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XuShaoFa (XSF) 3-Star Poly Ball 40+ - Pack of 144 (Asia)

$199 ($1.38/ball)
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Pack of 144. Asia package design.

Many players prefer their bounce and durability over seamed poly balls on the market.

Available in white only.

XSF's exclusive technology creates balls as a single unit, not by fusing parts together under old methods. By getting rid of seams, we also got rid of unevenness in shape, weight and thickness that prevented a clean and accurate bounce in the past. XSF eliminated those inconsistencies in performance caused by the ball, not by you.

Seamless balls have no soft spots. XSF are tougher, more durable, and consistent all around.

Table Tennis Ball Guide - 40+ or 40mm? What is ABS? What you need to know when buying balls.

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Reviews of XuShaoFa (XSF) 3-Star Poly Ball 40+ - Pack of 144 (Asia) (37)

Good bounce, very durable. No issues.
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Widely regarded as the best 40+ 3* poly ball available. Most other good balls are re badged XuShaoFa balls, as they come from the same factory that makes XuShaoFa. So if most quality balls are XuShaoFa with different branding, then why not just buy these In the first place. Mine are good, no complaints.
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Great balls, i bought 144 pack if remember, and i ve used em for 4 months roughly, I'm impressed with the quality of this ball it's very well balanced it can bounce a little longer than any other that I ve compared like, nittaku or joola
I never seen one crack so far except whenever stepped on it by mistake, since training with a bunch:)many of my training friends were impressed as well.
I'm going to buy again! Very happy with it.
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Xushaofa balls are seamless. They bounce a bit longer than ABS balls. It's rare to find a ball that is not round, but I've seen them. I found Xushaofa balls break more frequently if you hit them with a blade edge compared to ABS balls. If you hit them with rubber they will last.
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These balls are super durable compared to seamed balls. I bought a 6-pack of these XuShaoFa balls for the office. One ball probably sees an average of 5-6 matches per day, and we usually end up smashing the ball into the walls quite a bit because the room is not ideally sized for table tennis. For a few months we only used one ball until it finally got a small crack, so now we're on to ball #2 for the last month and it's still going strong, and I still have 4 completely unused balls. In contrast, we went through 50 3-star Stiga balls in roughly the same amount of time. I highly recommend the XuShaoFa balls for recreational play. They are an excellent value, even being 4 times more expensive than a seamed celluloid ball.
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good ball, quick, nice amount of rotation
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best value for the price!
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Along with yinhe made from same factory they are currently 40+ balls. Extremely durable tiny bit lighter than Nittaku premium 40+ balls.
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At first didn't even bother to check this one, been using Btfly 40+ and Nittaku Premium 40+. One fine day played a very fast and good game nad realised was this XSF. Seamless and perfectly balanced, I didn't get that mid air wobbling some players mentioned about. All I got pretty good consistency, but the balls get "tired" after over 50 hours total combined play time. What I mean is... I found over time they were not as bouncy anymore during play and drop test also confirmed my feelings about the ball, so when use new ball its wonderful... But again after a period it gets dull and loses its playabilty. Luckily none has cracked on me so far. I purchased 6 and my buddy 6. One of his cracked after long hard play. Now testing Btfly G40+. Impressive and lovin i so far. One G40+ has already cracked on me nonetheless.
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Bought a 72 pack from zeropong.com ... and 3 out of 5 were goose egg unround duds. Against my better judgement and caving to peer pressure, I bought 12 from Megaspin. The XSF from Megaspin were solid and round. Props to megaspin.
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Probably the best seamless ball there is and one of the best overall (i've heard great things about the seamed nittakus but haven't use them). Like any other plastic ball it suffers when flat hitting it, but its quality it's oustanding. Currently there's a lower quality assurance and a spike in price, but still a very recommendable ball
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The ball is supposed to weigh 2.7g (according to ITTF). XSF 40+ is heavier than ideal. But it is very round, similar to Nittaku Premium 40+ and Butterfly G40+. The ball is seamless.
Weight: 2.75 +/- 0.02g (ITTF requires: 2.67-2.77g). This ball cracks faster than other 40+ balls when hit with the edge of the racket. If you never hit it with the edge it's durable.
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These are the best 40+ balls I have used so far.
In terms of quality and price, these are unbeatable.
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Best plastic balls I use. Get them, they're consistent, have good bounce, and have a quality feeling to them.
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good balls, a little bit heavy.
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I think the beast balls on the market, better then overpriced nittaku.
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Great balls, seamless.
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this is the best ball, the quality is great for a poly ball, its not as heavy as the overpriced Nittaku, which I do not see as a disadvantage, the price is very fair because I've found quality and performance issues with many of the cheer poly balls, as for the durability - it's good enough, this is the brand I'll stick to for now
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Great quality, i played for weeks without any problem. The sound and weight are perfect, this is the best ball compare to other brands out there.
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I've tried easily 20 different brands of 40+ balls. These seamless balls and the Nittaku Premium balls are easily the best balls out there. They're harder, bounce higher, bounce more consistently and last longer. Against, for example, the Stiga, DHS, Double Fish, Joola and Butterfly equivalents these are much better.
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