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3 Reviews for Gambler Zen

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This makes for an excellent hard bat blade. Not as slow as a Hock 3 ply, but it plays very well with Dr. Evil.
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My FL handle is 71g and 6.5mm thick, so it's very different than the product listing specs. It has ALL speed and soft feeling, so it's good for beginners learning strokes. Best to pair with medium-hard rubbers. FL handle is comfortable for adult male, not too thin.

Update: I measured my coworker's Zen, and it is also over 6mm thick.
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This blade is actually better than anticipated. This is a solid ALL blade. The fit and finish are very nice. The feel of the blade is good. It works well with modern rubbers with mild built-in catapult effect. The control is excellent. I found the handle to be quite comfortable as well. Very highly recommended for new players and those who want a very well controlled blade that can still allow for a solid hit.
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