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Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed

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Ovtcharov Carbospeed

it is a very fast carbon blade with great stiffness and almost impossible to break. Despite the high speed the blade is great fun to play with. For all out attackers with hard top-spins who prefer to counter-attack. This is the quickest model in the new blade series. In its construction it is similar to the Waldner Legend Carbon, but differs slightly because of its somewhat thicker inner ply in combination with a high class Hinoki outer play.

Control: 60
Speed: 107
Weight: 85g
Plies: 5

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Reviews of Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed (32)

Ive tried many blades and this one is so far the best for my playing style (Im playing with this blade for almost 4 years) Incredible for looping, flat hits and blocking. Awesome speed and control (its rating for control shold be definitely higher). Suitable for hard rubbers and offensive playing style
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Well the racket combined with M1 Turbo MAX both sides would not be recommended. The paddle weighs dead heavy and extremely head heavy. Other than that I have no complaints so far. Once the rubbers wear out I will most likely pair it with something softer and thinner to make the overall weight lighter. For people who like a heavy and OFF to OFF+ setup it s a good blade for the money.However, I will continue my search for my perfect setup with a different blade.
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The blade has good feeling and spin. The downside is that it's very thick so you've got a strange feeling like you hitting with cork(that glong sound)...i don't think any pro can play with such a thick blade..
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muy buen madero para hacer juego de ataque yo lo ocupo con ANDROPOWERGRIP EN (FH) Y ANDRORASANT BEAT(BH) con maximo grosor al principio es muy dificil el juego corto se tiene que ser muy sensible con la mano tambien se requiere trabajar muy bien el fisico y tener buena tecnica no recomendado para principiantes
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Even though this blade is fast, I do not like it because it too hard and too head heavy. I used light rubber such as fastarc s1, which weighs 41 grams per side. I am thinking that the innermost ply is too heavy.
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Gw beli kayu ini 2 minggu yang lalu. Awalnya Gw kira kayu ini kontrolnya kurang, ternyata pas gw pasang karet Rasanter V42 kayunya kenceng banget dan kontrolnya juga ternyata sangat bagus. Buat BH pakai Xiom Vega europe dan juga kenceng walaupun tidak sekencang Rasanter V42. Gw mau coba pakai Rasanter R37 kayanya bukan hanya kenceng tapi spinnya juga fantastik. I can imagine that eventhough not yet used Rasanter R37. Recomended for beginner but must choose good fast rubber.
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Very fast blade compared to Cornilleau Hinotec Off- and Joola Fast Extreme. The hardness and vibration is just right. I started this blade with 729/Friendship fast rubbers then switched rubbers to Bluefire M1 and BOOM - SUPERFAST! Beautiful with spin serves, push, block, flicks, topspin, smash, loops and all. I always had difficulty with defensive opponents and recently just learned how to loop properly - just last week! I started practicing loops with Cornilleau Hinotec Off- with Baracuda and felt that my shots are a little slow. With this blade combined with Bluefire M1, my loops are freakin spinny and fast! I can't wait to slap the new Bluestorm on this baby.
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Really good blade, I come from a donic waldner carbo senso that is an accourate light and well balanced blade to this one and I must say after i went back for a test that DOC give me more securety. The feeling is great, is more thick, and accurate too, i prefer DOC in top speen and chop. At the moment i tried with donic P2 and P3, i' m going to test it with Cornelleau S39 but I Will go to cornilleu x51 h57 soon, I already tried s39 on an old blade and they were really nice.
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Personally I feel the 'control' is excellent in block, drive, push, no problems in loop, topspin, slice. I think for us amateurs, know how to maximize power tolerated by grip is the fun (depends on cultural background though). Honestly (not scientifically) most winning shots happen under 10 rallies. How to save an inconsistent ball is over looked while idea of 'consistency' (of 100+ brainless robotic rallies which helps only high rating players to focus planning the winning shots) is over valued. I prefer fast blade familiarizing power, grip and tempo, over slow blade that keeps the shots 'in' BY RACKET but NOT BY ACTIVE CONTROL - fooling us with the sense of 'control'. Low quality soft (masking consistent) rallies are abused politically faking false hope of 'peace' and manipulating 'learning opportunities' by 'controlling' players that otherwise preferring jousting like friendly exchanges of powerful shots. Veteran bully amateurs by setting up 'tradition', controlling ways of sport and then life and eventually companions of life - how we love and live on, based on the evil that plays "the right and wrong." (One day the kind nurture is important, the other day harsh experience is great - in the grey area some venture the poor tough way only to be kind and lie about the way). However in the end and beginning, human develop gross motor before fine motor skills, thank God! For me FUNDAMENTALLY ITS ALL ABOUT USING THE THRUST TO BENEFIT OUR BODY, MIND AND FRIENDSHIPS, AND NOT 'DYING WITH THE LOVE OF THE PROPERTIES OF PLASTIC'. One wonders why these players play table tennis in 2/duel instead of playing alone. Wonder if carbon really decrease our sense of vibration, and weather or not that really matters in which technique. (still, one look at any 13 girls and claim the superiority of 12 virgin!). I like this cheap CARBON bat, but for now I go play Hugo Calderano's foco off-, checking my ways of generating power.
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Speed, this word defines what this blade is all about. DOC is super fast but has a good feeling due to hinoki outer plies. And its also light, mine (Cpen style) came with 87g. This blade has a hard touch and does not vibrate at all. Im playing with short pips and Rakza 7 in the BH. When hit hard with SP it produces a nice sound and devastating speed. If this blade has any cons I would say the ball-breaking rate. No plastic ball last a long time against Carbospeed + short pips.
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Very fast blade. It vibrates a little bit more than I expected, and the outer hinoki layers are just ok (comparing with Darker and Butterfly hinoki), but it is a good blade. Your movements with your body must be good to take the full potencial of this blade.
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Alegerea in cumpararea acestui lemn este foarte bine facuta in cazul in care pe el se pun fete tari. Daca se pun fete putin mai moi se duce cea mai mare parte din control.
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The speed is just crazy. It's super fast. If you think clipper is too fast then I think you need to be educated about what's "really" fast. But the thing I like most about this blade is the kind of control it offers with the speed. I mean, you still need to watch your strokes with this cannon, you can't just hit any which way and hope the ball lands just right. I didn't feel much need for adjusting my strokes for control, and I'm coming from OFF/OFF+ all wood blades. Sweet spot is huge, larger than one of my other composite blade - Joola Rossi Emotion. Thick, stiff blade still highly loopable. Good for pips too. If you want to loop with it I suggest a high throw spinny rubber. I use baracuda and it works perfectly with it. However, I think Tenergy 05 and Rakza 7 will work just as well.
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WOW, that I say when try this equipment fast and control so UNIX, This blade 100% work when you Combination Rubber by DONIC too, For Serve you must really practice to find Performance and Perfect. NO SERVE NO WIN
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Fast blade and good control
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It's "the flash" of blades in the TT universe. Hard to control at first, but when you get used to it, everything's gonna be alright.
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Good blade with speed and control
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Good speed and awesome control
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Good blade for speed and control
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Currently fastest carbon blade from Donic. thickness is 7mm (Hinoki 1mm*2 + Carbon 0.25mm*2 + Kiri center ply 4.5mm)High bounce with low vibration, it is very stiff blade not give best spin in slow shot.
I used to set up with T64 both sides, and yes T64 is softest rubber in Tenergy series (Exclude FX). I have found stiff blade with soft rubber feel muddy vibration lacking control. Now I changes to T05 both sides, medium hard rubbers feel more stable, control improve. Its weight 186g a bit heavy than T64.
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