Kenetix Rubber Revitalizer

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The all new rubber sheet revitalizer and cleaner.

It will not only maintaines the new rubber feel but also revives old rubbers sheets as well.

Spray 2 pumps on the rubber sheet, use a cleaning sponge to wipe clean and let dry.

2 oz. spray bottle, Made in Japan

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Reviews of Kenetix Rubber Revitalizer (11)

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Review by mkamranshafi on May 13, 2014
After shipping to Canada it cost me $21, and I can assure you those $21 are gone down the drain.
First of all, bottle looks like some one bought it from dollar store, filled it up with soapy water, printed a label at home and stick it on the bottle with a scotch tape (literally) . It says it was made in Japan, trust me it wasn't or at-least it would have some Japanese written on it. Some one is sitting in his parent's basement and filling up these bottles.
I tested it on the Japanese rubber I have and it actually had no effect what so ever. Cleaning with water is way better than this.
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Review by gmulles on December 17, 2011
Do not buy this product, you will be wasting your money. I've tried it with three types of rubber sheets (euro, japanese, and chinese) and not only does it not revitalize the rubber but IT MAKES IT LESS TACKY. Don't believe the good reviews or the fact that it's a "best seller." The only reason why it's a best seller is because it's the ONLY revitalizer they sell!
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Review by tt2000 on April 25, 2009
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Review by gerryzhou on August 1, 2011
Junk!!! Using it will bring your rubber even smoother than before. If you want to generate an anti-spin rubber just try this one. I applied to one of butterfly sriver FX and another LKT XP, both got no spin at all.
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Review by kaliuv on May 19, 2011
OK, This cleaner is not the best cleaner out on the market like others reviewed.(I don't know why there are so many good comments about this product) I have Butterfly cure water and Kenetix and I've used them both on new rubbers and old rubbers. Butterfly cure water actually cleans new rubbers to have its brand new tacky feeling(by leaving nothing on it) whereas Kenetix rehabilitates slippery hard feeling old rubbers to get some more tackiness.(with natural enzymes, according to what it says on the bottle)
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Review by mjlooper on December 19, 2008
I was so leary at first, thought it was all BS, but when one of the guys at our club let us try it, dang!! this stuff is amazing. my top sheet is better than ever. Worth every Drop...
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Review by sioti on October 21, 2008
BEST INVENTION EVERSINCE THE PINGPONG IS INVENTED, nothing short of incredible…. keep the dust off too.
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Review by ningsheng on September 27, 2008
Dont use those watered down, soapy stuff, I've been playing TT for over 30 years, and have tried everything on earth to clean them, not only it clean them, it really makes your rubber feels like brand new, this stuff will pissed off alot of rubber makers for sure
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Review by cdcrap on June 25, 2008
just got a a few days ago, and use it on my old yasaka mark V...this stuff is amazing. it really worth the investment
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Review by manucrystal on June 28, 2012
this is the best for sure!it really keeps my sheets like new,yes it is a beat pricey for only 2oz but i m happy with the results,i practicly alwayse have as brand new rubber feeling and freshness of spin;i m rec this to those who care more about quality !this is worth A 5*****!
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Review by gatorling on September 14, 2011
It really depends on what kind of rubber you are using this on.
I have had good luck using this on Palio Thor and it really brings back the tack.
Be careful though, only use it sparingly and very infrequently.
I usually have another bottle filled with distilled water and use that as my daily cleaner.
I only use Kinetix about once every 2-4 weeks.
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