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Victas Fire Fall VC (Old version)

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The Fire Fall VC is a super fast and perfectly designed offensive blade for the professional and tour player.
The VC is a five ply and two carbon layered blade, produced with an innovative, aerospace carbon layers. The V-Carbon material is applied directly on the core ply of the blade, creating a super sturdy and fast racket. Combined with the outer wood plies, this perfectly balanced blade possesses super speed with the feel of a traditional five ply wood blade.

Designed for the new era plasic ball play, the Fire Fall VC is a real milestone in the field of blade design!

The blades of the brand-new VICTAS Fire Fall series were developed based on the “Dynamic Core Effect: Each Fire Fall Blade consists of 5 carefully chosen wooden plies combined with High-Tech Fiber material placed directly on the core ply. The effect is a perfectly balanced combination of speed and feel of classic all wood blades. Fire Fall blades are combined with an elastic and stable aramid carbon synthetic fibre and five wood plies. This is why VICTAS Fire Fall blades have more feel than other carbon blades in the OFF segment. The Fire Fall series, like all other blades of the VICTAS brand, is distinguished by uncompromising premium workmanship.

Ply: 5 Wood, 2 Carbon

Speed: 96
Control: 79
Weight: 92g

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Reviews of Victas Fire Fall VC (Old version) (3)

We have tried different rubbers on this blade new design 2018: Rhyzer Pro 50, Z1 Turbo, Omega 7 Asia, Omega 7 Tour, R50. As pimples out rubbers only Blowfish+ and VO>103 because they are the best rubbers for both aggressive and allround style of playing. For short pimple players the VC is the best blade specially with VO>103: it's also suited for strong topspin and countertopspin players at the table. On drives and blocks with the short pimple the ball sink very low on the table and the trajectory is very unpleasant for the opponent. You can do what you want: short blocks, fast blocks, side blocks, passive blocks, soft topspin and you will always have a very good control. With the Blowfish you have a best disturbing effect but lower control.The throw angle of the blade is medium, the power and control are outstanding and also the amount of spin. Also the speed is very good and its for that we used specially rubbers with thickness 2.0mm, they are fast enough. Each rubbers have different features, but all of them give a big amount of spin. On serves the spin is wonderful, you keep the ball low and with a huge amount of spin. Also in short shots like return of serves or short-short play in backspin the blade is fantastic. Depend on your style you can find the rubber who fits perfectly for you. For smashes and soft opening topspins, for example, the best combination is with Z1 Turbo and R50; for strong forward topspins over the table is with O7Tour; ecc. for the other rubbers. The blade is stiff but you have evenly a very good touch feeling. At the end of the tests all the players agreed that the VC is better for short pimples players: however some spin oriented player liked more the VC than AC, but we know the tastes are subjective. I personally love the VC, and the same thing is for the other players. I can highly recommend this blade, the workmanship is very good and the features are at the top. It's really a wonderful blade, bye everybody!!
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I use rakza 7 FH and rakza X BH and is a good combination for my style of playing. The blade in fact has a good feeling for short ball, mid and far distance. I never imagine I can do lot of stuffs like a good drop ball loop, control blocks, flicks and smash has even more power. Other than this is its not too hravy.It cost cheaper than other high end catbon and satisfies me very much.I only don't like the carbon fiber coming out from the handle.
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I try butterfly amultart before and this blade is on par with it !

I also used Stiga infinity and Intensity as both a much slower but more control from this blade.

Though a better control blade like gergely will win at control, but lose at Speed.

The arc is the best !

It is easy to give a low arc near to the net

Though if you don't control it, it surely hit the net.

Blocking is easy, but if you received hard, the vall surely goes waayyyy high.

One of the best Firefall series for Me !

As for lc and other are below competitiveness in term of Speed and control.

My blade for sure
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