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3 Reviews for Butterfly Chack Sheet

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Used this for my rubber and haven't had any problems at all!! I use long pimple rubber and it has stuck on like gorilla glue!!!!
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Ok, this is my updated review. I have used with thicker sponge and works much better and with OX LP it works good. I would recommend to use as long as you are not using a thin sponge (1.3mm or smaller).
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I have only used 1 sheet of this so far and don't know if I will use another (I have 3 more still). I like Butterfly products, but the sheet I used didn't stay on the blade very well. The rubber kept curling up near the handle (probably would have curled up more if it wasn't for the edge tape holding it down.

I will say the bty tack c rubber I was using was brand new with a thin 1.1 sponge. The thin sponge curls easier than thick. I have used the Joola glue sheet with no issue, but they are more expensive.
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