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Victas VS>402 Double Extra

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The VS>402 Double Extra is a further development of the very popular VS>401. This innovation combines the very tacky, elastic top rubber sheet with a modern, slightly harder offensive sponge. The new sponge/top rubber sheet combination makes this High Energy Tension rubber the ideal weapon for any spin-oriented allrounder. The extremely tacky and flexible top rubber sheet virtually tacks the ball and produces fantastic spin both in topspin play and in defensive strokes with heavy backspin. Thanks to the optimized offensive sponge, the VS>402 Double Extra is even more dynamic than the VS>401, which is a great advantage in topspin play. However, even with the higher speed, the rubber still provides for high control and tackiness for dangerous backspin variants.

Type: Smooth
Speed: 77
Spin: 90
Control: 91
Sponge Hardness: 50.0

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Reviews of Victas VS>402 Double Extra (7)

I was very curious when I saw the designation subtitle of this rubber ("for the flexible allrounder"), which I think, does make sense looking at its playing characteristics. Somehow, Victas managed to produce something rather unseen amongst many ESN produced rubbers. The base recipe is a hefty, but only medium firm rubber topsheet with a hard 50 degree sponge, but there is an additional twist, which is the horizontal pimple geometry of the topsheet (this makes the coupling with the sponge to be felt more direct), which I haven't seen in ESN manufactured rubbers so far. This recipe also translates to a hard enough feeling on powerful strokes, but with good deformation ability and longer ball contact time on less powerful strokes, acting as a dampening buffer zone, which makes execution of good quality underspin/sidespin shots and precise power adjustments (short game, blocking, drop shots) very easy. This dampening effect is most noticeable, when the rubber is new, but is still definitely there later on. However, the sponge underneath is lively enough, so while this rubber is not meant to be used to win points by speed, it is still usable in mid-distance play, and can be effective on both sides for spin-dominant strategies (of course, larger than usual swings are rewarded with greater pressure potential). The throw angle seems to be medium/medium-high, so the arcs are safe. However, hitting countertopspin on low backspin ball feels a bit more difficult because of the lacking initial bounce and longer contact time, but in turn, this makes blocking extra secure, and staying in rally is easy in most of the situations. It's worth mentioning, that while Victas makes silver wrappings for their (at least slightly) tacky rubbers, this rubber is not tacky at all. For people thinking ESN rubbers are too bouncy, this rubber is a good candidate to try, as it plays very reliably to support the player truly as an allrounder (my favourite for this purpose) even at higher levels.
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It is ok
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Fast and high throw rubber, great for smashing and lifting the backspin. Due to the high throw the rubber is only decent at blocking and chopping. The spin is high but slighty less than tenergy. Overall the rubber is better for offensive strokes rather defensive ones. I prefer vs 401.
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Very grippy surface-good spin and loop.....but brush loops slip off at times with a squeaky noise....we need to hit hard,so the ball sinks in th sponge and then spin is amazing,good speed to.Good med high arc,shots land deep,ball rarely goes out as its not super fast.Blocks are good too.But best blocking rubber is rakza 7 soft and gold arc-8.Spin is less than baracuda,but the sponge does not bottom out even on hard hits,catapult is quite good-amazing infact.Ball slips off the rubber if footwork is not good and u can't reach the ball to hit hard---so this rubber will fail if we don't hit hard.So its difficult to get balls on the table unless u are fast and have good footwork to reach the ball to be able to swing real hard and activate the sponge-unlike other soft rubbers that can make shots even at awkward angles.
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A spinny rubber (not so much as 401 but -10% I think), it is faster that 401 and it suits more the allround game. You can attack easy (I have the 1.8 and still have the speed for offensive game and in the same time has good control for block). It is lighter that 401 also. The main problem I think it is that has high throw angle... instead of "medium" ratings that I saw here I see in my trainings that I can't chop with low straight ball like 401...most of the times after a good spin if I try to chop the ball goes up and thats a problem if you want to chop far from the table. Maybe its better for blocking near the table or as a backhand rubber.
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