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REvolution 3 Odorless Glue - 100ml

$19.95 ($19.95/100ml)
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100ml with sponges

Revolution 3.0 Odourless Glue is similar to the previous generation Revolution 3 Glue, without an ammonia smell.

This premium glue is an innovation that has finally arrived to the market, ready to replace the previous ammonia glues.

It performs better than the regular one: adherence is much stronger, improved. Mechanical characteristics are very good, better than normal glue.

When peeling off, the layer of glue remains on the blade and the rubber sponge remains perfectly clean and smooth. Afterwards, you can easily remove the glue from the blade.

Revolution 3 glue is produced in 3 viscosities (normal, medium, high). Normal is the thickest, with least viscosity, and we only sell 110ml in normal viscosity. It is by far the most popular option.

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Watch how easy it is to remove your REvolution 3 glue layer:

See how the inventor of REvolution 3 glue applies it:

You can also apply it on an old glue layer.

Some tips:

Gluing OX (No Sponge) Long Pimples:

Around 8-10ml of glue are needed to assemble 2 rubber sheets to a blade. A 100ml bottle of glue assembles at least 10 rackets.

How to Glue - Racket Assembly Guide - Read this if you are new to gluing your racket.

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REvolution 3 Glue Basics and FAQ

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Reviews of REvolution 3 Odorless Glue - 100ml (13)

Excellent glue! I’ve always followed the recommended number of layers.
2 on the blade.
3 on the sponge.
Peeling off the glue is nice an easy, when you change the rubbers onto different blades.
This is my 3rd bottle!
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Worth every penny! Will buy again.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

best glue in the market
Review helpful?    Yes | No

So far it’s holding on the rubber and was simple to put on thanks to the people on here and their reviews. Made changing much easier for my first time. If it pulls off like the video then it is really simple.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Excellent glue! But even more impressive is when you want to remove the rubber from the blade. The rubber pulls away from the blade, leaving the blade without any residue. And then the glue peals away from the sponge in one long elasticated "skin", and it leaves the sponge in absolutely pristine shape. Just ordered my second bottle!
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