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Victas Ventus Extra

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Ventus Extra is the flagship of Victas' outstanding Ventus series! Their Japanese material experts succeeded in designing an innovative performance rubber meeting the complex needs of modern topspin players: Maximum spin and speed ratings combined with the excellently balanced playing features that are typical of VENTUS. Players will enjoy the unlimited attacking power and drive offered by the new, pink high-performance sponge, the latest result of Victas' “Optimized Rotation Concept”. In combination with the high-energy top rubber sheet, Ventus Extra provides tons of spin and is just the perfect weapon for dynamic topspin rallies and dangerous serve/return variants.

Speed: 90
Control: 83

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Reviews of Victas Ventus Extra (6)

Perfect rubber but need to be boosted once.Without boosting rubber is not playable for me.Very good for countering opponent topspin.Not so good in passive shots like service receiving.Its a fun to play rallies with this rubber,but only if is boosted.Its very light rubber as well.I preffer to use it on my forehand.On backhand ,Im useing VJ>07 stiff.
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very bouncy s for strong players.very fast and spiny.and bad control in attack.not for me.i better go to v15 limber
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Just try this rubber for the first time (red, max). I agree with the measurement rating given by Zdenek. The sponge is perfect but I want to emphasize that the top sheet is hard and thick. For looping players, the stroke must be strong in order to for the ball absorbed through the top sheet onto the sponge. The ejection of the ball is fantastically fast and spin with low arc and sliding when it lands on the table. The advantage of this rubber is not a benefit if stroke is not strong.
Recommended for physical fit with strong loop stroke players.
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I was looking around, what more Victas could offer for me, and I just found out, that this is essentially the same very popular Super Ventus rubber, which was initially introduced by TSP. I tried this rubber with max thickness on both sides of two very different blades: Yinhe 970XX ALC and Yinhe Purple Dragon 537 S. Which was common during experimenting with these two blades, that Ventus Extra has surprisingly balanced playing characteristics with medium/medium high throw (well behaving, no steep changes in throw while applying more force), high (but not exceedingly high) dynamics, and a precise linear response to the power input. The rubber topsheet is noticeably dense and firm (comparable to Nittaku Fastarc G-1), has a generally high quality feeling - and the red sheet is slightly translucent. There is absolutely no tack to the topsheet, but the ball is gripped well, and grippiness is sustained over a longer usage time. The pink sponge has relatively small pores, which translates to medium bounciness in general (again, very similar to Fastarc G-1). The rubber itself is rather heavy, it weighs around 51.5g when cut and glued - but this is not a problem for me. Somehow I feel more security than expected with this rubber while performing my shots, so it is surely going to be a favourite one. Anyway, a lesson is learned, as the topsheet is firm, this rubber is better matched with stiffer all-wood blades than reinforced ones, as if it is too bouncy, the dwell time is noticeably reduced, which in turn asks for very precise shot execution both in timing and movement. Paired with the PD 537 S, this setup is bordering at Off/Off+ speed, as deadly fast and precise finishers can be hit with it, but the racket came together with a total weight of 198.5g, which definitely needs some more muscles to be maintained.
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Very good rubber. Highest quality. Continuation of TSP Super Ventus. I give similar ratings because I completely agree with them. Fast rubber with very good rotation with high control. A very precise topspin, despite a relatively low ball flight parabola, enters the table precisely. Thanks to the small effect of the springboard, you can feel more confident with strong strokes. Raises and shorts are very controllable. Easy to pass. Receiving the serve relatively easy - the rubber reacts poorly to the opponent's rotation. It is very easy to catch upcoming opponent's rotation. It requires a few days of playing for it to acquire the proper properties. Recommended for players with at least 3 years of experience. The biggest advantages of this rubber, like TSP Super ventus, is rotation, control and consistency ... without the uncontrolled effects of a springboard
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