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Victas Koji Matsushita Offensive

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Koji Matsushita, a 4-times Olympic competitor and ferocious defender, designed this modern defensive blade to with offense and defense in mind. Comprised of 5-plies of carefully selected stiff mahogany veneers, selected veneers.The 5 ply wood construction of the new Koji Matsushita Offensive uses slightly stiffer Mahogany veneers for the surface to provide more power when initializing attacking strokes. The softer inner and core veneers ensure sufficient control for off the table chops and close to the net table play is not affected.

This unique construction allows to absorb the incoming balls energy for passive strokes on one hand, but also delivers extra power for active offensive actions.

A new era for the modern defensive game.

Type: Defensive.
Shape: Round, with large head.
Ply: Five Ply Mahogany Hard Wood with soft inner plies.
Speed: Defensive / Offensive - (two gears - balanced weighting produces strong rebound for offense.
Feeling: Medium
Blade Head Size: 155cm Wide, 165cm Tall, Handle Length: 100cm

Speed: 62
Control: 87
Weight: 94g

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Reviews of Victas Koji Matsushita Offensive (8)

Perfect blade, excellent for spin and defensive game with offensive possibilities, very well balanced

93 g which is a lot with long and large paddle which increase the weight. Take care of the weight of the rubber to glue on.

Perfect finishing and polishing.
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The best def blade i have tried so far.. No wonder ma te preferred this before.. unfortunately not available in the market now....
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Great blade for modern defence!
Excellent for powerfull loop game and chop.
This blade is fast, stiff and has great control.
No vibration with solid feel of VKM Offensive excellent choice for confident attak.
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Typically I would use my backhand long pips to setup opportunities, ie bumping such that the opponent would be out of position or give me a weak return. Then I could smash weak returns.

Or if i'm away from the table chopping I needed a blade that could counter attack from long distance ie weak loops from opponents and still have plenty of power. This does that. I didn't want to play a game where I'm chopping entire game with no counter offensive.

I have on occurrence played this setup against other defensive players and I often find myself having a lot more power than them far and close to the table.

When I loop with this I can get a ton of spin and pretty good speed, not as fast as carbon but good enough. Has enough spin such that when the attacking opponent tries to block the ball flies off their racket out of bounds.

great blade, good feel, fast.
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Koji Matsushita Offensive is flexible blade with hard wood feeling for modern defender who uses FH to power loop as a main scoring method. It is great to loop away from the table. It pares very well with many long pips, has a lot of power and medium high throw angle when looping full power away from a table. At the same time it is stable near due to the hard outer plies of the blade. I like KMO more than Joo Se Hyuk blade because it has much better looping power and it makes 25-30% more spin than Joo Se Hyuk blade with the same rubber and technique. KMO has more feelings and great at both spin and speed. Both blades feel hard and stiff, but KMO does flex when looping away from the table providing pleasant feedback to the palm and has strong weep effect, but Joo blade doesn't have that feature. CONS: it is FAST blade. It doesn't forgive technical mistakes. When I put 40-42* sponge rubber my control and spin came back and both looping and chopping became pleasure to play. LONG PIPS: I used Curl P1-R 1.0mm. These pips chopped/cut extremely well on KMO. Also, Neptune 0.7mm and Feint Long 2/3 pared well with this blade as well. CONCLUSION: KMO is oversized OFF+ blade for loop/attack game for players who play far away from a table. It is fast but you can adjust and control its power with practice to have all of it when it is needed. If you use long pips on BH to chop and have powerful FH loop then it is your blade.
I gave this blade 9 out of 10 simply because of its speed. It is fast for me and I can't use extra hard sponge on this blade which is really sad, but the rest is perfect.
If I choose between KMO and JSH I would definitely choose KMO.
If I choose between KMO and KM Defensive I would most likely to choose KMD. Less speed, more control, softer feel and great spin. With Koji Matsushita Defensive I would need to add more power using my physique every time I want to loop from far table and that is OK .
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