Sanwei Taiji Plus

by Sanwei
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After a lot of testing, the new version Taiji could offer to you stable control of ball even though the player doesn't have accurate gestural skill, it could give to you clear force feedback and smooth transfer of power; which makes the speed of ball from blade to table (aka first speed) performs as good as German made rubber. The new version Taiji contains tension inside, after attaching with inorganic glue, it could make great success rate of getting on board, forceful and stable effect on backhand playing.

Our expert's notes:
Weight: 61 grams uncut; Tackiness: slightly tacky; Spin: very high; Speed: ALL+;
A soft and light rubber ideal for beginners and intermediate players. This is semi-tacky but it is not too sensitive when handling incoming spin. It produces good amount of spin that other very tacky Chinese rubbers can produce but it is lighter.

Style: ALL+
Tackiness: Slightly tacky
Thickness: 2.1
Spin: 130
Speed: 120

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Reviews of Sanwei Taiji Plus (4)

 External Review for Sanwei Taiji Plus on December 9, 2018
This is probably the softest (- ... and slowest ???), slightly tacky rubber you can buy in China.
My rubber weighed, cut on my Off blade, 159 x 152 mm, 45 g.
- ... I ordered low weighed rubber !

(Im a player from an under class, but....)
Unfortunately, I think it is simply too slow. Only on very fast blades, you can consider this rubber as backhand covering! The spin is mediocre, the control acceptable.

At least it can be excellently processed with both types of glue. - ... and cut !!!
It is more controlled when using solvent-free glue !!!
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 External Review for Sanwei Taiji Plus on November 28, 2018
I tried these rubber for my forehand has a good kick for slow spinny loops. For service due to its tackiness it can bring fair amount of spin especially for under spin. Tried it in my backhand. These where the rubber shines. Backhand flick is slow but spinny and punches for blocks is amazing. These rubber is more in control and good for backhand not built for speed but more on control.
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Review by guest_39psfi90 (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Taiji Plus on February 23, 2018
Very nice rubber !
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Review by yogi_bear for Sanwei Taiji Plus on November 24, 2017
Lighter version of the T-88 rubbers at 61 grams uncut. The topsheet is not your typical Chinese rubber which is shiny. The Taiji has a matted topsheet for both black and grey. The new, bright, pink sponge has bigger pores compared to the last version of T-88 which was a yellow sponge. The rubber is slow at all+ speed but very spinny.

The topsheet is slightly tacky even with the black version. Spin is high despite being slightly tacky and produces a medium to high arc.

Speed is only a bit faster than the T-88 light rubber. If compared to other rubbers, the speed of the Taiji is a little bit faster than LKT XP Pro or a little bit slower than Ritc 729 Higher. This is a beginner to intermediate level rubber. Take a bit of effort to spin and needs a proper technique to play with. It can chop defensively and push with high amount of spin.

It is not as spin sensitive like the PF-4 nor feels as hard as Hurricane 3.
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