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Sanwei Target 90

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Our notes: An extremely tacky topsheet. The red rubber has the same tackiness as DHS Hurricane 3. Spin is as high as Hurricane 3 but it is faster. The sponge of the Pro Red is very reactive to boosting. The Chinese sponge has a strong rebound effect with a good amount of speed. The rubber can smash well despite being tacky and it is less likely to hit the net than the commercial Hurricane 3.

Applying the brand-new ""Accurate Attack Technology”, the fast speed and stable spin control will give you more accurate shots, just like a dart hitting a bullseye. The combination of a classic Chinese sticky surface, thicker topsheet, and lighter tension sponge, makes this model more elastic. With strong attacking power and incredible spin, it is a sharp weapon for the quick attack/looping player.

Speed: 120
Spin: 110
Hardness: 39 degrees

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Reviews of Sanwei Target 90 (6)

Really nice rubber, which I use as a substitute in some blade for hurricane 3. It is a bit more forgiving and doesn't reactbloke crazy on incoming spin, so it is a quite easy to play the ball early.
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I get this rubber on my first 1 month of playing,in the start it was to fast and i dont felt control,but after a few month of playing, i felt good control, and i was able to generate lots of power and good amount of spin.
Serve with that rubber was ok, but i wasn't able to generate high amount of spin on my serves, fh driving was great, and topspin to.
After 6 month of playing the rubber start to get realy hard, and lost bit of feeling.
I recomend this rubber to 1 year players, is not good for beginers.
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Great rubber for forehand that offer great control and very reasonable price.
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does it job
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This is another variant of the Target rubber from Sanwei. I got one in red at max thickness. It also has the same hardness as the Pro Blue which is but it felt lighter at about 67 grams. Like the Target National that I had before, the red topsheet is very tacky. This is not your tacky rubber where after cleaning it initially with water the tackiness goes away especially with red rubbers. The Pro 90 in red color is a tacky rubber even after using it for 2 sessions. I checked the rubber initially and the sponge is different from the Pro Blue or the original Target National rubber. Sanwei told me that the sponge is a traditional Chinese sponge. This is what is strange with the Pro 90 Red, unboosted it is very good and easy to use. The Pro 90 is very spinny as it has the same topsheet as the Target National. The sponge of the Pro 90 has a good rebound effect unboosted. I was driving, smashing and looping with the Pro 90 and it is the easiest Chinese rubber I can spin with and at the same time has the amount of spin and arc that I am looking for a forehand rubber. It has a medium to medium high arc when looping underspin. Despite being tacky, it was easy to smash with. It is the easiest Target variant to smash with if compared to the Target National and Pro Blue. The Pro 90, I believe, is the easiest rubber to use among the 3 and players who are looking for an alternative to Hurricane 3, can easily adjust with the Pro 90 easily. It is also a good transition from a euro rubber to a Chinese rubber. The rubber does it all. It serves really good spinny serves and produces tons of spin when looping. I boosted the Pro 90 and it is even better than before. Sanwei designed this as a cheaper variant of the Target rubbers. This rubber is good with different blade stiffness and it is not choosy. This is best as a forehand rubber.
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