egg-shaped and do not bounce straight! Most of them wobble back and forth when you spin them on the table. Apparently, IPONG has a very low standard for quality control. This was an aggravating waste of money. If you want good balls with the new material, I suggest DHS or Double Fish, which are far more consistent.
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don't buy it. the ball sucks.
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