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JOOLA Tour 2500

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A 25mm blue-top table offering:
Competition-grade bounce
Competition-grade matte surface similar to ITTF-approved tournament 25mm tables
Ultra-strong frame and legs for ultimate durability.

Latest revision: We only stock the latest table revision with improved 4" black wheels and the new JOOLA logo.

• We ship JOOLA Tour 2500 mostly assembled. It should take you 15-20 minutes to set it up. There's no need to spend money on an assembly service.
• We are table tennis specialists and JOOLA partners. We only ship from the latest JOOLA production batch and we do not sell old revisions.
• We include a tournament-quality screw-on clamp net set.
• Comes with improved 4" black wheels.
• The JOOLA logo may be different on your table as JOOLA is transitioning to a new logo.
• We have hundreds of happy customers.

Bulk Discount Available: Order JOOLA Tour 2500 - Set of 3.

If you are looking for a lighter table with a 18mm top, check out JOOLA Tour 1800. An 18mm top works well for home use, providing a good balance of portability.

Similar 25mm table in gray? See JOOLA United Pro 25. Motion tables are different from Tour tables in 3 ways: they are gray instead of blue, they have hollow corners for ball storage and they come with an attachable score counter.

JOOLA Tour 2500 Features

• High-Quality Tournament ready table tennis table includes competition net and post
• Thick 1 inch (25mm) MDF painted surface
• Durable 50mm metal frame and 50x50mm undercarriage
• Nearly preassembled with two separate stand-alone halves on trundle system
• Optimal storage dimensions of 24 1/2 x 62 1/4 x 64 inches

Promo view (shows old logo/wheels)

As Olympic suppliers and the official sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals, JOOLA brings you top of the line tables in performance and design but at an affordable price. The quality USATT approved choice for schools, recreational facilities, and families, the Tour 2500 bridges the gap between recreational and professional tables. The Tour 2500 features a 1 inch (25mm) painted medium density fiberboard (MDF) surface. Our multilayer paint process prevents chipping and warping while creating the ideal surface for a consistent ball bounce and accelerated gameplay. The heavy-duty powder coated 50mm frame and 50x50 mm undercarriage acts as a shield from excessive wear and tear and thus increases the table’s lifespan. The Tour 2500 comes nearly preassembled in two halves facilitating set up and take down, with only 8 bolts needing to be tightened to attach the legs. Each individual half of the table comes with its own trundle system to allow for easier transport and ability to stand alone, as well as be nested together to minimize storage space, The Tour 2500 is comprised of auto folding legs, adjustable height levelers, four heavy duty 3-inch lockable casters, and an anti-tilting device for added safety and mobility during transport or conversion to playback mode. Playback mode is key for anyone who wants to amp up his or her game in solo play. The seamless transition from gameplay to a compact 24 x 62 ¼ x 65 for storage makes this table an optimal choice for any locale. Includes a competition grade net set and post to level the table for ultimate gameplay.

Package dimensions: 63" x 62" x 5"
Package weight: 301lbs
Table weight: 249lbs

JOOLA Tour 2500 on The Ellen Show in a 2017 episode (shows old logo/wheels):

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For cleaning your table surface we recommend JOOLA Table Wipes.


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Reviews of JOOLA Tour 2500 (257)

Excellent table
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Well worth the wait!! The table itself is absolutely phenomenal, super heavy and stable. LOVE the color as well!

However, the addition of the IPONG robot is truly next level, in that I have finally been able to develop a basic forehand and backhand drive with the repetition it allows.

I told my wife it was just like Christmas morning when you were a kid and got the one really big gift you wanted - I could not be happier!!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

100% satisfied with this table. Assembly consists of installing the legs with casters and 8 bolts.

Only tricky part of the assembly was flipping the table over once the legs were attached. For this, we ensured the casters were in the locked position for extra friction.

The bounce seems better than the fancy KillerSpin table we have at work.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

This is a great review machine it is very consistent and we are happy with this purchase. The oscillation feature is very helpful and it was very easy to set up and out together.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

First, this is NOT a criticism of the great customer service of the people at Megaspin. (They are phenomenal.) It's a criticism of the quality of the table as it arrived. There was evidence of moisture on the metal framing (sort of like a mildew residue), but I could have put up with that. The biggest problem was the rusted screws intended to bind the frame to the table top. Not only did they have a high level of rust, many had been disengaged from the table top to the point that they could not be tighted (connected) at all. Sadly, had to return the table. Make sure you open the box while still on the lift gate of the delivering truck before you accept the table. Moisture damage was not evident by simply looking at the box's exterior.

Megaspin edit: We apologize for the issue. Incidents like this are very rare and we made sure to compensate the customer.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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