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Tibhar Hybrid K3

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Experience unlimited possibilities with Tibhar Hybrid K3!

This new Hybrid rubber combines characteristics that did not appear to be combinable until now.

It is a combination of a very sticky topsheet and a highly boosted hard sponge.

Despite its enormous tackiness, Tibhar Hybrid K3 convinces with its highly dynamic and powerful catapult effect.

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Reviews of Tibhar Hybrid K3 (18)

I got my first sheet a few month ago and have been pleasantly surprised with this rubber.
I've been using on the forehand of an inner carbon blade. The level of control is insane.
Short touches and blocking are extraordinarily precise. Forehand drives and smashes are very consistent and the bat produces a characteristic click sound when hitting through the ball.
Looping is also excellent. The spin generated is less than my previous Razka Z but still very high, especially when serving. Countering against top spin is excellent, too: I noticed that using this bat I tend towards hitting through the ball more than I used to with my previous Razka Z.
Control and blocking are unreal. I'm enjoying it.
I'm slightly concerned about durability: I haven't noticed any major degradation in terms of performance after using it for 2 months 2 times per week. Maybe the spin has started decreasing a little, but I'm using a rubber clean/rejuvenator which I think has helped with durability a little.
The price is a bit high though, if the durability does turn out to be as bad as like other reviews say. Not sure I'll buy it again in the immediate future.
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Best rubber ever, tried over 80 rubbers, not super fast, but on fast carbon blade creates excellent combo for advanced players, not for unexperienced beginners, deadly topsins, similar smashing ability like andro rasanter series, similar speed as r42 but better spin, control, dwell time, counterspin ability and throw angle, highly recommended.
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If your rating is 1900 or more and love insane spin and aggressive play, buy it. Its made for you. Best rubber I ever played with. period. Throw angle is high. needed to adjust and improve my strokes to appreciate it fully. now I love it. Speed: sponge is hard and once you activate it its serious and you better be ready. Its faster than Fastarc G1 and the offensive top Donic rubbers(they feel dull now compared). With more control at the same time(which feels like a physical impossibility but hey Tibhar did it). topsheet rubber: its soft and as spinny as DHS H3neo just without tackiness. My serves are deadlier than ever. It grips the ball even more than G1. even better than my DHS serves as well. Control is better than all other rubbers I tried. However I would NOT have said that the first 2-3 weeks of playing it as I was basically overwhelmed with its many gears and potential. In fact I disliked the rubber very much. I had to grow to be able to unleash this beast but the good news is that goes fast as the rubber simply demands it of you. I cant believe how easy it is to do both active and passive PRECISE blocks placing the ball in any corner. My opponents smash and when it comes back in odd places with precision they are caught with their pants down. its weakness? ... well none and this means it will show you YOUR weaknesses. If you cant do it.... its YOU. not this rubber. I use it max both sides on Viscaria. My former pro friend was flipping out trying this for the first time. Never forget the smile on his face. I ordered 2 sheets on TT11 for 104$. Tibhar deserve my money for this one.
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So I'm on my 5th trial with this rubber (max) with joola hrd freeze (outer carbon) for bh. I love it for my backhand. It's no where close to Hurricane 3 stickieness, not close to Joola ZGX Dynaryz, less sticky then D09c. The blocking capability is better than all of the other ones, it's automatic. The throw angle is very close to Hurricane's, just more catapult, much lower than D09c and medium lower than DZGX. Durability is worse than the other ones, after two months of use the rubber get's too relaxed and the balls start going a bit long and the consistency go down quite fast. I really like this rubber though, but it doesn't hold on to the ball like hurricane or DZGX does, so you sort of have to depend on the sponge more than the rubber for feeling. Gear's are pretty alright, but it does every well, in my oppinion, flicking is a bit harder with this one fore me, since I can feel the other rubber holding on to the ball, but with this it feels like it's the sponge holding on to the ball. Great rubber worth a try.
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High tackiness, easy control and above average spin.
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