Sanwei Un-sticky A+

by Sanwei
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Also known as "Black A+"

Our notes:
• Uncut weight is 56 grams
• Very good all around rubber which offers above average speed and excellent spin.
• Slight tackiness only and not sensitive to incoming spin.
• Even high level players can use this as a backhand rubber.
• Excellent blocking rubber even for a Chinese rubber.

This is a new concept unsticky pimples in rubber which is especially designed for the Carbon blade. It could not only keep the hardness and strength of Carbon blade, but also offers abundant elasticity from the bottom to the top, which helps to bring an effect of 1+1>2, with both excellently offensive and defensive performance.

Pimples in; unsmooth

For: Back hand; Speed

Hardness (degree): 36 (about 38 degrees on DHS scale)
Sponge thickness (mm): 2.1
Voc (ppm): <4
Control: 120
Speed: 160
Spin: 100

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Reviews of Sanwei Un-sticky A+ (5)

Review by zanelightning (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Un-sticky A+ on January 11, 2019
Plays similar to BTY Rozena but spins slightly better and somewhat slower. Good for BH or FH. Works good on composite rackets better than allwood.
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Review by oldtiger for Sanwei Un-sticky A+ on February 7, 2018
I am using Black A+ for RPB on a Butterfly Cypress Max JP blade. It has the feel and sound of a typical german tension rubber sheet. I like the loud click sound and the control with my close to table offensive hits. It has a low tacky soft top sheet with soft yellow cake sponge. Very fast and easy to use. Good for blocking, flipping, and powerful smash. Weight is below average. Definitely a good backhand offensive rubber. (but I usually do not play more than five feet from the table) Not as durable as I expected, The sponge is very easy to break if you reglue. There are two hardness options of the sponge, Mine is the soft one.
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 External Review for Sanwei Un-sticky A+ on February 7, 2018
I use it for RPB on Butterfly Cypress MAX. It is very good for close to table offensive play. It has the feel and sound of a typical German tension rubber . Good control, Very high speed with adequate spin for my hits. Weight is lower than average. I highly recommend it because with the same weight I have not found other products can beat it's overall power and enjoyable click sound( the weight is critical for me). The durability is below my expectation. Must be very careful if you want to reglue. There are two options of the sponge hardness, of which mine is the soft version. So far I have used two of them, bought from two sellers on the web in China one year apart. The quality is similar.
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Review by zuhl (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Un-sticky A+ on May 11, 2016
I use this rubber for BH on my carbon blade. Speed and spin are what I expected based on the ratings. It has a very good feel which has improved my defensive game. My regular partner played with my blade for about 15 minute and liked it so much he ordered this rubber for his new carbon blade. I play 6 to 10 hours per week and this rubber has held up very well. I replace my rubbers about every three months as a matter of course and the this rubber was still performing well when I replaced it.
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Review by guest_2fs92ql6 (Verified Customer) for Sanwei Un-sticky A+ on May 6, 2016
A+ is best in its class! I purchased a red sheet of A+ from Megaspin after a friend asked me to test his. I was looking for a controlled, yet powerful, BH rubber. I think I have finally found a fit for my BH. A+ is more than what I was expecting and have been looking for. And I been looking for quite some time.

A+ is very controlled, yet extremely fast and powerful. One can deliver long and short, powerfully deceiving, serves. Lifting backspins with a starting loop is very easy, and (once more) your opponent could be totally deceived by the heavy spins of this rubber. One could also change gears (including heavy backspins) with very small adjustments.

I love playing an attack game, with ball placements and controlled blocks and counter attacks as alternative strategy. A+ is remarkably good for the mix-and match" of making the ball land in my chosen places with heavy spins, and it is forgiving for lazy blocking (and counter looping) incoming spins. With A+, I can also play parallel strokes that freeze my opponents due to the ball speed. I can even smash very consistently with my BH, a remarkable thing after three fractures in my playing arm. I have hit a couple of FH shots with A+ and I will be tempted to explore A+ as a FH rubber too. Remarkable control, speed and spin!

Regardless of what I decide for my FH in the months to come, A+ is a keeper for my BH. I will recommend it to anyone looking for power without sacrificing control. All within a budget. With A+ Sanwei has developed an excellent product.
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